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Item Database - thoughts

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(I may edit this post as thoughts occur... it's stream of consciousness time !)

(Hey!  Aren't potions equippable, ready for later use?) ;)

Looking at the list for the Item Database some thoughts occur re other 'fields' and generally:-

- Item Type

- Item Subtype

(need to be able to filter and sort items in inventory etc by type and subtype...)

- if Weapon:

 Normal Damage by Close Melee, Melee, Polearn, Thrown, Shooter, Shot

- Damage Calc methods?  Dice Damage option?  Formulae by Level, Skills?

Reach,Attack Rate/RoF, Range

Additional Elemental? Damages? (by Percentage? Other damage calcs, formulae?)

- Associated Mesh, Gameobject/Prefab, HeroObject of Item

- various uses animations perhaps with defaults by item type, subtype

- Rarity (perhaps calculated)

- Commercial Value (perhaps accomodating different currencies bronze pieces, silver pieces, gold pieces etc not being too prescriptive)

- Loot weighting/chances - pretty essential for loot drop lists etc

- Race/Subrace(s), Class(es(, Alignment(s), Stat(s), Skill(s), Level required at X rank, score, level

- Also prohibited by above factors

- Stackable and Stack

- Durability, Condition, isRepairable

- Weight (and weight sensitive) re inventory

- Consumable and consumable time

- Equippable, Equipment Slot(s)

- Handedness ( ie if holdable, strictly one handed, preference one handed, one or two handed, preference two handed, strictly two handed )

- is Container, Container x y size, container size, contains..  [sub Item List]

- is Containable, containable x y size

- is Craftable?

- Craft items required and quantities

- Crafting type

- Sockettable?  Socket type(s) allowed?

- Socket items in place

- Armour (local, body) when equipped - local by equipment slots

- Resistances to Elements

- Effects/Animations/Particles when Actions/Uses

- Depending on Use/Action, effecting, buffing, debuffing Vitals, Stats, Skills, Armour, Damages

- Wondering whether easier to define cumulative effects, buffs, debuffs separately and drop them in ... as with Prefixes, Affixes, Suffixes and Socketted items which also must create effects, buffs, debuffs on user/item?

- Item material type ie metal and subtype ie iron... a special affix changing colour of item in Mesh/icon...

- Quest data


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Forgot all about loot weighting / chances for loot drop lists etc...

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I hope it's okay to tack onto this thread, as opposed to creating a new one, since this is also about items implementation. Happy to make a new thread, if that's better. 

I was wondering how affixes/suffixes/sockets will work in practice. For equipment (weapons, armor, accessories), these item properties generally represent passive, persistent effects on a character while the item is equipped. In HeroKit, will we be defining these properties somewhere else in the editor, then select from the defined properties when we populate the item database? 

I can see this getting to be a rather complex problem to tackle. We'd need to define hero object properties/attributes first (e.g., strength, HP, armor rating), then item properties where there are calculations against those attributes (e.g., +4% HP, +5 strength), then the items for which we'd select the relevant properties. 

Then what about assigning/changing item properties at runtime? Something like a crafting system feature where you consume an item that then adds a property to an object (like a weapon upgrade). 

Also, how about stacking item properties of the same type? Additive? Multiplicative? Can we decide which? Can it be on a per property basis? 

Sorry, my mind is going in all different directions... :blink:

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You're right of course.  Ant and I have knocked this all about too elsewhere on the forums.

Then there is the need to avoid conflicting affixes etc ie.  Cant have a holy sword of evil etc.

Also, loot drops, weighted loot drops, would need to hopefully drop items according to weighted chance presumably taking in to account affixes (inc prefixes and suffixes) and rarity.

It can be done and hoping Ant comes up with an 'elegant solution'   ;)   (no pressure)

If he does this kit has a huge usp and we have massive item variation.... :)

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