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Request: (for RPG/Nov development) - Quests, Currency System, Loot System, Spawn System,Progression, Stats, Conditions, Abilities, Classes, Races, Damage System, Elements, Alignments, Factions, Relationships etc

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In line with my other post, "Request: (for RPG/Nov development) - Menus",   I set out below a rather long stream of consciousness on the sorts of things on quests, currency system, loot system, spawn system, stats, conditions, abilities, classes, races,  damage system, elements, alignments, factions, relationships and so on that make for a REALLY good RPG, with a view to you thinking then about what can actually be accomodated in HeroKit and in HeroKit HeroActions and HeroProperties... directly or indirectly...  ;)

In all of this, I appreciate that some or all can be accomodated with HeroObject Variables, Globals and HeroProperties - but that you are aiming for a Kit here that makes it as easy as possible to set up a classic RPG environment.  So, with that in mind, :-

* Quests

Quest system ingrained and working well with Dialogue system.

Quest Subtypes, Idea of Main Quests and subsquests, challenges, hunts, collections.  Also critical and optional quests.

Placed in Journal?

Certain quests only offered dependent (see below) on Race, Class, Alignment, Faction, Relationship.

* Currency System

Auto-calculating with sense of whether items are buyable, sellable.  (different prices).  Currency exchange system.  ie. bronze pieces, iron pieces, silver pieces, gold pieces, mithril pieces, whatever...

* Loot System

RNG and weighted likelihood of getting items according to loot tables etc.  For different PCs, NPCs, Monsters etc and Containers.

* Spawn System

Random and weighted spawning and re-spawning of plants/containers, items, NPCs and monsters.

* Progression

Need to have different ways to map and follow progression for general level and for levels or ranks with Abilities etc.  Different formulae available.

Some links:- https://forum.unity.com/threads/master-class-system-quickly-create-populate-classes-w-o-writing-code.460025/



* Statistics

Need to cover-off subtypes too like Vitals, Points, Modifiers, Bonuses, Buffs, Debuffs, Attributes, Characteristics, General Level, General Experience, Resistances.

Need to easily manage minimum, base/default, current (without bonuses, effects etc), maximum (without bonuses, effects etc), current (with bonuses, effects etc).

Need to easily manage, start, stop, clock, bonuses and effects on Stats and inter-relationships there.

Need to manage both 'deathline' and 'critical' levels for Stats - causing then Conditions or other debuffs/negative bonuses, or death.

Resistances would be to Elements (see below).

* Conditions

Things caused by either a deathline or critical level in some Statistic or other?

Things like say Blinded, Deafended, Befuddled, Insane, Tired, Exhausted, Enraged, Lamed, Disabled, Unconscious, Asleep, Charmed, Burnt, Poisoned, Diseased, Cursed, Petrified, Frozen, Held etc etc.

Whilst you have Conditions, how do they effect Stats and Abilities? and Resistances within Stats.

* Abilities

Passive and Active. 

Cooldowns for Active ones.

Need to cover-off subtypes say Skills, Knacks, Powers etc etc.

Need to cover-off this side of progression ie. at level/rank X a Range would gain a rank in Archery from 3 to 4, and that would increase damage with Y by Z%.

Abilities by their own ranks or levels?  Adjointing relationships between Abilities.

Same as with statistics re minimum, maximum etcs and managing bonuses and effects.

Requirements - preferred, prohibitted, required stats at X, abilities at X, classes at rank X?

* Classes

Need for Classes and Sub-Classes.

Need for single Class, Multi-Class and All-Classes scores for one HeroObject/Player.

Need for rank and measure of progresssion in each Class.  And then how that plays in to and effects Stats and Abilities.

Default starting items, armour/clothing, characteristics?

Required minimum Stats etc.

Allowing for certain specific responses in dialogue and certain quests etc.

* Races

Races and Sub-Races - each with default bonuses and weaknesses and effects on Stats and Abilities.

Default starting items, armour/clothing, characteristics limited to define Race or Sub-Race.

Required minimum Stats etc.

Allowing for certain specific responses in dialogue and certain quests etc.

* Damage System

Need for Max/Min Damage.  Variation.  Dependent on items held, buffs, debuffs, effects, spells, bonuses (see above).

Need for Damage sub-types - Normal Melee Sharp, Blunt, Ranged etc? Also Elemental Damage.

Need for Damage vs Resistance and Armour formulae.  Effected by Stats and Abilities.  Weapon Types.  Advantage and Disadvantage and Initiative.

Possible for Dice Notation calcs for  damage or calcs for resistance.  ie. "3D6+12".  See Rogue Sharp.  https://bitbucket.org/FaronBracy/roguesharp

(p.s. RogueSharp is open license and I have implemented it in to Unity and have a Unity Package if you fancy reviewing it).

Dodging and Evasion?

Initiative, Advantage and Disadvantage... according to position relative to enemy, condition etc...

Use of Shield?

Combo moves - Riposte and Parry and Counter Attack - dependent on Stats and Abilities.

* Elements

[Normal/Melee Sharp/Melee Blunt,Ranged Projectile] Damage but also then Elementals.

Allow for additional Damage types, Spell types, Resistance (see above) types.

Things like Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ice, Electric, Holy, Unholy etc etc etc.

* Alignments

Scaled ie. -10 to + 10, whatever.

So Good/Evil, Lawful/Chaotic, Magic/Science, Nature/Science, that sort of thing.  Effected by certain actions, causing certain responses in Dialogue, allowing certain quests.

* Factions / Relationships

Other HeroObject PCs / NPCs effected by actions and dialogue and alignment and class and race - improving and worsening relationships, different kinds of relationships, determining NPC and Monster/Animal reactions etc. etc.



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Nice list! Expect to see these addressed as soon as 2D is added. I will have questions about some of these in a few weeks. I have at least three weeks of 2D left.

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@Duffer123 I've started the planning for the RPG Editor. Several systems have been added to the first outline and each will get its own menu inside the RPG Editor. 

An important note: the RPG Builder for HeroKit will be distributed as a separate package on the asset store as an add-on for HeroKit. Don't worry about paying for it. You're getting a copy for free. Before the first release, the preview of RPG Builder will be available in HeroKit as its built.  


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