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So, yeah, I was wrong about the Latin in Picturis Scribarum. It should've been Picturae Scribae. Anyhu, I found a piece of paper where at some point I randomly took a pen to a piece of staff paper, and I decided to MIDI-fy it. It gets the name "The Wondering Pen" from how it was made. Here it is in its current stage. I'll probably expand it later. The Wondering Pen. Should've been Wandering, but too late, it still works, because I didn't know what I was doing.

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(Finally getting around to reading all these unread topics).

I really like The Demented Mouse! It sounds like it could be BGM for a fairy cave or something like that. If you're open to concrit, I suggest giving your tracks a bit more even pacing and progression. Music, even background/ambient music, is like a story - it can't just be aimless, it works best when it goes somewhere, if that makes sense :huh:

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