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Shadwood Academy spell effects

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So I am playing through again for the first time in a long time.  It's time to pick spells for the both of them from the academy and I am finding myself at a loss as to which ones affect multiple enemies, may cause sleep, etc.  I have been searching here for quite some time, but every reply has links to the old site, which of course no longer work.  Is there anything out there that can help me?  I think boot slappin' mara affects multiple enemies?  And might cause berzerk?  Ugh, I just can't remember, I haven't played in years...

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Here's a thread on which spells to pick: 



Have a browse through there - it may help you decide. Boot slappin mara I definitely remember as one of the one's I picked as it has a confusion effect. 


Hope that helps :) 

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