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Error starting game (Mac)

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Hello :-) 


I recently downloaded the Mac version of this game (have played on Windows but since changed to Mac). I've played through 3.1, but am getting an error every time I get to the difficulty select part of 3.2 (just after Stella's dream). It doesn't seem to matter if I play the intro or not, if the tutorial is on or off, or what difficulty I select. I tried unzipping the file again and that didn't work either. I have attached a photo of the error.


Would love some help as this is the third time I have payed for the game and would love to give it a full play through again!


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Where have you kept the extracted app file? Is it in the same location as the first game? I would suggest once to try keeping the app on your desktop and then trying again. Even better, copy the zip file to your desktop and then extract it there and see if it works now.

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