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Why I can't find these database functions?


Why I can't find these database functions?

HeroKit RPG Roadmap:

  • Character Database (heroes, monsters, npcs) 
  • Items Database 
  • Affixes Database 
  • Sockets Database 
  • Weapons Database 
  • Ammunition Database 
  • Armor Database 
  • Abilities Database (fireball, triple slash, etc) 
  • Elements Database (ice, fire, etc) 
  • Conditions Database (poisoned, slow, etc) 
  • Meters Database (mana, exp, health, etc) 
  • Stats Database (strength, defense, etc) 
  • Classes Database (mage, archer, etc) 
  • Races Database (human, orc, etc) 
  • Alignment Database (good, evil, orderly, chaotic, etc) 
  • Currency Types Database (good, evil, orderly, chaotic, etc) 

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