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Spring Event 2018

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So, the time has come. There were more plans, but few have come to fruition. This will be, for those who participate, like the 21 day challenge. However, it will include fewer days:

-Fave character 
-Scariest villain
-Cutest character 
-Reluctantly crowned
-Parent with child
-Best friends

...and an optional Aian or Naylithian religious text.

Also, there's more sort if an exchange, as @Mu11berry would say, "Nature of Aia". One person names a place, object, or creature from Aia, and another person draws, wires, or otherwise renders the topic. Please claim one when you choose it, to avoid too much mixing up.

I will participate, as this is not much of a competition. Credits for the above list go to @Mu11berry. The final submission date will be on the last day of Spring, June 21 (although there is no stopping late submissions).

P.S. This is my, and possibly @Mu11berry's and the rest of the Druids & Dreamers first seasonal event, so unfortunately, it is not as extravagant as I had hoped.

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