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Scrivener of the Gods

Druids and Dreamers

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~Welcome to the Light~


We are the ones who follow the wells of the Goddess, this guild is the home and solace for mages who work for the greater good.

Those who join our ranks will have access to unlimited knowledge, freedom to create and share their great magical endeavours. Our members who move within our temples and hidden realms come and go as softly as the feathers of a baby dove, but do not think us passive, for the stars that make us whole are purely fire. We will not hesitate to destroy those who seek to harm the battle of the world.

Our origin stretches even further then the memories of those who lead this guild, founded when Aia's days of eternal night were ending. Our first were cleansed of darkness by the twinkling of a thousand stars. Our mages come in as many beings as one can picture with even more specialties, but we are known to fall under one of three main rankings to which all other magic is classified beneath.

Found in the depths of our library or flying through bright skies are those that wear their magical ability like badges of honour, elimnating any who would dare cross the Goddess, and helping the righteous. They are unrivalled in their knowledge and power of the most pure magic known to Aia. No curse cannot be destroyed, and no blessing removed. Only a fool would be willing to challenge the incarnate power of all creation. Yet even with these kindly qualities one cannot find a more vengeful mage within this guild. Priests and priestesses will end all that threatens the wellbeing of any innocents, especially those they most care for and for the cause that guides them. The Shadow Masters and Mistresses speak of being driven. The butcher drives, the shepard guides.

Beings of pure dream for many, loved for their appearant presence and godly power, you’ll never see these formidable guardians watching. Standing apart by their very existence they live for the peace in the world, even if war must bringb it about. They are known for their miraculous capabilities that over the millenia make them some of the most knowledgable mages to walk in the light, and they do most when needed by many. However do not misunderstand their choice to serve all societies with weaknessed, for druids are some of the most protective. The best defense is a good offense.


In a world where magic and mystique are the norm there is no other mage quite like those who use their magic to guide, provide, protect and create. These powerful beings have the unusual and unique skill of breaking the tapestry of illusion cast by those that seek to deceive and destroy. These mages can more often than not be found killing the nightmares of the innocent, and creating those for the wicked. With this power they are dangerous and ruthless enemies, but also the most loyal of friends one could ever want with their willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of those they love. The dreamers are truly skilled, the only ones able to keep safe the world of the sleeping and bridge the gap none other can cross.


Do you feel the call of one of these? The beckoning you cannot resist? For those of you who are drawn to the light, who thrive surrounded by magic and purity, and who wish to protect the world from the most evil forces to influence the world, then become one with light and make yourself at home with us, we welcome you with open arms.



Our Members, as of the date:

He Who Speaks With Creation: @Scrivener of the Gods - High Priest

@Mu11berry - Druidess of the Million Suns

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