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What Are the Guilds?

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Welcome traveller!!!

If you are here it's probably because you are new to our clubs and guilds, in which case this is the perfect place to start!! Below I will explain a little bit about what these guilds are all about, as well as some important things to know before you get started making your choice. 


~About the Guilds~

The existence of guilds in the Aveyond forums started back on the original site, as a way to add a fun community interaction along with features like gold and the ability to purchase things at the store. These features and many more were sadly lost when the site underwent renovations several years ago, and unfortunately along with that change many of the original members faded out as well. In June of 2017 however the site was revamped once again, and one of the new features unrolled during that was the clubs you see now! Seeing an opportunity to bring back a feature that older members missed and newer members had thought was fun a small group of the users on this site set about opening up a topic to get the community involved once again working together to rebuild these guilds. Once main features were decided upon and leaders had been figured out the guilds were restarted with some new names and features fitted to the current activity on the site.

We currently have three guilds:

Druids and Dreamers, led by @Scrivener of the Gods

School of War and Magick, led by @moonpeace

Shadow Masters and Mistresses, led by @Queen-of-Ice101


~A Few Important Things to Note~

When choosing a guild please be aware of these few things: 

First is that you may only be part of one guild at any given time. Guilds are open to everyone on the site, however these guilds are designed to be little communities that each have specially themed custom features that aren't shared by every guild. We also have events that are specifically run by each guild and thus do not allow being a part of multiple guilds anymore then you were able to be in the Aveyond games. If you aren't happy with the guild you chose you can leave at any time, however you may only change to a new guild once every four months to prevent guild hopping so consider carefully what choices you make. 

Second is that while guilds are private for members only, they are completely governed by the rules of the forum just as everywhere else on the site. If you break those rules you will be kicked from your guild and reported to mods/admin. So just be respectful of the rules, your fellow members, and your leader, and there won't be a thing to worry about:)

Third and last is that these guilds are still in the process of being built. What you see now isn't all there is, there will be perks and new features unrolled as they are completed so if you're wanting to see a feature please feel free to suggest them to your leader but please be patient in seeing it come to fruition. All the leaders have lives outside the forums and sometimes IRL schedules can conflict which makes connecting to discuss guild stuff slightly difficult at times. We assure you that a suggestion or idea will never be ignored, it just may take some time to get to it.


That about sums up our guilds! If you have any questions feel free to contact the leaders or head on over to the guild topics to share your thoughts! We hope to see you over in our guild communities soon^^


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