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Change Enum & If Enum actions

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This comes with two actions:

  • Change Enum
  • If Enum

These are just templates. If you want to use them, you will need to customize them for your enums. To install:

  1. Download file attached below. (Enum Actions.unitypackage)
  2. Open Unity.
  3. Click Assets > Import Package > Custom Package > and select Enum Actions.unitypackage.

To modify the Change Enum action:

  1. Rename Change Enum (action), ChangeEnum.cs, and ChangeEnumFields.cs. The new name should reflect the name of your enum.
    • Change Coin Face Enum 
    • ChangeCoinFaceEnum.cs
    • ChangeCoinFaceEnumFields.cs
  2. Open ChangeCoinFaceEnum.cs and:
    • Replace all instances of ChangeEnum with ChangeCoinFaceEnum. (3)
  3. Open ChangeCoinFaceEnumFields.cs and:
    • Replace all instances of ChangeEnumFields with ChangeCoinFaceEnumFields. (1)
    • On line 31, replace the sample enum values with your own.
  4. Open Change Coin Face Enum in HeroKit Editor.
    • Drag ChangeCoinFaceEnum.cs into the Action (this is used for gameplay) field.
    • Drag ChangeCoinFaceEnumFields.cs into the Action (this is used to create editor fields for the action) field.

Repeat these steps for If Enum.

If you run into problems, let me know.

Enum Actions.unitypackage

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