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Still browsing the old site, I found more cool stuff in the form of the guild outlines written by amaranthians themselves for all except the brotherhood. I'll post them here with proper credits. For those unfamiliar with guilds, guilds were ... well ... guilds that you could join! Well, provided you had 1000 gold, that is (where gold was your number of posts back then!)

I'll dedicate the first post to the short introductions of the guilds that were found at the top of the site.

(Note to mods: Please migrate if this topic is appropriate somewhere else!)

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Brotherhood The Brotherhood is fiercely loyal to the kingdom. We watch the streets of Amaranthia and guard the innocent from evildoers of the land. If you need protection, come to us.

Although we Witches and Warlocks are known for our desire to curse everything in site, we know how to have fun. We're always looking for new members to help us play pranks.
Witches and Warlocks
Enchanters The Enchanters are interested in recruits who prize knowledge and the art of magic. We are not interested in brawn or tricks. Join us if you dare to go beyond.
Dragon Lord We Dragon Lords are brave and strong. Danger is our middle name and little scares us. If you want to find adventures and quest around the kingdom, join us.
Dragon Lords
Druids We Druids guard the balance of nature. We are peaceful folks. If you want to defend our cause, join our ranks. Druid

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Dragon Lords Guild Outline (by @Oracle, posted 03-Feb-2008)
Guild Introduction:
The Dragon Lord guild is powerful and versatile. As Dragon Lords, we control fire and raise powerful dragons. By caring for dragons, we can count on their help during times of need. Dragons are our friends and helpers, and with their aid we can help others as well as cause much destruction. Similarly, our fire magic can be used in much the same way - it can either benefit others or destroy them. Therefore, the Dragon Lords make up a powerful guild that can accommodate its powers to the situation at hand.
More about the Dragon Lords…
The Dragon Lord guild is also known for its wildness. We have a wild, fiery, “friendly fire” type of side as one can see from the DL fights in the Fighter’s Pit. However, even though we have a fiery side, we always look out for and help our fellow Dragon Lords. We may have a wild side, but we are a united family, nonetheless. In addition to dragons, Dragon Lords can enlist the help of phoenixes, horses, and lava dwarves during times of need and war. We can also ride and fly dragons, and this skill is very practical when we need to get somewhere quickly.

Deciding whether the guild is for you…
As much as all Dragon Lords always love new members, the decision to join a guild is entirely yours. If you love dragons, fire, and/or fire magic, the DL guild is definitely right for you. We welcome all; after all, we are part of a warm, welcoming family. The only requirement is that you love and know how to use fire. Don’t worry, though; as a Dragon Lord, you will be able to master and perfect all the fire and dragon-related skills that you will need in order to contribute to the world of Amaranthia.

Introduction of Guild Members:
Dragon King: benyeap
Black Dragon: yuki
White Dragon: Erce/DFrost
Flame Mistress: pristress
Ardent Flame: Purplefire
Lord of Fire: Zeus
Dragon Song: tiniponi
Dragon Cook: aveyond06
Whirlwind Inferno: Gen
Fire Fury: whisperingmist
Dragon of the Red Moon: Aeternus
Fire Crystal: Basset
Dragon over the Snowy Mountains: Snowfire
Guardian of Flames: sanshark
The Dragon Whisperer: Oracle
Dragon Master: v12967 (Victor)
Dragon's Talon: Avienda
Ninja of the Dragons: s_tyong
Princess of the Island Fires: Wybrich

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Enchanters' Guild Outline (by @Love, posted 18-Feb-2008)

The Heart of an Enchanter

So what is an Enchanter exactly? Well, that is difficult to figure out. As more members join this prestigious guild, the definition of it continues to change. Initially, Enchanters were renowned for casting spells to manipulate the soul and feelings of love. The magic spells cast by this guild were and still are largely based on its close relationship with the fairies. (Fairies happen to have long lives, surviving for generations as mere mortals would pass on to the afterlife. As such, Enchanters would live for generations and have magic powers as strong as the fairies’.)

However, as the guild continues to grow, newer members and even a few of the veteran members become more versatile in other areas of magic. A few experiment with the darker forms of magic, others rely on the power of the elves to aid them in their time of need, and even some rely on the power of music to weaken their enemies. There are those who wield spells that can manipulate the heavens and even rip the very fabric of time while there are even a couple who can cast the awesome power of fire magic. So how would one define an Enchanter? Well, an Enchanter is a very special, unique person who
possesses the ability to cast spells based on white magic and drive away any and all enemies who would dare to cause harm.

In addition to all of the above, Enchanters are quite an elusive, secretive group of magic wielders. Although there are quite a lot of members who join this guild, one might wonder where they disappear to, afterwards. Once a member becomes an Enchanter, he or she may disappear away from Amaranthia for a while, honing their magical powers to be as strong as they can be. However, there are a few who do realize that regular contact with those on Amaranthia is essential to drawing in new members and to make the guild stronger. Therefore, an Enchanter or two (sometimes even three, four, or more) will come to Amaranthia and establish and maintain friendly relations with the members there. Enchanters always remember that they were once searching for a home, a place of belonging, and the guild welcomed them without reservations.

Now one might ask the following question: “Why would I ever want to become an Enchanter and to join that guild?” As implied before, the Enchanters guild has the greatest diversity of magic wielders. Although all Enchanters practice white magic, they are not afraid to cast other forms of magic. Becoming an Enchanter means that one has the power of good and justice on his or her side. Therefore, fairies, elves, and other mythical creatures of good will come to defend
Enchanters in their time of need, and the assistance is reciprocated. Enchanters look out for one another and hardly ever cause dissension within its own ranks. They take care of each other and unite as one menacing force when one of their own is attacked. In addition, despite the rumors, Enchanters do not need fairy dust to make a person see the truth. In fact, fairy dust doesn’t even exist. Rather, Enchanters appeal to the heart and intellect of the individual to open up his or her eyes.

Enchanters will welcome just about anyone, provided that he or she has a good heart and is willing to embrace the power of white magic. Becoming an Enchanter means that one will have an ever-increasing number of friends for life. Enchanters are well-renowned for their friendly, kind nature and will never want to hurt anyone’s feelings intentionally. Also, members from this guild realize that people, even their own, may stray away from the right path every once in a while. After all, just about everyone falters at some point. However, if that person realizes his or her faults but is willing to correct them and become a better person, Enchanters will know the
heart of that person and welcome them with open arms.

So come forth, weary traveler, and find a welcoming, caring home in the Enchanters guild. Allow the power of good, white magic to surround you, and only then will you truly know and
understand the heart of an Enchanter.

NOTE:The outline is written by Phoenix, not me.

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Witches and Warlocks Guild Outline (by @Argoyle, posted 07-Feb-2008)
The Witches & Warlocks Guild

Enter of your own will
To a place
Of magic and sorcery
Of charm and trickery

Come embrace the darkness
Be part of us...

Welcome to the Witches and Warlocks of Amaranthia!

We thank you all beforehand for taking the time to hear what we have to say.

Call it W&W; in short, it is established in a time long forgotten with its history stretches far beyond the Dark Ages. It is hard to tell how we came about or exactly who founded it. Our present leader is as mysterious as the Guild itself – we know he is there among us, yet we couldn’t know where.

As time passes, so does our Guild grow and thrive with new members bringing in novel ideas and customs. We are unique individuals; but one thing being common in us is our legendary forthrightness. For we see the truth. And the truth is anything but pretty. As the saying goes, there are things in life that we have to deal with that is not always easy.

Now, let’s move on to the significance of W&W;:

A Witch is a female practitioner in the field of Dark Arts. Rulers of Fate and Weavers of Dark Magic, they bind the will of the ever growing number of lost souls and bid them into serving their mistresses. They are also seen riding on broomsticks, for recreational purposes, accompanied with a black cat or a green toad. Hear their crackling laughter as they go, and cower in fear.

A Warlock is a male Black Mage. Masters at the art of Deception and Traps, they ensnare those who dare infiltrate their domain. A spell book and a wand may often be seen among them, but some might prefer having a blade as a weapon, a dagger or a rapier for example, and have the tendency of stealing and assassinating. Nothing feels as trilling and as satisfying as to have a sharp metal slicing through the soft skin of those who cross their path.

Let’s not be frightened by us. We may be cruel and unforgiving from the outside, but we are gentle and loving from the inside. With this said, allow us to conclude this overture with yet another warm welcome to you all to the Guild of Witches and Warlocks.

Rest in Peace


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The Druids of Amaranthia (by @Pandaba, posted 14-Feb-2008)

What a blessed cycle it is to have the completion of our safe haven! The Amaranthian Grove is our new sanctuary in the forests of Amaranthia, offering protection and ensuring the preservation of the essences and balance of nature. We are the priests of nature, warriors of the elements.
What is this 'balance' that I speak of? All life is comprised of each of the four base elements: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. The forms of each of these elements vary for each element of life, whether physically or spiritually. When one element overtakes the other, there may be a shift in balance, and disruption of the cycle of life. Some of these shifts are unnatural and may even pose a threat. It is our duty to preserve this cycle, defeating these unwanted forces that try to disrupt the flow of life. We do this by harnessing all that nature has to offer us. This is our life and our strength.

The animals and guardians of our humble sanctuary speak a cheerful greeting to all visitors. Enjoy your stay here, provided that you respect all forms of life.

Archdruidess Elinirewiel "Wolfmother" Moonbrooke

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Oooh we're reviving the guilds back on the new site? Definitely would love to help out if there's something you need

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16 hours ago, moonpeace said:

@Meroko Yep! They're in the Clubs section. Of course I'd encourage you to join the School of War & Magick guild ;) 


15 hours ago, Scrivener of the Gods said:

Or the Druids and Dreamers. :ph34r:

Ok guys, tell this old man more about the revamped guilds. Where do I read the guild descriptions or is it the same as before?

Was previously a member of the Druids, fyi, since I loved the guild's theme. 

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It was a nice feature though nowadays I don't really miss it because I don't have time for much foruming anymore anyway...
On the old page it was nice that thanks to the guilds we got our private forums and a priority for beta testing for new games, it was thanks to the guilds that I was able to play the first two Aveyond games (though they weren't too pricey, I didn't have a way to do online international payments then).

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@Meroko Unfortunately the way the clubs are set up they don't allow you to give long explanations since it doesn't allow paragraphs >.<  But there will be a separate topic/open club that will be set up with each of the guilds long description to make it easier to look through what each guild is about and ask questions if wanted:)  Like @Honey Butter Chloe said we are still organizing and setting up parts of it, the guilds were a much bigger undertaking then we had thought haha so with real life schedules and such it is a slower progress. Hopefully you'll want to check them out though once we have better descriptions to look through, the more people who join the more fun it will be:D

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Is there still the option to check the old site? I vaguely remember there being a brief guild outline in the Brotherhood guild, but we were kinda the quiet bunch. ;-) Mainly sporking going on there...

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Now Clubs are something else than guilds on the old site, aren't they? As it seems that here it's possible to be in more than one club.
Btw I sent a request for the School of war and magick but still waiting...

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