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2 hours ago, BlackPrincess said:

i tried again, but still it's showing an error uploading the photo

Can you take screenshots of the whole thing (blacking out or erasing the submission itself, of course) and PM them to me? I can probably help you troubleshoot if it's on Tumblr. I've been around that block a few times. :kawaii-happy:

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Hey, everyone! I know this thread has been dead for a little while. Just wanted to let you know that the submissions will be posted on Tumblr in a little over a week, which means we can all post our own submissions on the forums (or AO3, or ffnet, or DA, or all of the above, or wherever we'd like) as soon as that happens! I have it on good authority that each submission will be worth the wait.

Does anyone know whether it's standard to post our submissions in this thread, or whether a new submissions thread is better?

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Yayy I am so excited, I have the patience of a squirrel and it has taken everything in me to not just give my giftee their gift XD XD

I think last year a new submissions thread was made, but I was just a lurker then so I'm not sure. I'll check and edit this post if not

EDIT: So yes, a new thread was made last year, if we want to stick with tradition

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