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Re-upload your profile pics

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I'm pretty sure my profile pic was lost when I had two computers taken out by lightning.  There's one more possibility I know of, and I'll try to check that soon.

Sorry something made you have to wipe out the forums.  😕

Sad to not see moderator under my name, but I understand as I'm not on as much as before.  I pray you and Zach are doing well, and that the Covid-19 virus doesn't affect you or anyone you love.

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Re-uploaded and updated my profiles after a long while.

Warmest regards to all the Amaranthians all around the world, be safe. 😊


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On 4/3/2020 at 7:53 AM, KTC said:

@tiniponi : Found your avatar while looking through the webarchives to see if mine is somewhere there. XD


@KTC :

Thank you so much!  You're wonderful to have done that! 

Now if I can just remember how to add an avatar.  I didn't see it under edit profile, but I'll keep looking.  :)

I am SO happy you found my little dragon, as I'd missed him.  :D

EDIT:  Figured out how to do it, but the size limit won't allow it, sad to say.  (It's 96kb; max size is 50.176.)  Thanks anyway, KTC.  It is greatly appreciated.


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6 hours ago, KTC said:

@tiniponi Oh, in that case: *dives into the webarchives again*

Here we go :D



Oooo, thank you so much!!  It isn't animated now, but that's OK.  I love it like this too.  :)

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