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The Shower Kingdom

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Greetings everyone! UltimaCJ here with UltimaCJ Productions letting you all know that the 3rd game project is nearing completion: The Shower Kingdom. This solo game play experience is made with the new MV engine with a few new features and designs.

Game play is similar to the first Destiny of a Wizard, but with different dungeon crawler elements. Below are the features of the game:

* A "Zelda" like style map system. Traverse screen by screen with over 500 maps to explore.

* A single player adventure featuring a young knight named Erdrick, who will face many foes along the way.

* An ATB like combat system, the action will never stop!

* Learn abilities and skills from hermits you discover on each of the five worlds to explore.

Beta Preview Screenshots:







To learn more about the game and to SIGN UP for BETA Testing (Beta Testing release date is projected between Jan-March) please visit our website: http://ultimacj.wixsite.com/ultimacjproductions/tskbeta

Our Official Facebook Page also has additional details as well current status when the game will be released and via beta released. http://www.facebook.com/ultimacjproductions

If you have any questions, please contact me through here or through our website(s). Thanks for viewing!

UltimaCJ / UltimaCJ Productions

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