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Formulae? - When Creating Integer or Float Variables in Hero Objects and Hero Properties

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Bear with me on this one - I think it's a brilliant idea if it could be done.

So, when you are creating an Integer or Float variable (as above), how about you had a tick box underneath with something like "Integer/Float contains variables formulae".

Then instead of a straight 12 or 9.2 you put "[V-B-0]+[V-F-2]/[P-I-1]*[V-I-3]" - something that recognises */+-% operands and all Bool, Integer and Float variables.

Cast in to a resultant Int if you want to generate an int, cast in to a float if you want to generate a float.  Perhaps have bools counting as either 0 (false) or 1 (true) which, when you think about it, would be v useful too.

That way you can have formula calculated Integer and Float variables.

This would help enormously with stuff like Progression, damage calcs and so on...?

I appreciate it would be a big new thing, and maybe for a later release (after 2D and RPG) but.... hope you can see why it would hugely boost functionality...?

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