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Item Database - thoughts - Types and SubTypes

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Looking at your screenie of the item database, I hope you can see why item types and subtypes and being able to filter and sort by them in item database editors/ui as well as in game inventories is absolutely essential if you'v got more than say 40, let alone 1000s, of items...

Some thinking on this below:-

Type                                      SubTypes



Currency                              Bronze Piece, Iron Piece, Silver Piece, Gold Piece etc.      

Weapon                               Knife, Sword, Axe, Bludgeon, Spear, Gun, Stone, Sling, Hammer, Whip etc.

Ammunition                       Arrow, Bolt, Bullet, Shell, Pellet

Armour                                Suit of Armour, Pauldron, Greave, Cuirass, Chestpiece, Jacket, Shield, Helm

Clothing                               Trousers, Shirt, Cloak, Coat

Adornment                        Ring, Earring etc

Consumable                       Food, Drink, Drink, Scroll

Container                            Pouch, Rucksack, Bag, Chest, Quiver, AmmoClip etc

Socket                                  Crystal, Orb, Rune etc

Component                        Foodstuff, Ingredient, Fuel, MachinePart


Furniture                             Bedroll, Table, Chair, Bed,





You get the idea...

Edited by Duffer123
Just ranting on about how critical item types and subtypes would be...

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