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This could technically go in Share Art, but so could Meli Scribae, so yeah. Here's where I'll post poems as they come to me. I won't post every poem, because some are just for me, but there should be quite a few.

POEM #1: "At Times", "Fear", I dunno


At times fear is your enemy

At times it is your friend

When enemy it leaves you soon

But friend is to the end


Not I alone can speak thus

But I alone speak truth

For I know fear to be my friend

When pushes me forsooth


For fear has made me to hold back

But that is not in chief

Since fear has made me speak aloud

The naked truth, stolen past the lying thief


When happens though I writhe in pain

For truth is not the best

When one told truth does not believe

And puts truth to the test.


When truth is not all testable

All needed is to believe

But when truth is not accepted

I wish she would receive


That's that one. I'LL BE BACK.

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It's very beautiful, and quite soothing. It's as if it's a type of healing poem that you sometimes read when you're wandering around the internet without much of a purpose.

This is only my personal opinion, but your writing doesn't seem to flow very well? It seems to be a bit forced. I hope you do not take this the wrong way, as I truly have enjoyed your poem. 

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