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I've been looking for a ton of solutions that would just perform all the steps suggested for creating a custom hero action, automatically. A simple text/document generator that takes your HeroKit action template and asks for fields, their type, and then populates the action by the submitted information. The closest I have seen to this have all been paid services like hotdocs, or limited ones that save to google drive using forms (which presents the extra work of navigating and editing in google drive, which is slooow; and requiring a rename of it).

Any suggestions for this? Because I'm looking at adding a lot of actions.

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The closest I've got to this is:

Create a Google Forms asking for "ActionName" "Summary" "NumberOfFields" "FieldType" "FieldTypeFunction" "FieldName" "FieldQuestion", record the answers to a sheet file.

Download sheet file. Open MS Word and select as MailMerge sheet file source.

Paste the HeroKit Action template in the MS Word document and place the MailMerge fields appropriately.

MailMerge Finish > Edit individual documents. Save.

Mass convert files to .cs.

That's Fields done, but I couldn't wrap my head around implementing multiple fields easily in this method.

Doing the actual action file would basically have me coding in Google Forms, which made this not worth it. So I've given up on it.

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