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Requested HeroActions - other basic String Actions? [now created in Your Actions section]

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Just thinking it would be useful to have more string actions like the if string contains action (I posted elsewhere on that one).  I was thinking additional String HeroActions like:-

- Get String (Uppercase);

- Get String (Lowercase);

- Get String (Titlecase);     // this is where the first character is made a capital/uppercase, the others lowercase //

- Get String (Left);     // get Left$ of original String //

- Get String (Right);     // get Right$ of original String //

- Get String (Length);     // get the length of a String and return that length as an integer //

- Get String (Mid);     // rather like Mid$ - get/return a string from say characters 12 to 15 - in the original string //

- Get String (Find Substring Index);     // find a string within another string (with option to say whether search is case sensitive or not, default not) and return the position of the string your searching for within the source string

                              as an integer - so different then to If (String Contains) HeroAction //

- Get String (FieldString);     // you enter a source String and a delimeter character String and a count Integer and this HeroAction returns the String within the field string ie. "A,quick,brown,fox"

                                                                as source String, delimeter String = "," count Integer = 3, would return the String "brown" //

- Get String (FieldStrings Count);     // you enter the source String and a delimeter character String and this HeroAction returns an integer of the number of Fields within the source String //

- Others???


[edit] 8-10-2017

I've created (I hope) the above HeroActions as custom HeroActions. See attached.  See also this link:- http://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19043-other-string-heroactions/

HeroKit Actions - Other String HeroActions - v1.0.unitypackage

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