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Thinking back

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I was thinking about how many times I played the Aveyond series the other day and I actually wanted to wake up the comunity a little bit by asking about favorite moments people had while playing Aveyond. Let's see, for me, I played AV1 the most times, and honestly, Rhen stabbing Ahriman and finally freeing the land was sorta my favorite moment, I guess you could say. Aveyond as a series is starting to reach a preety ripe age, so I just wanted to take a second and think back a bit. Curious to see what other people's fav moments were!

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Well my favorite moment ( this is for Shadow of The Mist ) was every moment that involve Boyle. His reaction is so funny. I love it. For an example, the scene when Boyle and Robin when together to the library to register. It still gets me laughing every time. His fears for paladins was also funny, and it is even funnier when he does not want to admit it. Tsundere lvl 1000. But, there one moment that I remember the most which was when Boyle and Phye meet with Baal. Lemme recollect the scene.

And so Boyles Party went to figth Baal to free the Draghaar...

Phye  : Baal!

Boyle : Baal?

Baal  : Boyle?

Boyle : Baal!

Phye : Boyle?

Boyle : I have a history with this demon  ( with a smug face )

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