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Haven't tried HK yet, but excited!

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Just seeing this at work and it looks like finally there's going to be a solution for us lifelong visual scripters that have no idea how to use playmaker! I grew up with klik n play, games factory, multimedia fusion and construct, and I've worked on so much complex game logic, yet never touched a line of code for game dev (I do work with html, php and css tho, so I'm not immune!).

Ive been working with Fusion's Firefly plugin which is nice to get 3D games started with absolutely no code, but since fusion has no real 3D level editor and it's such early days, no much can be done with it so far. I'm hoping HK can finally give us event scripter veterans on 20+ years something to work with for unity!

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I've worked with many of these, too. Adventure Game Studio, RPG Maker, Game Maker, PlayMaker, Torque 2D, Flash, Multimedia Fusion (met the devs a few years ago... they were awesome).

Speaking of Fusion... I have a friend who built a multi-million dollar game company using that engine w/o coding to create adventure games. Insane story for another time, but a reminder that a clever game designer does not need to code.

I've used many engines, but this has bothered me: the focus is too specific or too nebulous. I aim to change this with HeroKit. One core module (HeroKit) and genere specific modules that you use seperately or together. (RPG Builder, SIM Builder, FPS Builder, etc). It's going to be a fun ride and a lot will depend upon what you guys and gals want me to add.



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That's a fusion story I wouldn't mind hearing about! So many success stories, it must have inspired so many devs. I've been using it since 95-ish when klik n play was on a cover disc, I remember getting the games factory in that's massive box with a 400 page manual in 98, ahh those were the days!


Well, I've taken the plunge and bought HK, wish me luck! 😬

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