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Puzzle elements in Aveyond

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Hey just wanted to ask everyone here their thoughts on the puzzle elements in the Aveyond games. I'm developing my own game at the moment and wanted to find out the opinions of others to get the gears in my own head turning and Aveyond is a big inspiration of mine (I STILL LOVE AVEYOND). It'd be a great help if anyone can let me know their answers :) 


Firstly, what puzzle elements do you fondly remember in any or all of the Aveyond games? For example the Spy Agency in AV3, what worked well for you and why? 

Secondly, what elements do you not fondly remember? For example, what didn't work well about the Spy Agency in AV3 for you? 

Thirdly, is there any puzzle elements from other games (stick to Fanasty RPG's similar to Aveyond please) that come to your immediate mind?  

And, what did people think of the Puzzle Dungeon in AV4? I personally enjoyed it and would like to add a puzzle house in the game I'm making, but I also got frustrated when I felt like I was getting nowhere so what's the pro's and con's of it to everyone? Or what do you feel would have improved the puzzle dungeon to be more enjoyable? 


Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer these questions I really appreciate it :wub:

Also I was a bit confused where to put this as I wanted it to be where it could be seen where the forums is most active, so if this is the wrong area I'm sorry! 

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I enjoyed the variety of puzzles in the spy agencies a lot. I love puzzles because they spice up the gameplay. Probably John Wizard games (Dawn's Light series, Lilly and Sasha series) have some of the best puzzles I've seen in RPGs, so if you want some puzzle inspiration, definitely play those games if you haven't already.

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