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Third Person Controller, namely Ootii, and other assets


Hi Everybody! I'm new here, after a few days research, decided to take the plunge and purchase HeroKit. It seems the most non-coder friendly Game Kit to me.I would like to integrate Ootii's Motion Controller into my HeroKit arsenal. Its a fantastic controller, and incredibly flexible, but I'm not code-savvy enough to build a bridge between the two. I'm looking to build something similar to a Zelda-like (Breath of the Wild) feel/anim for the controller, I would welcome any suggestions, ideas and links to get me started.

Tim at Ootii made these suggestions when I mailed him:


In integrations like this, it’s really a matter of taking advantage of the Unity Events that I add to my main components. For example, the Motion Controller as the “On Motion Activated” event which allows you to assign a function that is called when a motion is activated. In this case, you’d create a small monobehaviour that acts a “bridge” from the MC to any other solution (ie HeroKit).


You can also use function calls to call into the Motion Controller. I show examples of this on page 26 of the user’s guide:



I have done integrations with other tools like Node Canvas and Behavior Designer. It may be worth looking at how I did that and you could do something similar with HeroKit (if that’s the way it works).



This video might help too:


Excited about the RPG elements coming up. Looking forward to interacting with the community, you seem like a helpful, friendly bunch :)

Jim (Vog)

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Glad to have you onboard, Vog! Thank you for those links. From what I see, this should be an easy integration.

In HeroKit, you can assign a model to a state. Your model (a prefab for your character) should have an animation controller and motion controller attached to it just as they appear on page 2 of the PDF guide (very nice, btw).

Once you’ve done this, and you’ve configured the motion controller, everything should just work. If something doesn’t work, let me know.

If you need to update a property or variable attached to motion controller at runtime, take a look at these actions in core > script component.

Let us know how things go!

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