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At last, I'm a part of the community!

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Hello everyone! I'm Eleni, 21 years old, and I've been playing the Aveyond series since I was about 11. I never actually had an account here, because I was too scared, but it's finally time; I'd love to discuss Aveyond related things with other people, as it seems nobody else that I know actually has heard of these games and it makes me quite sad. I'd love any game recommendations in this category as well! Glad I'm finally part of this community!! โœจ

P.S.: My favorite Aveyond game is Rhen's quest, it had the best storyline in my opinion and I loved the characters. My favourite character though, is Boyle, from Shadow of the Mist, because we share the love of gargoyles and I can relate to his personality a lot. ๐Ÿฆ‡

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Hello! It's a pity that you hadn't joined earlier, as it looks like the golden era of these games as well as the forums is long gone. But it's always nice to meet more people who love them.

It's not easy to find games in a similar style. Lately I've been playing "I am Setsuna" (it's available for PC on Steam) and Final Fantasy remakes on my tablet.

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