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yeah saved hepberts wife and have gotten all relics and choosen dragon lord for main character and i have talked to that preistest and its at the truth mirror spot and he doesnt have that choice option come up and i havent gotten anything suggestion about the truth mirror any1 know where or who i gotta and preffer both(place and person or persons) about that so i can go on with the game ? kinda been hard to understand some of those directions in walkthrough .


yeah would help if they mentioned their was 2 HEPBERTS  1 in a tower need boat to above devenshire and 1 in devenshire , the 1 in tower should be mentioned in CAPITAL LETTERS

and the 1 in devenshire is in lower case mostly , and that part should be around the part for getting the mirror of truth k.


Merged posts. Please don't double post.


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