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Geography of Aia

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I replayed Aveyond partially on Christmas week and it got me interested on the world of Aia and its kingdom. Right know, I am connecting the dots between how this land conjoins this land and etc.

Though I have limited time because I'm busy, I am actually finding the world maps from AP to Aveyond 4. Spare?😁

And for the kingdoms, I probably research them in google and list them down.

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EDIT: Minor update.

EDIT 2: 1 year andd........

I am just gonna put it here from my note before I lose it. I base this on Aveyond 2 and 3.

Kingdoms of Aia....


  • Thais
  • Harburg
  • Stormbend
  • Quinn/Istir
  • Naylith
  • Gheledon
  • Orc Empire
  • Underwold
  • Aveyond
  • Witchwood (the old one like we see in AP, swallowed in the swamp)
  • Bogwood (renaming it to Witchwood and also cursed the land into mystic forest like in AV3)
  • Shaenlir (possibly shifted away from the Mainland. I still consider Quinn and Shaenlir are not the same kingdom even though both lies North West of Thais)
  • Candar (possibly shifted away from the Mainland.)


  • Tar Vedron
  • Dragkthor
  • Venwood
  • Faiara
  • Verashema
  • Eredar
  • Storybook


  • Peliad
  • Harakauna (Animalville)
  • Tyobi (In my theory, it was once called Seri but shifted away from the Mainland. Another wealthy family inherited the throne hence giving it a new name.)
  • Seri (Headcanon: The bloodline still continues after a new bloodline takes over Seri and renamed it Tyobi. The location is quite distant to Tyobi.)
  • Shoal Leui
  • Acropolis (the unknown kingdom)
  • Underfall

Arishta Isles:

  • Veldarah
  • Sedona
  • Veldt (somehow shifted away from the isles before the mountain ranges formed - too bad that it is retcon but that's only a legend :p)
  • Northern Kingdom (least populated kingdom)
  • Mysten Far (possibly the closest ally to Aveyond)

The Vale: (once part of Arishta Isles but somehow magically transported)

  • Oldwoods
  • Ylisfar (underground just like in AV1)

AV4: (faraway from the Mainland)

  • Wyrmwood
  • Halaina
  • Ravwyn
  • Delamare
  • Var'thor
  • Mist Realm
  • Ulrock
  • Weeville

That's it 😃

Unmentioned Towns:

  • Devenshire, Thais
  • Elden, Harburg
  • Glenvale, Quinn
  • Ryva, Thais
  • Ravenwood, Thais
  • Happily Ever After, Storybook
  • Casket Hill, Underworld
  • Ghed'arhe, Underworld
  • Clearwater, Sedona
  • Brumwich, Sedona
  • Dirkon, Sedona
  • Veniara, Veldt
  • Ghalarah, Veldarah
  • Windshire, Halaina
  • Tor, Halaina
  • Bazaar, Venwood


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