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This thread contains actions for UFPS. I'll be adding new actions to this every week or two. If you have requests, post your comments in this thread.

Add Items to Inventory UFPS

Add an item to the player's inventory if the player can equip the item.

Take Item from Inventory UFPS

Remove an item from the player's inventory if the item can be removed.

Create a Moving Platform UFPS

Create a moving platform. 

To use:

  1. Comment out lines 148 & 149 in vp_MovingPlatforms.cs. These lines are in a method called OnEnable() and look like this:
    if (m_Initialized)
    These lines should look like this after you've commented them out:
    // if (m_Initialized)
    //    return;
  2. Your moving platform requires a path for it to follow. Here is how you would create a path that has three waypoints:
    • Open the Hierarchy tab, Scene tab, and Project tab.
    • Hierarchy: Create an empty game object called Path.
    • Hierarchy: Inside the Path game object, create three empty game objects. Call them 1, 2, and 3. These represent your waypoints in your path.
    • Scene: Move 1, 2, and 3 to different places in your scene.
      • Note: If you want to see each waypoint as a visual representation, add this component to each of them: VP_Waypoint Gizmo.
    • Hierarchy: Drag the Path game object into the Project tab. This creates a prefab that you can use in the Create a Moving Platform action.
    • When you are finished, the prefab for Path should look like this:
  3. In your scene, create the game object that will represent your platform. Make sure it includes a box collider, rigidbody, and material. If you open the scene called UFPS_DemoScene1, you can find lots of blocks that could be converted into moving platforms. 

Add Items to Inventory UFPS.unitypackage

Take Object from Inventory UFPS.unitypackage


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