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Netflix: Indie Game

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So, 'cause I'm as usual, fashionably late to the show, I just got Netflix and just found the Indie Game designer movie/documentary. I know it's not about Amanda, but somehow I kinda feel that I understand the whole struggle a bit better after seeing this?!

I might be terribly wrong, but I never thought of the whole Indie game designing as such a "hard" job? If that's the right description... Did anyone else see it? And seriously, I'm out of this for a long time already and I never had anything else than my PC, so all the games mentioned in the documentary were totally new to me. :kawaii-ouch:


Hi from below the rock that is my life nowadays... */headdesk*



And hi again, so neat to see that even though the forum changed a lot, the emo's didn't! :D :wub::rhen_love: Even Rhen love! <3

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You are right on, @Jolien

At the time that movie was made, there were two major gaming audiences who rarely interacted. The “casual gamers” enjoyed games through channels like Big Fish Games and Real Arcade. The “core gamers” got content through Steam. This likely explains why you never heard of these games if you weren’t using Steam.

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