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Golden Fall[Commercial] (40% Release Sale)

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I am a new/old user here.


I recently released my Hobbyist RPG game for steam. It's called Golden Fall.

The story is of a young man who seeks to make a quick coin so he goes to the dangerous cave to seek gold. However, he falls into a hole and his only way our is to delve deeper.

You play with the arrow keys and the mouse(or ASWD).

You fight enemies by clicking them, you have skills, spells, equipment and yes... gold.

There are shop keepers you can buy stuff from.

There are riddles and challenges, you sometimes need to watch your step.

There are 8 hand tailored levels, no generic procedural levels.

Here is an early trailer that was made before the final release:

And the store address: https://store.steampowered.com/app/884630/Golden_Fall/?beta=0



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