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So I was messing around amaranthia.com at web archive (ah, memories ...!), and I found some pretty cool stuff that I never knew existed, even though I've been a member since 2010. Best of all, I found some really cool interviews of Aveyond characters posted by Amanda and shaz before/after the releases of the games. Since I could no longer find these on the new site, I'll try to post them here one by one here. If there is a more appropriate section for this on the site, it'd be great if someone moved this there!

Again, all credit to @Ant and @shaz!

In case anyone is interested in reading the originals as-is, my starting point was here.

EDIT: I just realized I'm messing up the order, so I'll delete and readd everything.

EDIT 2: I've decided to include the author's comments and the date of posting, its just too nostalgic :):D

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Meet Mel (by @Ant, posted 04-Nov-2008)

All of the writing for Aveyond 3 is finished and Shaz and I are about to go into full-force development.
The official title is Aveyond 3: Lord of Twilight and there are seven lead characters. Before you ask, yes Te'ijal and Galahad are back, and both characters are central to Aveyond 3.
We will talk with Te'ijal and Galahad next week (ahem, go along with me here).
In the meantime, I have an exclusive interview with Mel, our leading lady in Aveyond 3.

Interview with Mel

Where are you from?
Harburg... for now.

How old are you?
17 I suspect.

What do you do for a living?
Mmm... Do I have to answer that?

Yes, you do...
Fine! I'm an er... Rat catcher.

Have you ever eaten a rat?
Of course not, that's disgusting! Okay, maybe I tried one once... Dreal dared me.

Who is Dreal?
None of your business!

The Thais Times recently wrote that you are the scion of Mordred Darkthrop, the most wicked sorcerer in 400 years. Is there any truth in that rumor?
The freaky mad man who died 100 years ago? If I were, I wouldn't be chasing rats. Hey, you wouldn't happen to know a way in to his old mansion on the hill would you?

No, sorry. Do you believe in vampires?
Vampires don't exist, everyone knows that.

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Meet Galahad (by @Ant, posted 21-Nov-2008)

I've managed to hunt down the next character for an interview. Originally I was going to interview Galahad and Te'ijal together, but apparently, they are not talking right now.
I found Galahad in the Wyrm Forest. He was busy fighting some zombie skeletons, but cordially agreed to take a break and tell us a little about himself.

Interview with Galahad

Where are you from?
I have no home.

Wow, that was a bleak answer. Where you born?
I was born in Sedona. I lived there until the creature bit me.

The creature?
My wife. I should have staked the foul thing when I had the chance.

What prompted you to marry the "creature"?
I had no choice. She stole my soul.

Hm, interesting. What sort of creature is your wife?
She's a vampire.

She bit you? Does that make you a vampire?

You don't look like a vampire. Where are your red eyes and your white skin?
The transformation isn't complete until I eat someone. I've resisted.

Wow, how long have you been starving yourself?
Two... three hundred years. I've lost track.

Where is your wife now?
I don't know, I don't care. I've escaped her again.

Why did you run away from her?
She kept tempting me to eat humans, so I left.

Well, thanks for talking to us Galahad. We can't wait to see you in your upcoming role! Can you give away any juicy details?
I've signed an NDA, but I can tell you that you will be shocked at the end of the story. Good day, madame.

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Meet Te'ijal (by @Ant, posted 17-Jan-2009)

Interview with Te'ijal

Where are you from?
I live in Ghed'ahre.

Ghed'ahre? I've never heard of it.
It's just on the underside of the hill. I can take you there if you'd like. A warm-blooded morsel like you would not thirst for company.

Wow, it sounds charming... really. Do you have any advice for travelors who wish to visit your village?
Leave your garlic and stakes at home. Bring a ghost or two. And some salt.

Bring a ghost? That's a strange request.
Is it? Ghosts are fashionable accessories. You are nobody unless you have a household ghost or two. Is this not true in your village?

Er no. What about the salt? Why bring salt?
Dinner is so bland without salt. All the better that it bring it to the meal.

Okay folks, remember to bring a ghost and salt next time you visit Ghed'ahre. On to the next question. What is your profession?
I am a Vampress.

What does that mean exactly?
I hunt humans and eat them.

Wow, that sounds wicked.
Yes it is. I am fortunate, don't you think?

Um... so, I hear you are married.
Yes, but my husband Galahad has escaped unfortunately. If you see him, can you capture him for me?

Why is your husband running from you?
It wasn't much really. I stole his soul and turned him into a vampire.

I can see why he dislikes you. I would run from you too. Why in the world would Galahad marry you after you stole his soul?
I tricked him. I told him I would give him his soul back if he married me. He married me, I gave him back his soul, and then I bit him. It's a romantic story, don't you think?

No, not really. Well, this has been an interesting converstation, Te'ijal. I'd best let you get back to your hunt. We are all looking forward to you in Aveyond 3.
It's been a pleasure.

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Interview with Edward Pendragon (by @Ant, posted 26-Feb-2009)

Interview with Edward Pendragon

What is your name?

Just Edward? Do you have a last name?
Nope, never had one.

That's odd. Well, what do you do, Edward?
I'm a Chicken Farmer.

Wow, that's an ambitious career. In what kingdom is your farm?
It's in... the uh... southern part of Thais Kingdom. Just south of Brightwood Forest. Yeah.

Whatever you say, however...

You have an uncanny resemblance to Prince Edward Pendradon of Thais.
Shh!!! Don't say that name out loud! Okay, I'm him, just don't repeat it, understand?

Why? You should be proud...
Proud? Are you insane? It will ruin my reputation.

I didn't realize that being a prince wasn't "in" these days.
It's embarrassing.

Hmm. So, I've heard that every girl in you kingdom is in love with you. How lucky.
Edward rolls his eyes.
Have you ever been chased by a rabid pack of women?

No. Good point, I guess it doesn't sound like that much fun.
Prince Edward? Edward, where are you!?
Edward groans.

Who is that?
Lydia. I can't get away from her.

Ah, she is one of the companions on your journey, correct?
Unfortunately. She thinks she has to protect me from commoners. I can't get rid of her.

Doesn't she have any redeeming qualities?
Well, she is good at destroying things.

That's nice to know.
Look, I have to leave before she finds me. Don't tell her where I've gone, will you?

Sure, my lips are sealed.
Edward runs into the woods.

And that concludes our interview with Edward Pendragon. Stay tuned to see how our poor Edward juggles the heroines in Aveyond 3.

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Interview with Lydia (by @Ant, posted 23-Mar-2009)

Interview with Lydia Rupert

What is your name?
You may call me Lady Lydia of Thais.

You are a noble woman from Thais? Then you know Edward Pendragon?
Of course! He is the heir to the throne and my future husband.

You two are engaged? Edward didn't mention anything about a fiancé in his interview...
Oh, he doesn't know it yet, but he is going to be mine. The little wretch will not have him!

Who is the "little wretch"?
Ugh, do I have to say her name? The little black-haired runt.

Oh, you mean Mel? I didn't know that she and Edward were an item.
They aren't an item, but I know what she's up to. Prince Edward is unaware, but I am sure that the commoner wants to marry him so that she can become queen.

Ah, I see, this is about becoming queen?
Of course! Edward is cute, but I find him rather boring. He is, however, going to be king. Whomever marries him will rule Thais at his side.

So, beside your obsession to become queen of Thais, would you like to tell us about your profession? I've heard you are a mage.
I am a mage-in-training at the School of War and Magic.

What is your magical specialty?
I'm very good at destroying things... the best in my class, actually. I'm being modest. I am the best at everything I do.

Wow, you're one in a million.
One in ten million, actually. Excuse me, but you are boring and your outfit is hideous. You really must learn how to dress better. I have better things to do. Goodbye.

Lydia leaves.

And that concludes our interview with Lydia. Next week, the beautiful Stella will join us for a heart-felt discussion about fruit.

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Meet Stella (by @Ant, posted 06-May-2009)

Interview with Stella

What is your name?

Where are you from?
I don't know exactly...

That's odd. You don't know where you live?
Unfortunately no. I don't remember anything before my fall.

Oh, okay. So, can you tell us a little about yourself?
No, not really.

Hmm, do you have a favorite color?
Sorry, no.

A favorite food?
Hmm... Edward gave me a Star Peach yesterday. It was much better than the Haunch that Mel tried to make me eat last week.

Do you have any aspirations in life? Edward tells us that you are a healer...
Yes, it appears I can heal things. I'm constantly cleaning up after Lydia. Don't tell her this, but I think she is obsessed with blowing things up.

Okay, I won't tell her that you think she has a... problem. So, how do you feel about Edward? I hear that he is a real ladies man.
Edward? He's sweet. Stella blushes.

Uh oh, we're running out of time. Let's close up with one last question. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
That's a good question. I'd like to have my own peach orchard and bunny farm. Bunnies are so cute.

Well, er, strange aspirations, but cute. Stella, it was a pleasure chatting with you.
Thank you, it was fun. Bye now.

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Interview with Ulf (by @Ant, posted 15-Jul-2009)

Hi folks, Aveyond: Gates of Night will be out next week if all goes well. This is chapter 2 in the Orbs of Magic series. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the next interview. It was so much fun to do! :)

Interview with Ulf

What is your name?
Ulf the Fifty-Sixth.

Where are you from?
The Orc Empire.

You are the smallest Orc I've ever seen. How does it feel to be so tiny?
I used to see it as a burden. When I was younger, I couldn't compete against my brothers for food and nearly starved to death. Luckily, I learned I had a brain.

Most Orcs never leave the Orc Empire. What encouraged you to go?
Besides being framed for murder by my brother and escaping from prison? Hmm... well, I feel that the world has given Orcs a bad name. I have always dreamed of traveling around the world and teaching people about the kind and gentle ways of the Orcs.

I've never thought of Orcs as kind and gentle...
We'll maybe I exaggerated a bit. Still, an Orc will always tell the truth.

Oh really?
Oh yes. Orcs don't like politics. If an Orc is going to eat you, he will tell you. In fact, most Orcs will describe in detail how they will eat you so that you understand the full process before they begin.

Wow, that is... disturbing.
It depends upon how you look at it.

Do you have a name for your er... cause?
The name of the cause is Orcs have Feelings Too. Orcs may appear to have tough exteriors, but they don't like being laughed at.

Have you cleared this "Orcs have Feelings" project with your emperor?
No way. The Emperor would never agree to such a thing. I'd be thrown into prison... again.

Interesting... very interesting. Well Ulf, It has been a pleasure chatting with you. I hope we learn more about your homeland in the next chapter of the game.

Thank you. Oh here, can you hand a few of these out for me?

Ulf gives Amaranth a large bag of "Orcs have Feelings Too" picket signs.

I would appreciate if you would hand these out to all of your friends.

Uh, okay. I'm sure there are a few Amaranthians who will rally around your cause... as strange as it may seem. Take care, Ulf.

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Interview with Lydia Rupert (by @shaz, posted 11-Dec-2009)

Interview with Lydia Rupert

I was privileged to spend a very short time with Lydia Rupert, and we chatted about some post Gates of Night events:

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us again.
I'm very busy. What do you want?

Busy? Er ... you're looking at yourself in a mirror.
Yes. I'm choosing a dress for my coronation. Do you think this one will look good when I'm wearing a crown?

Lydia turns around

Ugh! Why am I asking you about fashion?

Your coronation? You're going to be queen?
Lydia rolls her eyes
Yes, that's what usually happens when you marry a prince.

But ... Edward is already engaged - to someone else - isn't he?

if Edward + Mel
If you think I'm going to allow Prince Edward to marry a rat-catching street urchin, then think again!

if Edward + Stella
The butterfly girl? Please! Thais needs a queen with a backbone, not a conflict-hating animal lover.

if Edward + Belf
The Orc? Ha! Princess or not, an overgrown Orc will never sit on the throne in Thais.

The wedding is tomorrow. Do you think you can change his mind by then?
Edward doesn't know what's good for him. It is my duty to help him make the right choice, even if he disagrees.

Mmm, okay. There's a rumor going around that you're working for Gyendal. Is there any truth to it?
Gyendal? That has-been vampire mage? Ha! His power pales in comparison to mine, now that he's human. I don't do his bidding, or anyone else's.

Right. Well, thanks for your time. I'll let you get back to your outfits. Guess I'll see you at the wedding tomorrow - you know, the one where Edward is marrying someone else?
I wouldn't miss it for the world. Excuse me.

And that concludes our interview with queen-wannabe, Lydia Rupert. Next week, we'll talk with Mel about some of the new developments in her life.

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Interview with Mel Darkthrop (by @shaz, posted 20-Dec-2009)

I managed to catch up with Mel when she visited Thais recently. It is, perhaps, not unusual, that she wasn't very talkative. I did manage to glean a few details about her current activities.

Interview with Mel

I heard your wedding day was very exciting.
I suppose that's one way to describe it.

Would you care to tell us about it?
Hmm, no. Thais Times pretty much kept up with everything. You can read about it.

I heard you've left Thais for a while. Can you tell us where you're staying these days?

Okay. Maybe I'll ask Stella.
Ugh! I'm on Eldrion.

Eldrion? Why?
I'm looking for something.

Oh, the lost Orb? What makes you think it's on Eldrion?
Can't I do anything without the world knowing about it? Nox told me.

Who's Nox?
Er ... just someone I dreamed up. Never mind.

Is Nox helping you?
No. Forget I said that.
June is helping me. She's a bit annoying, but I needed her help, and had to agree to let her come along.
And Yvette. She's strange - thinks having a vampire breathing down your neck is fun.
And Edward and Ulf are helping me ...

Edward? He's left Thais too, and ... er ... Lydia?
Mel scowls
Let's just say Edward has a few things that need to be sorted out.

There's another guy with you. Young. Kinda cute.
Mel blushes
That's ... Spook.

Spook? He seems fond of you. I can see Edward doesn't like him much though.
Like I said, Edward has a few things to sort out.

It doesn't bother you that he's jealous?
No, not now. Royalty and commoners don't mix. I should have accepted that long ago.
Edward needs to accept it too.

Hmm. I do have arrangements for an interview with Edward. Maybe he'll tell me a little more.
Good luck with that.
Look, I have to go. Got a world to save, unborn descendants to protect, all that...

Sure. Thanks for your time Mel. Hope you find that orb you're looking for.

And so ends our interview with Mel. Next week we'll be talking with Prince Edward Pendragon. Must remember to ask him about Spook ...

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Interview with Edward Pendragon (by @shaz, posted 26-Dec-2009)

Prince Edward was kind enough to spend some time with me today, to discuss events that have occurred since Gyendal was defeated.

Interview with Edward

Prince Edward, it's nice to see you again. Thank you for your time today.
That's okay. But you probably shouldn't call me Prince now.

No, of course not. A great deal has happened since you returned from Ghed'ahre.
Yes. The wedding, the coronation, my parents retiring.

Yes, Gyendal escaped. We don't know how, but we know he's after Mel. Thankfully, Ulf and I found her first.

What does your wife think of you leaving your responsibilities in Thais and going on this quest?

A sound comes from Edward's throat. It could be a growl ... or a sob.

Things are ... complicated ... with Lydia. And Mel.
As soon as Gyendal is behind bars again, we'll go back to Thais and sort everything out.

I see you have several new companions. I wanted to ask you about Spook.
Edward frowns.

Did I say something wrong?
Spook is a thief. I don't know what his intentions are, but I don't trust him.

He seems ... interested ... in Mel. Do you think you might just be a little jealous?
Jealous? Maybe. This is not a good time for anyone to be seeking Mel's attention.
She has enough to cope with already, with Gyendal and this missing orb.

Well, thanks for your time, Prince ... er ... Edward. Good luck on the rest of your quest.
Thanks. I think we'll be needing a lot of that.

And so ends our interview with Edward Pendragon. I have requested interviews with June, Yvette and Spook, but as yet have not had responses from any of them. At least I know where to find Stella and Ulf, so we'll have another interview for you next week.

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Interview with Yvette (by @shaz, posted 03-Jan-2010)

Today we visit the animal village of Harakauna, to talk to shapeshifter Yvette.

Interview with Yvette

Yvette, thank you for your time. Please have a seat, make yourself comfortable.
Welcome, you are. All those other humans will need seats too, yes?

Other humans?
Yes, the ones behind you. Waving to us, they are. Perhaps they want to have a party?

I turn around, to see who Yvette is referring to. There, steadily advancing up the hill, is a throng of Amaranthians, shouting, waving their arms in the air, some carrying picket signs, all looking none too happy. They were too numerous to count, and after seeing what looked to be a noose in someone's hand, I had no desire to take the time to count them.

Uh oh ...
Something is wrong?

That, my friend, is not a party. That is a lynching mob!
Listen, if you don't mind, we'll do this interview next week instead.
For now, I suggest you find somewhere to hide.

Yvette giggles, then shapeshifts into a bird and flies safely out of reach.

I take one more look at the crowd, turn, and run, wishing I could be a shapeshifter too ...

Managing to stay just out of reach of the angry mob (it's true what they say - fear, wings, feet, all that stuff!), I dodge around barrels, between buildings, around the corner of the store, and run smack into Spook! Slightly dazed, it takes me a moment to formulate a plan that might allow me to live to see another sunrise.

I grab Spook's arm and swing him around, into the open area, to face the onslaught! Still in a state of shock, Spook offers no resistance.

"Look everyone, it's Spook!"

Instantly the crowd freezes. Arms are lowered, signs and other objects for inflicting pain are dropped, and faces are transformed from anger to awe.

"Spook!" I repeat.

"Spook ..." the crowd murmers in a subdued tone. Their eyes have all gone glassy. It worked!

Spook (quiet, but miffed): "What do you think you're doing?"
Shaz: "I'm doing an interview with you."
Spook: "I've already told you, no."
Shaz: "I don't care."
Spook: "If I refuse?"
Shaz: "Then things are going to get ugly. Besides, this isn't multiple choice. I'm not asking you."
Spook: "Very well, you may have your interview. But be warned, you will be in debt to me."

Yes! It worked! My having Spook's arm twisted into a potentially painful position behind his back may have been a contributing factor.
Spook (slightly nervously): "What's wrong with them?"
Shaz: "Don't worry - they're fine. Just smile and wave, and no-one will get hurt."

Everyone, Spook has finally found time in his busy schedule to grant us an interview. So, without further ado, I present:

Interview with Spook

Spook, can you tell us your occupation, and where you live?
My occupation changes to suit my needs, and my home is wherever I need to be to do it.

Er ... okay. Folks, that translates to "I'm a thief, and I live in Peliad".
Spook smiles and raises an eyebrow.

I believe you met Mel by helping her out of a tight spot?
The kid was new in town and having a bit of trouble, so I gave her a hand.

Out of the goodness of your heart?
Even someone in my occupation is capable of doing selfless things. It led to several more opportunies to help her, so I did.

Mel already has a number of companions helping her on her quest. What do you offer that they don't?
Trust. Respect. A chance to grow.
June and Yvette have their own reasons for being here.
The Orc and the Prince are here because they think Mel needs to be protected. They think she's weak.
She's capable of much more than they give her credit for, and I'm the only one who accepts that.

You don't think she needs protectors?
No. To find this item she is seeking requires speed and stealth. Nothing more. Mel and I excel in those areas. If we didn't have the others slowing us down, we could complete her quest and move on.

What would you move on to, after this quest is over?
I've been thinking a great deal about that. Mel is tough, and smart. She and I could do great things together.

So you envision a future with Mel? You know about Mel and Edward, right?
Yes, and I know the Prince is jealous. I represent everything from her previous way of life - a way of life he is trying to take her away from.

That's very ... insightful of you. You don't mind, then?
No. Mel can have more than one best friend. She is happy with that. The Prince is taking longer to accept it, but he will.

Well, you certainly have interesting views on things, and I would not have expected to hear this from ...
From a thief? No, I suppose you wouldn't. Perhaps there is a lesson here, in not judging people based on their appearance.

So true. Well, Spook, I thank you for your time and your candid responses.

I release my more-relaxed grip on Spook's arm and allow him to leave. He glances back at the crowd, smiles a little nervously and waves, then turns to walk past me. As he passes, he whispers into my ear, "Remember, you owe me. Be prepared to deliver when the time comes."

I watch Spook leave, then turn back to the crowd, still standing, glassy-eyed, and staring after him.

I have no idea what favour Spook will ask, or when, but I'm not too concerned. Spook, I can handle. A crowd of crazed Amaranthians ... that's another matter entirely.

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Interview with Yvette (take 2) (by @shaz, posted 17-Jan-2010)

Once again, we find ourselves in the village of Harakauna, making another attempt to talk with Yvette. You may recall the last one was unexpectedly cut short.

Interview with Yvette

Yvette, I'm told you're a familiar. Is that correct?
Indeed, I am.

Can you explain exactly what that means?
A familiar can change into different forms. Some of us can change into human forms.

I see. Do you have a favorite form?
I like to use bird forms. Flying is fun, and birds are so pretty.

So all the ... people ... in Harakauna are shapeshifters?
No, not all. Some are animals. Sometimes there are people here, but they only come to visit the apothecary.

How did you come to be involved in this adventure?
The cute boy was looking for a familiar. They needed one to solve a puzzle.

The cute boy?
Yes, the one called Edward, though all the human boys are cute. But not as nice as familiars, and humans are very strange sometimes.

I see. So you agreed to help them, even though it puts you in danger?
Oh yes! Vampires, evil wizards, magical orbs, puzzles ... familiars are drawn by these things. It is such fun!

Fun?! Okaaaay. Is there anything you want to achieve on this adventure?
I would like to learn more bird forms. I look for other familiars as I travel, who can teach me new things.

One of the readers wants to know if you like to dress up.
Dress up? You mean in costumes? Yes, that sounds like fun - a costume party. Perhaps we could invite all the friends who were with you last week!

*I shudder at the memory*

No, I mean dressing up in pretty gowns.
Oh, I see. Why would I wear uncomfortable gowns when I can adorn myself with beautiful, silky feathers?

I guess that's a 'no' to gowns then. Thanks for your time Yvette.
Welcome, you are. Now, do you want to play a game?

And thus concludes our interview with Yvette, who apparently likes to have a lot of fun and live in the moment. I believe I saw Ulf earlier, when I first reached Harakauna, so I will see if I can arrange an interview with him for next week.

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Interview with Ulf (by @shaz, posted 24-Jan-2010)

This week, we are still in Harakauna, chatting with Ulf, who has been spending quite a bit of time here.

Interview with Ulf

Ulf, you seem to have made yourself quite at home here.
Yes, I like this place.

What makes it so special?
Well, in the Orc Kingdom, I was despised because of my size.
In human kingdoms, people run from me because they think I'm big and scary.
It isn't like that here. Everyone is different, and I don't stand out.

What do you do with your time?
I study. Orcs don't value magic, and there is plenty of that here. There is even an alchemist, who has taught me a few things.

I see. Ulf, I believe you were one of the few eyewitnesses of Gyendal's escape.
Yes. Everyone else was in the throne room, but I couldn't bear to watch, so I stayed outside.

Now that he's human, do you think he is still a threat?
Oh yes. As he left the castle, I heard him say he was going after Mel. He is determined to take revenge.

You've been searching for the lost orb for quite a while. Has there been any sign of him?
No, not so far. I only hope we find the orb before Gyendal finds it, and before he finds Mel. At any rate, when he comes, we'll be ready.

I sure hope so. Er ... Ulf, ... is there any chance you like to wear pretty dresses?
Ulf erupts in a fit of laughter. Apparently, he was not expecting such a question and finds the thought amusing, to say the least. I give him a few moments to regain his composure, but any further attempt at continuing the interview results in further bursts of laughter. Now, an Orc having an attack of the giggles, with tears streaming down the side of his face, is a sight I never thought I'd see, but it is quite cute nonetheless. I'm going to assume his answer to the question is no, and it's looking like this is the end of the interview.

Next week, we'll head back to the Magician's Guild in Peliad, where I'll catch up with June.

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Interview with June (by @Ant, posted 29-Jan-2010)

Interview with June

This week, we are catching up with June, our youngest party member ever, to ask her about her new role in The Lost Orb.

I hear you're quite young. How old are you?
I'm 13 3/4. Until next week. Then I'll be 14.

What is your profession?
I'm an apprentice magician, but I'll be a journeyman soon. I just have to get my certificate. Did you know that I have the best marks in my class? I got a 106% on my last test. I even beat Macy Frith's best score.

Who is Macy Frith?
Macy graduated from Peliad Primary Magician's School faster than any student in history. I have to do better. It's the only way I'm sure to get into Bookminster's University for Magicians in Sedona.

Wow, it sounds like you're a clever kid. So tell us, how did you get involved with Mel? No offense, but she doesn't seem your type.
June blushes. I er... made her take me. I've got this problem... To get my magician's certificate, I have to learn three new magic tricks on my own. I decided I could do this faster if I left school and attached myself to someone who er... seemed trouble-prone.

So, what do you think about your companions?
Mel is cool. Sometimes she's a bit delusional, but in general, I like her. Edward is soooo cute! Yvette is plain strange. Ulf is teaching me about plants. He's pretty smart.

You never mentioned Spook...
Ugh, please. Spook is Spook. When he's not trying to give Mel smelly rat tails, he's sneering at the rest of us.

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Interview with Stella (by @shaz, posted 13-Feb-2010)

On the eve of the release of Aveyond: The Lost Orb to the masses, I am enjoying some quiet moments with Stella, reflecting on recent events and getting her thoughts on the direction things are taking.

Interview with Stella

Stella, thank you for joining us today. It's good to see you alive, and well.
It's good to be alive and well.

Can you tell us what happened after the battle with Gyendal?
Well, I can only relate what I've been told, since I was ... dead ... for most of this time.
After the battle, I was brought back to Thais, to the temple. The Oracle was there, and she and the priestesses combined their healing power, and used the orb of life to bring me back.

Wow. 'Lucky' seems like such an understatement.
Yes. It's hard to describe.

The adventure isn't over for Mel. But I understand you're not joining her this time?
No. I don't know who this Nox person is, but I believe Mel is being lead into a trap. I refuse to help them draw her in.

Are you concerned that Gyendal has escaped?
No, he's taken all that he can from me. I'm of no use to him anymore. Mel is his target.

So what are you doing with yourself now?
Willette has disappeared, so I'm helping Professor Moo at the hatchery. He's going to try and help me get my wings back!

Well, that's good news, for a change. I imagine you'd like working there.
Oh yes, I enjoy caring for the animals. We're expanding a little too.

How nice. Any chance you're planning on turning it into a bunny farm?
Stella laughs.
No, the only bunny we have here is the one we brought back from Aveyond.

One final question ... apparently none of Mel's traveling companions - male or female - is into pretty dresses. What's going on there?
Oh, that. Nobody can buy dresses anymore, nobody at all. As soon as they arrive in the shops, the new queen buys them all.

Ah, that figures. Well, Stella, thanks for your time. I wish you all the best with the hatchery.
Thank you.

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Interview with Mel (by @shaz, posted 20-Nov-2010)

After a lot of searching, we finally located Mel and, though busy, she granted us a few minutes to catch up with the latest events.

Interview with Mel

Mel, your life has certainly changed over the last few months ...
You don't need to tell me that.

So, you can do magic now?
Mel rolls her eyes.

Yes, I guess I can. I know a few tricks.

Last time we saw you, you weren't very happy about this. How do you feel now?
It's not bad, I suppose. I'm pretty good at setting things on fire.
Actually, it's kind of fun. It's a little intoxicating.

So, you think you could really be the one to fulfill the prophecy?
The prophecy? I can't believe people are still expecting that to happen. I've managed to outsmart or outfight Gyendal every time, so far. I'll do it again, this time with magic on my side.

Hmm, okay. So, how did you get here again?
Mel looks down, sheepishly, and groans.

That would be Gyendal's doing. But I won't be here for long. As soon as I find what I'm looking for, I'll go to Aveyond, and then back to Veldarah.

Sounds like a plan. I see you have a few new companions.
Well, just Uma, and ... them!

Who? Is that Nox? Is she still following you around?
Ugh! She won't leave me alone!

Honestly - I'll give you 1000 gold coins if you can make her go away! She only shows up to taunt me when I'm in a bad situation, and then she disappears again.

Surely you need all the help you can get?
Not from Nox! I don't trust her. She's actually enjoying what I'm going through now! She wants me to 'embrace my destiny'. I don't know that I'd want any help that she offers.

So where is everyone else? Where's Edward?
Last time I saw him, he was at Shadwood Academy. He's probably looking for me, but I don't think I can rely on him this time around. I'm pretty much on my own here.

Well, I sure hope you can get yourself out of this one.
A monster screeches in the background.

That would be my cue to get moving again.

Sure. Good luck, Mel. Hopefully I'll catch up with you back on the Arishta Isles, or the Mainland.
You can count on it!

And so ends our interview with Mel. Stay tuned. Next week, we'll have another interview with ... whoever I can find who'll talk to me.

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Interview with Edward (by @shaz, posted  30-Nov-2010)

Today we're in Veldarah talking with Prince Edward.

Interview with Edward

Prince Edward, it's surprising to find you here in Veldarah.
I have business with the empress here. She's going to help me get back the throne of Thais.

You don't have the throne back yet? Surely you could appeal to the law?
Unfortunately, the law is on Lydia's side. Apparently, it's not what you know that counts, but who you know.

I see ... but is that a student uniform you're wearing?
Yes. I'm enrolled as a student at Shadwood Academy.

I thought Mel was the one who came for training?
Edward sighs
I had little choice. Mel was ... reluctant ... to come here to learn magic. She only agreed on the condition that I enrolled as well.

Oh, I see. So how has her training been progressing?
Once Mel accepted her magic and admitted she needed help learning to control it, things went well. Before that, there were a few ... incidents.

Where is Mel now?
Actually, I don't know. She was a bit upset after the fight last night, and I haven't seen her at all today.

Just a bit of a skirmish. With all the professors and students here, it didn't last for long. Mel said something about the Darkthrop prophecy before she went to bed. She's probably gone into hiding again ... wonder where I'll find her this time?

Do you think Gyendal's back?
No. Last night had nothing to do with Gyendal or the prophecy. Arana's just taking advantage of it to put Mel on edge. She does it every chance she gets. Arana's a magic student - she and Mel don't like each other much.

"Edward! Edward, where are you?"

Oh, someone's looking for me. It sounds like Stella's voice - strange ... she's still at Moo Hatchery.

Please excuse me ...

And thus ends our interview with Edward. I think I'll stick around a while longer ... if that is Stella, I might get some time to chat with her for a bit.

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Interview with Stella (by @shaz, posted 04-Dec-2010)

Still in Veldarah, we are talking with Stella, who is waiting impatiently for Edward to change out of his student uniform and into his battle gear.

Interview with Stella

Stella, it's very nice to see you again. Something tells me this isn't a social visit.
No, I'm in quite a rush. As soon as Edward is ready, we'll be off to search for Mel.

Oh? So Mel is missing?
Not missing. She's gone to Underfall ... with Gyendal!

I see why you're in a hurry. Maybe Mel will be able to fight him off until you arrive to help.
No, she's not fighting him at all. She said she would submit to her destiny! I couldn't talk her out of it, so I ran. I ran to find Edward, and now we have to save her!

You and Edward?
We will find Galahad and Te'ijal first - I know they will help us. Then we will find Mel.

But you don't like violence. Aren't you afraid of what Gyendal will do to you? What he's already done?
Stella's eyes narrow and her face sets firmly.
Gyendal has hurt me and my friends too much. He will do it no more!

Wow, that's very determined - I've rarely seen you like this.
This has to end.

And afterwards? Will you go back to Moo Hatchery?
No, Professor Moo doesn't need me anymore, now that Willette's back.

Willette's back? What happened? Everyone was concerned about her disappearance.
Oh, that was just a big misunderstanding. Willette won the Mainland Federation of Farmhands Inaugural Farmhand-of-the-Year prize, and was given a vacation to Tar Vedron. She left a note for Professor Moo, but the goat ate it!

Well, that's a relief ...

Edward appears in the atrium, attired for battle.

Edward: Stella, I'm ready. Let's go.

Stella: Would you excuse me? I'm sure you understand, time is of the utmost importance.

Of course. I wish you both luck.

Stella and Edward quickly depart, leaving me alone within the walls of the famous Shadwood Academy. I decide to take a look around ... maybe I can find something good to read about prior Shadwood heroes ...

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Interview with Galahad (by @Ant, posted 08-Dec-2010)

After a long trek to the Arishta Isles via dragon, I landed in Sedona and met Galahad for dinner at the local tavern. Galahad was a vampire for a few hundred years, but after a happy mishap, his life has been restored and he is fully human.

Interview with Galahad

Galahad, you look great! How are things going in Sedona?
Everything is going great. I recently got a raise at work and my wife is learning how to cook. It feels good not to be evil.

Your skin looks great! What's your secret?
Since the vampiric curse was removed, I have no desire to eat ... certain things.

Your mean humans, right?
Yes, but I never gave into the temptation. It caused me great suffering for centuries.

Wow, that is very amicable of you. I didn't know that Te'ijal could cook. What's her specialty?
She has a few recipes into which she's put a lot of effort. Her Thousand-Weeping String Bean Casserole and her My-Life-is-Over Lasagna are pretty good.

Wow, those recipes sound... disturbing. Is there anything else going on these days?
Not much, other than the king ordering me and a few of his men to monitor the squirrels in the forest. He seems to think the rodents are planning something. I'm not going to argue with my king, but it's ahem... a strange thing to worry about.

It was nice to chat with you. I hope life continues to be nice and quiet for you.
I expect nothing less.

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Interview with Te'ijal (by @Ant, posted 11-Dec-2010)

Interview with Te'ijal

It's good to see you again. You look different.
There was an unpleasant mishap. I've been... turned into a human.

I'm sorry. It can't be all bad, can it?
Do you know what it is like to enjoy carrots? Sleep at night? Stare into someone's eyes and not have them fear you?

Er... yes, actually, I do.
It is good to see that you understand my suffering.

So, now that you're human, how do you pass your days?
I cook for Galahad. He enjoys my cooking. He tells me this everyday.

Do you have a favorite recipe?
I am perfecting something new. I call it Raviolis of Remorse. Would you like to try some?

Uh, no but thanks. Is there any chance that you'll become a vampire again?
Never. It would require talking to Beatrice.

Who is Beatrice?
No one. Forget that I mentioned her name.

Well, it's great to end on a positive note. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the new game. Send your husband my regards.
I shall tell him. May you live through the night.

Uh, thanks. Well folks, that wraps up our interview with the former vampire, Te'ijal. Stay tuned for an interview with the mysterious girl Nox.

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Interview with Uma and Nox (by @Ant, posted 16-Dec-2010)

Interview with Uma and Nox

I don't usually do two interviews at once, but you both refused to let the other speak alone. Is there a rivalry here?
(Nox) Uma doesn't trust that I'll reveal something I shouldn't.
(Uma) Nox, has come close to changing the course of events. She needs to be watched.
(Nox) Hey, I had to try.

I hear that you'll both be joining Mel in her adventure. How did this come about?
(Uma) Nox decided to guide Mel directly. This is completely against the rules. I had to act, so I revealed myself.
(Nox) Hmph! I had things under control. I didn't need your help.
(Uma) If I didn't intervene, Mel would be in a worse predicament.

What are these rules?
(Nox) ...
(Uma) Forget I mentioned them.

Okay, what happens if you break the rules?
(Uma) She will punish us.
(Nox) Uma! And you say I need to be watched? You reveal too much. Let us just say that when the rules are not followed, unexpected things happen.

So, what do you think of Mel? You both seem very invested in her.
(Nox) I like her. She's got a wicked sense of humor.
(Uma) She's is a bit ornery, but not wicked. I've seen her go out of her way to help people in need.

Is there anything you can tell us about yourselves? You look a bit like someone I know...
Uma looks around innocently. Nox taps her foot. Neither answer.

Okay, so you won't answer. Well, this has been an... uninformative interview. I can't wait to learn more about you when the game comes out.
(Uma) Thank you for the nice interview.
(Nox) Yeah. Thanks. We'll see you soon.

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Interview with Yemite (by @Ant, posted 19-Dec-2010)

Interview with Yemite

Good morning. Oh my! You're a darkling. What uh... brings you here today?
I'm looking for the queen.

The queen?
The prophesied one.

You're going to have to help me out here. Who are you talking about?
The mistress! Her!

Er, let's move on. So, tell me about yourself.
I won the contest. I get to serve the queen for eternity. I beat out a lot of other darklings. Have you come to serve her? You cannot have my place!

Uh, that's okay, I don't want to take your place. So what does it mean to server your queen.
I get to feed her, file her nails, be her hand of doom if she requires.

Wow, it sounds like an important job. It was interesting meeting you, Yemite. I'm sure the players will be very curious to learn more about you and darkling lore.
I live to serve my mistress, may she smite the world with her wickedness and bring darkness to the land. All hail the queen!

... Uh, interview over. Go enjoy the game folks!

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