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Aveyond 1: Nox's Quest (Randomized cast) Part 1

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One day...


A young Nox was minding her own business when a curious butterfly approached her. She reached out for it, and was transported to a snowy land. Here she found a priest, laying down on the ground, asking for help. The two went back through a portal that was created and young Nox screamed out: "PA, PA! Come quick!". A man responded: "What trouble did you get in this time?!?". He came to young Nox's aid. He himself was a huntsman named Rye. The mysterious priest said: "Is that you...? Rye... The time has come...". Nox replied: "You know this guy dad?". Rye replied with silence until he said: "Imma get this guy back home", as he carried the priest away. Just then, a voice whispered in Nox's head:" Welcome to Aveyond. Before you've even done anything, you should save your game!"

Nox replied:"WHO ARE YOU?!?! WHY ARE YOU IN MY HEAD?!?"

The voice replied:" I am your sister who isn't even in this story! Sorry for all my fans :kawaii-silly:"

Nox then sighed, and went on with her adventure.


In the village Nox saw a person. A special person. A person who has a strong relationship with Nox. It was Gavin.

She really... REALLY hated Gavin with passion. He spoke out to her: "Hey hun, how you doin'?"

Nox replied to his question with her knuckles.

She went on to her house where she found her Ma (A woman named Marge), standing at the dinner table. She said: "Nox, did you find this man in a bar? He looks hammered!".

Nox kind of agreed, but went to check on them anyway. Rye told her: "Go find the herbalist, she'll know how to get him sober." Nox went to the farthest house in the village to find the herbalist, who came with her. As soon as they got there, her father told her that she should go to her mom for chores and Marge told her she should go an find alot of MarionBells. Nox didn't like flowers, but got them anyway. She delivered them and went to bed. That's when she saw a vision...


Hepatitus: "Speak up foolish woman! Did you kill the priest?!?"

Stella: "Lol no how'd you expect me to kill him i'm a bloody healer why'd you even send me"

Hepatitus: "I should've just sent the new guy."

Stella: "New guy?"

That moment, Pirate John came in.

John: " What is up bois, it's ye boi Johnny Depp B)"

Stella: "You've got to be kidding me! A PIRATE?!?!"

Hepatitus: "I know right, What does every evil group need? That's right. A Pirate."

John: "I'll get that little girl to kick the bucket. I found this beautiful little slave trader guy who'll make sure she's going to India:kawaii-lol:"

Hepatitus: "Lovely plan"


Meanwhile, back in Clearwater...

Nox: "So who are you?"

Priest: " A person your dad once knew. Take this ring, imma nap"

Voice in Nox's head: "YOU'VE GOT AN ITEM:kawaii-up: BE SURE TO EQUIP IT WITH "


The priest awkwardly stares at Nox, screaming at someone who isn't there.

She hears a voice from her door. Nox says:" Peter (yes this is his name in the game) what are you doing here"

Peter:" Yo, me and Jenna are gonna go chase Billy Harper's sheep! Wanna come?"

Nox agrees and follows Peter to the caves, where she finds a strange man, who grabs her.

Slave Trader: "Hello there, my name is Jack and I'm here to take you to your destination."

Nox: "But there isn't any fast-travel in this game..."

Jack: " Lol I know but we're going to this place named Ghalara in 3,2,1"

Nox: "I feel like this won't go well"


And that's it for now folks. Huge thanks to @Ishti for suggesting this idea and if the feedback is good, I'll make more. Peace!:kawaii-meh:

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This is DELIGHTFUL omg. I really love the humorous approach you took!!! I made mine really serious, but comedy works so well for your cast & premise!! I like that NONE of the NPCs were spared from this total nonsense, and I can't wait to see who else is who in the rest of the fic! I personally prefer reading fic where the dialogue occurs naturally in the story (that is, it's not written like a script); that said, if you want to explore this style, I'm all for it. Let's see how Nox reacts to her destiny as the Chosen One - I bet she'll take full advantage of it in ways that Rhen didn't!

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And thus we continue our story. Not with a young girl waking up, but with a young girl killing spiders. Normal slave stuff really.

Nox grabbed a small list from her pocket and ripped off a small piece saying "Kill spiders in attic". Now there's only one thing left to do for the young slave: Pick up a certain bratboy's clothes. Up until now, he's been rough, that Lars. Ever since Nox became his slave, he's been treating her terribly. 

Not like she's the only one being treated this way though, Nox knew how to pull Lars' strings. "You'll get in trouble if you use magic outside of school" "You'll never beat me in a fair fight" "Beat me, I dare you Pretty Boy" "I'd like to see you TRY".

Naturally, Lars tried to make Nox's life miserable. Naturally, Nox did the same. But still, Nox was the slave, and he was the master, so until she freed herself she'd be stuck getting Lars' clothes. She went to the tailor to pick up Lars' clothes, and she put a small spider in them. A tiny spider she saved specifically for this occasion. She went to get Lars and saw him hanging with some of his friends. Nox knew what time it was.


Lars:" ?!?"

Nox:" It's time for supper!"

Lars: "You can't tell me what time it is!"

Lars fires off a magical attack, making Nox's S;ave Bracelet snap off.

Nox: "Well that was weak." Lars nods in agreement.

Nox heads home and goes to sleep. Misses Rinoa's cooking tastes terrible anyway. The next day, she gets woken up by her mistress. "OH DEAR OH DEAR GET LARS!!! THE EMMISARIES!!! THEY'LL BE HERE!!! GET THAT BOY!!!" she shouted in Nox's ear.  Nox sees Lars not too far outside, bullying a slave boy. "Get your vegetable hands off of him" Nox said. Lars replied:" STOP CALLING ME A VEGETABLE!!!" as he pushed her to the ground. This set off a flame within Nox. This also set off a flame... outside of Nox? This also set a flame... on Lars! She managed to set Lars on fire using Magic! 2 bystanders watched and approached the two children.

"I am Nuha, and this is Serendipity. We came for Lars, but we saw you set him on fire. Please, you're free to join us. Take this Token, go through the jungle and then to the academy.". Lars gasped as he said: "SHE TRIED. TO KILL. ME!!!". Serendipity replied: "Lucky girl, I wanted to do the same.".

After a long journey of fighting Chickens and Spiders....

Nox:" So if i get this right, you're gonna give me lessons on magic?"

Ceri: "That's right."

Nox: "And I can then use it against Lars?"

Ceri: "You should not but in theory, yes."

Nox: "SIGN ME UP!!!!"



Hepatitis:" Pirate John, why are you here?"

Pirate John: "Yo-ho-ho, I messed up real bad Cap'n:kawaii-wow:"


Pirate John:" The slave trader captured the wrong person. A girl. Not Nicholas :kawaii-nervous:"

Stella: "I opened that portal thing. The daevas are on their way. Also, i got a letter from Agas."

Hepatitis takes the letter. It reads:" Hey witchie, sorry but I won't appear in this story. I'm too busy with making YouTube Video's at the moment. Sorry.". Hepatitius asks:" WHO'S COMING THEN?!?"

7 figures approach.

Ean: "I was having a nice nap, and look who it is! What's it you want this time witch?"

Yvette: "Well this is a nice change of pace."

Talia: "Why am I here?"

Ulf: "I don't know, why are you?"

Phye: "I don't understand, but oh well"

Tei'jal: "How lovely"

Ahriman: "I have a feeling I should've been at charge"

Hepatitis looks at the group an sighs: "Just... Get the druids."

The 8 figures including Stella fly off. John asks: " Soooooooo.......... imma go check that girl out bye :ph34r:"

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