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Well this feels nostalgic. xD

Hello! Some of you may remember me (the guy that said he would be on the forums more often :P) and some of you may not. I haven't been online since like... 3 years? Holy moly that sounds like a long time and I feel embarrassed. >.> Anywho I forgot how good the feeling of typing your own posts, choosing different fonts, sizes, learning how to do that spoiler thingy - which I'm totally not sure is still around LOL - that I forgot how to now and being excited to see new posts on the forums and seeing what stuffs people are talking about. I think this feels a lot better than the constant chatting around on Discord which I feel is getting old for me since there's way too much action for me to keep up. :< 

Anywho, I'll probably stick around here more but mostly on phone (I think there's an app but I dunno if it's still there on the Play Store). I hope I'll login in more often! (maybe lel)

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@LMHM2017 Welcome Back ! I am from the " Some of you may not know me " section 😂😅. Nice to meet you !

3 Years means a lot of time :) . Sadly, the forum's days are numbered... but still, some of us are trying to keep it alive . I hope you cand join our topics and be more online :) 

Have a good time ! :heart: 


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Yes, I see that the activity on the forums has been... not well. xD 

Well I missed like 3 years of people posting stuffs so that's kinda my bad. :P I'm just glad to see some people that actually still use these forums!

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