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confused at highlands and with teijal

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idk how many times i have played av1 and now im playing it again but ofc i forgot how things were.

im on the 3rd druid and am about to unlock more quests in the highlands but i am so powerless over the purple birds and stones. teijal is so weak and she's in level 38. so far dameon (lvl39) is my strongest. i got to get him that strong weapon at ylisfar and his attacks are quite good but rhen's and lars' and elini's (both lvl40) aren't. taijal is in my reserve bc she is useless for now. i can't defeat highlands enemies pls help me do i just need to level up or what


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Do you have the sleep flute? It can work pretty well against the Highlands monsters. Also, Te'ijal shouldn't be weak if you've got a good bow for her.

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