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Hello I feel bad :/

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Hello everyone!

 I've been a fan of Aveyond Studios for a loooong time (Before AV3!). I don't think I've ever participated in the forums before. I've always thought that there would be OTHER people keeping our community alive. Then I realised that I was wrong. I'm part of this community and I want to help to keep it going. So I've decided to post and reply and just be PRESENT because it matters. If you love something you gotta help it grow in any way you can. I'm gonna be more active from now own :D

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Hello @Danzy,

Don't feel bad. To me, my love for Aveyond is always there, during my daily life, in my personality and how I treat people. I think many people may find this stupid but I really am so affected by Aveyond especially due to the reason that I first played it when I was very young, I was about 9 years old (I am now 21). And so it's played a big part in forming the person that I am today. 

The forums were a lot more active back then and just because they're not as active as before doesn't mean it's your fault but it's wonderful how you want to keep it going! All of us who are still active are aiming for the same thing :rhen_love:

Have a wonderful day, and welcome! :kawaii-lol:

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11 hours ago, Danzy said:

Hello @lovely-girl.Thanks for replying!

Aveyond will forever be a big part of my life! I started playing around the same age as you with my dad (@moniem). I'm 20 now! We played aaaaall the games again last year on my break :D 

Thank you again! You have made my day REALLY!:heart::heart::heart:



That's so awesome!!! When I started playing, I started with my twin sister (@dark-witch) :D 

I played Aveyond 1, 2, 3 (all chapters) and 4. I tried so hard to finish Ahriman's Prophecy but couldn't, not because it's hard but I'm not very familiar with the RPG version it was made with as I started with Aveyond 1 before Ahriman's Prophecy. However, my sister finished AP and I always sat with her when she played so it's kind of like I did hahaha

I'm so upset that Amanda isn't doing games anymore! I wish there'd be an Aveyond 5, 6, and so on :( 

You're welcome!! I'm always on here so we can always talk :kawaii-lol::rhen_love:

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