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So variety of games are gone. What now?

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So I figured that Amaranth Games only kept their own games and collabs on aveyond.com, removing everything else. Fair play, but I would still like to access that same game database.

Is there any other place where I can find lists of those removed games? Especially those made with RPG maker.

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Actually, they haven't- especially with Edolie. You had the exclusive content and not even steam's $6.99 will tell me about the side quests & troll trees. I'm absolutely maddened. Wayback machine isn't allowing me to access this content either.

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I was able to find this guide: https://larasantikencanadewi.wordpress.com/2017/03/16/side-quest-guide-edolie/ which covers many, but not all of the quests. The comments give hints to another quest (the leaflets one.)

I also found out via aggressive googling of  trying to get myself unstuck that you can still read the posts (at least for a little while more) under post history. https://aveyond.com/forums/index.php?/profile/3532-valkyriet/content/&type=forums_topic_post&page=18 Valkyriet has the Troll guide under their history. 

I'd personally advise saving these in case they get deleted. 

I checked the rules and don't think discussing these points are bad (as neither of these are covered by the strategy guide even if you buy it) but if it is, I apologize.

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