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Shadow Masters and Mistresses

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~Welcome to the Darkness~

We are the Shadow Masters and Mistresses, this guild is the home and solace for mages who work in the darkness.

Those who join our ranks will have access to unlimited knowledge, freedom to experiment and share their great magical endeavours. Our members who move within our hidden lands come and go as quietly as the shadows we control, but do not underestimate our strength and creativity when faced with opposition and challenge.

Our origin stretches even further then the memories of those who lead this guild, founded in the times when Aia was cloaked in eternal night and the only beings were the immortal who thrived under a velvet sky, no light to pierce the darkness but the distant twinkling of a thousand stars. Our mages come in as many beings as one can picture with even more specialties, but we are known to fall under one of three main rankings to which all other magic is classified beneath.

Found in the depths of our library or flying through cloudless skies are those that wear their magical ability like badges of honour, eliminating any who would dare cross them. They are unparalleled in their knowledge and power of the most advanced sorcery known to Aia. No curse cannot be mastered, and only a fool would be willing to test their concoctions that are brewed in their cauldrons. Yet even with these fearsome qualities one cannot find a braver mage within this guild. They will fight to the bitter end to protect those they care for and for the causes that drive them, it is an honour for any to be known by the title of a Witch or Warlock

Beings of nightmares for many, feared for their elusive presence and sheer power you’ll never see these powerful predators coming. Standing apart by their very existence they live for the thrill of the chase and revel in the feast once their prey is caught. They are known for their magical capabilities that over centuries make them some of the most powerful mages to walk the dark paths, and they are so elusive that many even call them myths. However do not misunderstand their choice to remain in the background and among their own society for weakness, for vampires and vampiress are some of the most ruthless Aia has to offer.

In a world where magic and mystique are the norm there is no other mage quite like those who use their magic to charm, manipulate, protect and create. These powerful beings have the unusual and unique skill of weaving dark and white magic together to allure, captivate and enchant for both light and dark purposes. These mages can more often then not be found researching for their magical experiments or practicing under the moonlight, the call of their magic so powerful that even the fairies will come out of hiding to watch. With this power they are dangerous and influential enemies, but also the most loyal of friends one could ever want with their willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of those they love. The enchanters and enchantresses are truly skilled, the only ones able to keep the tightrope walk between dark and light and bridge the gap none other can cross.

Do you feel the call of one of these? The pull you just can’t resist? For those of you who are drawn to the shadows, who thrive surrounded by magic and mystery and who wish to test yourself against the most powerful mages that control the darkness then make yourself at home with us, we welcome you with open arms.  

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