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Fantasia : At Regime's End [GxB, GxG, Fantasy, FREE] [Demo]

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When the Kingdom of Requia fell into the hands of it’s enemies, Valledyne, the princess  fortunately managed to escape with her two trusted bodyguards. Things became worse when assassin who was sent by King Armand of Valledyne to end the Khalfani bloodline once and for all finally caught up to them. The question is… will the assassin succeed?

For those who haven't played Fantasia before, do not worry! This is a new game with very little connection to the old game.



Fatima Khalfani (19) : The half-navandel princess of Requia. She has superb healing capabilities, and while she cannot fight, she is extremely good-natured and strong-willed. Her sister, Salmah, is the queen of a neighboring country, Leonnara.

Ash (21) : A young demon who is infamous for extremely adept fighting skills… and lack of social prowess. Ash wields twin blades and is not afraid to use it against anyone. 

Malik Nezzari (23) : A cocky, typical rookie navandel with a Zweihänder who disobeys his lieutenant a lot. Fatima's childhood friend, who is carefree and kind-hearted… But he seems to be hiding something…

Altair Bridegard (22) : The son of a Requia nobleman and Malik's superior. Altair is a talented and powerful mage, even if sometimes he lets his emotions get in a way. Altair has a massive crush on Fatima and is doing a bad job at hiding it.

Zen (21) : A one-legged demon merchant with a big personality, who is also on a journey to reopen a new shop after the war. Zen is a money-grubbing scum who will only think of the profit, but can be affectionate towards fellow demons out of solidarity. 




- Will be completely free to play! But leave us a tip, pretty please?
- Decide Fatima’s fate, will she avenge her parents? Will she run away from her title and live a peasant’s life with the man she loves? Will she marry a King? Or will she die and make the assassin filthy, filthy rich?
- Swordfighting! Bloody Murder! Assassination! … Romance?
- A very sarcastic narrator
- 4 Love Interests, 3 Straight and 1 Gay
- Multiple endings based on which side you pick on the war… and who you romance!
- But then… why just romance people yourself? Others deserve love, too! Why not be matchmaker… or ruin other people’s relationship while you’re at it?
- Demo contains 3 different endings and Multiple CGs

ITCH. IO : https://azurextwilight.itch.io/fantasia-at-regimes-end-demo
Also you can vote for your fave character here : https://linkto.run/p/7YI0XB2S

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