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The Agas Saga

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Oh finally...another update from Kaz!

Yes....*goes reading*


Season's beatings? Sounds familiar. Didn't Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants say that? Hey! Are you the writer from the show?! Can I have an autograph?! I am a fan! lol

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Your Alive!!!!!!!


OMG!!! i cannot wait to start reading but that will have to wait cuz i have to go to class....I cannot wait to get started...i will edit this post once i am done! {or if anyone posted after this i will post the comment later} Can't wait!

PS: i did not faint but went into a state of shock for about a minute XD XD XD

EDIT: amazing update Kaz!!! love it completely love it!it totally awesome...Rashnu? Derez? i agree with tei they are not that stupid XD

Keep on writing and update soon! ^_^

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Oh finally...another update from Kaz!

Yes....*goes reading*


Season's beatings? Sounds familiar. Didn't Plankton from Spongebob Square pants say that? Hey! Are you the writer from the show?! Can I have an autograph?! I am a fan! lol

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Too true! It was hard to believe it's finally been updated after so long! It's like a christmas gift coming early!


I hope the updates continue! (hint hint) Can't wait to see where the story is going to go from here!

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tei: yes, i am alive. surprise! now, what makes you think it's stupid for anyone to be allied with ahriman?...i mean, what if HE'S really the ultimate hero here? you just never know, do you?

(hehehe...i love messing with your head.)


sana: once again, yes, i'm alive. more or less. and thank you!


heimdall: yes, finally. yes, that was a plankton quote. no, i am not the writer from the show (although that is where my avvie came from), but how cool would that be?? oh, but you can have an autograph anyway. :lol:


darkprincess: only a minute? i guess i'll have to try harder next time. XD and thanks!


mayflower: hmm...perhaps you shall get your wish...


that everyone? good. so i know this is like ridiculous, but here it is: ANOTHER new chapter. (what? TWO chapters in ONE WEEK? is there another ice age coming??)



Chapter 25 - A Shock to the System


While it was all well and good to be speculating upon the possible person or persons involved in Ahriman’s return, there were more pressing matters to which I needed to attend; namely, if Saurva was plotting to send hordes of dragons to destroy me and my kingdom, then I supposed I ought at least to be prepared. I decided against confronting Saurva—-because really, where was the fun in that?—-and opted instead to prepare my men for the impending battle.

Perhaps, however, “impending battle” is a poor choice of words. I spent over a year laying plans for a war that simply refused to happen. The airborne dragons, ever-present for so many years, had now disappeared. And at every council we held following Indra’s warning, Saurva behaved as if nothing troubled him, and as if he would not dream of doing anyone any harm.

Just as, if not slightly more, aggravating were both Aravis’s terrible temper and desire for independence, and Indra’s incessant interference in nearly everything I tried to do. Aravis, now the quintessential teenager, argued with his mother and me about everything, from the all-too necessary restrictions we had placed upon his magic to the fact that we still felt the need to impose a chaperone upon him. Evidently he was furious that we did not trust him; but given his family history and his uncanny ability to get himself into trouble on a daily basis, trust was not something to be doled out so freely. Indra, meanwhile, had all but moved herself into my castle, spending so much time there that I considered on more than one occasion sending an army to the North so that she would be forced to return there. She claimed to be concerned about the war and whether I was prepared for it; whatever it was, it was infuriating.

It was perhaps this that led me to do much of Aravis’s training in other kingdoms. Restrictions and chaperones were all well and good, but the boy still had a dangerous power and required extensive training to keep it under control, and having him duel other demons seemed to be the most effective method. Aesma turned out to be a favorite target of Aravis’s, perhaps because Aesma refused to “go easy” on him, as it were, as it often appeared some of the other daevas did. And not only was Aravis powerful, but also incredibly resilient: no matter what spell Aesma threw at him, he would always get right back up and counter it.

It was during one such training session, however, that I was reminded that the mere power of suggestion was just as dangerous as any spell.

The courtyard of Castle Thais was normally a complete disaster area, but it was even more so now, with Aesma conjuring devastating earthquakes and tsunamis, and Annihilating anything that moved. For this battle, I had instructed Aravis merely to defending himself, to make sure that he could, and for the most part he kept his composure. I watched as Aesma cast Winds of Hell, and Aravis fought to remain standing against the fierce gale. Eventually he was lifted off his feet and thrown backward several feet. His temper got the better of him, and he enveloped Aesma in a fog so dense that Aesma disappeared entirely. He then conjured a fireball, but by then it was too late: Aesma had used his “disappearance” and incredible speed to rush around behind Aravis and knock him to the ground again. The look on Aravis’s face, which only reminded me how much like his mother he was, meant he was preparing his Torment for Aesma; I quickly stepped in and drew my sword to stop him.

“Not today,” I warned him, at which he threw a furious glare at me. As I helped him to his feet, I went on, “You are powerful; you have the potential to become the most powerful demon who ever lived. But you will not do so by being reckless and headstrong.”

“Oh. Right,” he said sardonically. “So how long was is before you became reckless and headstrong?”

Aesma laughed aloud, and I couldn’t help smirking myself. I pointed my sword at Aravis again and said, “Back to work.”

“Impossible,” whispered Aesma then, in a tone so serious it was almost unnverving. I looked over at him, and he was staring wide-eyed at something a distance behind me. I turned to follow his gaze, and the sight I beheld rooted me to the spot. I felt my eyes narrow and the sword slip from my grasp. Approaching us slowly and purposefully was a tall, painfully familiar wolf-like demon, malice alight in his eyes.

But it was impossible. He was dead.

In addition, once the initial shock wore off, I realized that this creature carried no demonic aura. “Who are you?” I shouted at him, but his only response was a fireball. I was about to return fire when he suddenly collapsed to the ground, consumed with what appeared to be white flame. His demonish appearance began to give way to bloodred flesh and horselike features, revealing him for what he truly was.

“A Nightmare?” said Aesma in a puzzled tone, as the fire exploded the creature into thousands of fiery sparks. Then he looked at me and asked, “What happened to it?”

“I destroyed it,” said Aravis, as though it were all too obvious, raising his eyebrows at us. “More than either of you did.”

Still too unnerved even to reprimand the boy for his impertinence, I turned back to the spot where the Nightmare had been and said nothing for a long while. Aesma too seemed to be taken aback, and it was Aravis who finally broke the silence.

“So who was he?”

Aesma and I looked at each other; Aesma’s face bore a puzzled look. “He was y—-” he began, but I silenced him quickly with a stern look. I had never told Aravis about his grandfather, and I did not feel he needed to know. “A demon,” Aesma went on, “by the name of Zurvan. But your fa—-he died over three thousand years ago.”

“I don’t understand,” said Aravis slowly, looking back and forth between Aesma and me, “I thought for a Nightmare to take the form of something, someone has to...dream it that way. Who would be dreaming of a demon who has been dead for three thousand years?”

Aesma shrugged and shook his head. “Not I.” He looked at me.

“Not that I haven’t,” I said after a pause, “but it certainly hasn’t been recently enough for...that.” I waved my hand vaguely over the spot from which the Nightmare had just vanished.

Aesma shrugged again. “Had to have been one of the daevas, hadn’t it? Or, I don’t know, Vata?”

“Well,” I said slowly, “there are other demons in the world who have existed since his time besides us, aren’t there? I...suppose it could have been any one of them...”

“Ah, there it is.” Aesma shook his head. “Still. Bit unsettling, eh?”

“If only you truly knew, Aesma,” I replied. “If only you truly knew.”

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yay update!!!

(what? TWO chapters in ONE WEEK? is there another ice age coming??)


OH MAN!!~ i was thinking the exact same thing! :lol:

Aravis now a teen oh O_O So fast too bad XD


Great update!!!!~^_^

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again? geez, kaz XD


because they were originally my characters! changing them that drastically would be kidnapping what i have rightfully stolen XD points if you know what movie that's from.


and, um, as you constantly remind me: this is the AGAS saga, not the nangaithya, rashnu, tei'jal (or ahriman) saga XD


hmm...a severe shortage of my favorite characters in this one...i'll forgive you though XD


ah, that aravis. he's the origin for that my chemical romance song "teenagers" XD XD XD

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heimdall: thanks! it only gets better from here. at least, i think so.


sana: sorry, the good stuff doesn't start happening until the kids are older. (in other words, i couldn't think of anything interesting to add while they were little :lol:)


tei: first, i would like to point out that there is at least one very big difference between your nanghaithya and my nanghaithya (i think you know what that is XD).

second, 'the princess bride'. :P

third, as they say in the cartoons, "shortage, shmortage". you answered that one with your previous comment (ie, AGAS saga...)

and finally, my chemical romance, and therefore your reference to the song, means nothing to me. but thanks, anyway. :D


ares: long time, no see. i'm glad you brought your spiders. XD



so i know this is going to come as quite a shock, but i do indeed have another chapter. but for the record, i wrote this a LONG time ago. this just seemed to be the place in the story for it.



Isilme wound her way through the deserted streets of Veldarah, her cloak draped over her arm in willful defiance of her parents’ wishes. She hated how overprotective they were; she was fourteen years old, and, as her mother described her, a highly-skilled sword singer, and was perfectly capable of looking after herself. It was only with the cloak, an old sword of her mother’s, and the promise of return before nightfall that she had been allowed to leave the house at all.

The worst part was that they would never tell her the reason they acted this way. She supposed all parents exercised some level of restraint over their children, but in her case, it seemed excessive. “We are your parents, we worry,” was the one she heard most often, though one of her favorites was, “Demons can be extremely dangerous.” She’d often scoffed at this, as she often found herself more wary of some of the humans she’d come across. A fight with a bloodthirsty demon, she could handle; it was the leers of the human men that bothered her.

Perhaps, she thought, it also had something to do with the prophecy of which she had heard them speaking. She had been afraid to question them directly about it, because then they would have known she had been sneaking out at night to visit her friend Zirna, of whom they also knew nothing; and unfortunately Zirna had not known any more of the prophecy than Isilme had already heard. Except, of course, the fact that the Tei’jal her parents had mentioned had turned out to be Zirna’s mother, a fact that the girls had found quite humorous for a long time.

Still, Isilme respected her parents, and so their wishes, and started toward home as the pale gray above her began to dim. But as she passed through the near-empty marketplace, she stopped, her attention diverted by movement in an abandoned shop’s window. It was quiet and still all around (though she thought she vaguely heard a male voice calling “Zirna”, but it could have been her imagination), but for a moment, she would have sworn she’d seen a face in that window, deathly pale and sneering. She knew she oughtn’t just stand there, but she could not tear herself away.

And suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around, startled, and made to draw her sword, but froze. What she found was not an attacker, but a boy: tall, handsome, with eyes like midnight and hair like the ever-elusive starlight. She stared up at him for ages, unable to speak, unaware that she had stopped breathing.

Aravis watched the girl curiously for a few moments. He’d taken a step back the moment she had turned, realizing at once that it was not she for whom he had been looking. And now that he saw her up close, he wondered how he could have made the error: certainly her long, wavy black hair and small build were similar to his friend Zirna’s; but this girl looked nothing like Zirna otherwise. And quite apart from that, Zirna never carried a sword.

“Forgive me,” he said softly, attempting to relieve her of what he guessed to be shock or fear. “I mistook you for someone else.”

A voice in her mind screamed at her, For goodness’ sake, don’t just stand there, you fool! Say something!! But the rest of her body felt paralyzed, and it was only with great effort that she managed to whisper, “That’s okay.”

He smiled and nodded awkwardly at the pretty but very strange girl, then turned and walked away, glancing back once or twice to see if she had moved. Well, he thought, she does have a sword. She’ll probably be all right.

But Isilme still did not move, until long after the boy had disappeared from sight, when she gasped, finally realizing that she had been holding her breath. She glanced around her, having forgotten why she had stopped in the first place; she felt as though a spell had just been lifted from her. And then a thought occurred to her; and after a brief argument with herself, she decided to hurry home, but not before she promised herself that the first thing she would do in the morning was go and find Zirna.

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yes, i know what the number one big difference is. that randomly happened, okay? my characters have minds of their own, i don't even remember what happened!


oh dear, and so aravis and isilme meet...

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Kaz!! I'm not a goner either. *pinches self to make sure* I've just been through a few neutral/rough/freakish/busy/changing/grueling/happy times lately. lol I ghost around though, but just haven't haven't made the time to comment, sad to say. But I have been reading the story when I get the chance. :blink:



I am arrogant, reckless, sarcastic...violent and hateful.”

“Right. So what’s not to love?” said Aesma with a wicked smile.


Loved. These. Lines. :D


certainly her long, wavy black hair and small build


Heh. So Islime mets Aravis AND has black hair. How'd you come up with green+lilac=black? XD


Anyway, great! I really missed your writing. Hope to see more soon! :)

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thank you all! :) and welcome, goldgall; glad to have you aboard!


ares: i know you were expecting a lot more 'yapping', so hopefully you're slightly disappointed by this next chapter. ;) and the spiders will not be necessary.


daeva_agas: if you weren't sure who it was that aravis met, you will be in the chapter after this next one.


dis: welcome back!! :) to answer your question, i gave isilme black hair for the sole purpose of having aravis mistake her for zirna. and it didn't make sense to give zirna whatever color hair green+lilac made. weak, i know. but there it is. :D

oh, and btw: i am, believe it or not, still working on 'from the beginning' (hopefully you haven't forgotten XD), so look forward to an update. someday. :roll:


okay, enough yapping. on with the show.



Chapter 26 - It Begins


Over the months that followed the incident of the Nightmare and the disturbing affirmation that I was not, in fact, invulnerable, I questioned the other daevas, in as casual a way as I deemed possible. None of them, however, seemed to have any idea what I was talking about; Saurva even went as far as to sneer, “How in Darkness could I have dreams of someone I have never even met?” Nanghaithya alone seemed concerned about the incident—-but then, Nanghaithya was the only other daeva who knew what Zurvan had really been like. Yet despite all the pondering and investigating, I had to concede that Zurvan was dead, and even though the Nightmare had rattled me, I would never have to deal with the real thing again.

One thing that the Nightmare had shown me was that Aravis was more than capable of taking care of himself in a dangerous situation, and I felt that this had earned him a bit more freedom than he had previously been granted. I allowed him to wander about more freely, but only around the Eastern Isle, mainly because the place was crawling with vampires, who I knew would keep an eye on him. Another reason I had chosen that location was that on the outside chance Saurva did decide to wage his ridiculous war, the less time Aravis spent in the Western Kingdom, the better.

And it was well that I made this decision, despite the hard time Indra gave me about Aravis being so far away so often. (Yes, I am aware that she could easily have gone to the East with him; but as should be glaringly apparent by now, it is impossible to reason with Indra. Plus, then she would not have been around to pester me, a desire which seemed to outweigh that of being near her son.) It was during one of his—-and one of Indra’s disturbingly infrequent—-absences when I received the news for which I had been waiting.

An orc, one of those who was stationed in the village of Clearwater in the Highlands, came bursting into my throne room as though something murderous was on his heels. His armor was charred and smoking in places, and he appeared to be badly injured, as was evidenced by the trail of blood he had left in his wake. He stood there, breathing as heavily as though he had been running, for some time before I finally had to prompt him with, “Dare I ask?”

“Bad news, I’m afraid, my lord,” he said at last, shaking his head. “The Highlands have been...invaded.” He paused, as though expecting a response, but I waited for him to continue. Finally he did. “Dragons. Hordes of them.”

I couldn’t help grinning, at which the soldier took a pair of wary steps backward. “Well,” I said to myself, “it certainly is about time.”

“My—-my lord?” stammered the bewildered orc.

“How many casualties?”

“Many,” he replied with a tremulous sigh. “We sent them off, though. The dragons, that is.”

“Hmm. We shall see.”

After securing a small unit of soldiers to meet me there, I Relocated to the Highlands to assess the damage. The orc had not exaggerated: amidst the smoldering wreckage that was the village of Clearwater and the charred and ruined corpses of my soldiers, the dark figures of the few would could still walk could be seen dragging injured orcs, goblins, and humans alike from burning buildings that were quickly collapsing beneath their own weight. I shook my head, thinking that it could have been a lot worse, and wondering if this was the best that Saurva had.

No sooner had this thought entered my mind than I was greeting by a piercing shriek from far above me. I looked up to see nine silver dragons, flying in formation like a flock of geese directly over the village. With lightning speed their leader swooped around and dove at me, and its companions following suit. I cast Motion Freeze, and they slowed considerably, but continued their descent; I then attempted Time Reverse, but it was no more effective. They were coming, one way or another.

As they landed, they formed a tight circle around me, hissing and roaring and thrashing their tails and heads. A few spat fire into the air. Not a one even attempted to strike me. It was as though they were trying to stall me.

“So,” I said casually, “he sent you all this way not to attack me? Doesn’t make much sense, if you ask me.”

“We have orders from no one,” croaked the dragon who had lead the formation.

“Of course you haven’t,” I replied with a smirk. I gestured at the ruins around us and added, “I am curious: was it you who did this, or does the credit go to a more skilled and better-prepared—”

The dragon interrupted with a roar, and issued forth a powerful blast of flame. How like Saurva, I thought. “We have come to avenge the deaths of our brethren!” he shouted at me.

“Brethren?” I repeated, non-plussed. And then I recalled that, fifteen years earlier, I had indeed killed a few of their comrades; only, that is, to keep them from taking my life. “Ah. I remember now. Not entirely unbelieveable, I suppose, but also not terribly convincing. For one thing, it took you all an awfully long time to find me, and I have a hard time believing that you did not know where I was.”

The dragon who had spoken growled angrily, then threw back its head and let forth an ear-splitting shriek, and as one the others began spouting fire in my direction. Having never mastered the subtle art of the Fire Shield, I opted for Time Reverse, which slowed the blazes long enough for me to get out of the way before I was incinerated. This, of course, only infuriated the creatures further, and upon another call from their leader they bore down upon me like vultures to a fresh kill.

The first blow was well-placed claw to my right shoulder; the culprit howled in pain and recoiled when it met my blade. One of its fellows, its back to me, opened its wings forcefully and knocked me to the ground; once I was there, a second placed a heavy hind foot upon my midsection to keep me from getting up again. I hacked at it with my sword until finally another foot came crashing down, this time upon my right arm, and for only the second time in my entire existence—-the first being at a mere twelve years old—-I heard the sickening crack and felt the terrific pain of broken bone. I cast Reality Shift several times; one or two of the dragons were affected, but it was not enough to stop the assault. The beasts that were not holding me down were attempting to rip out my limbs with their powerful jaws. I fought as fiercely as I was able, but hindered as I was, I knew I was no match for nine dragons bent on revenge.

And then suddenly, the sky was filled with a blazing white light. It blinded me momentarily, and evidently the dragons as well, because they stopped their assault; then, without warning, they fled, some howling in what sounded like misery. Just before the light faded, I heard from somewhere above me, “How did I know you would be here?”

“Because, Tawrich, my friend, this is where the trouble was,” I replied with a smirk. I opened my eyes and saw both Tawrich and Hajetus standing above me, looking at me with nearly identical exasperated expressions. I pulled myself into a sitting position, then gingerly got to my feet and began to assess the damage. Apart from the broken arm, I had sustained multiple severe burns, and there were bite and claw marks covering my arms and legs. “I had it well in hand, by the way.”

“Of course you did,” Tawrich said with more than a hint of condescension.

Hajetus, after a few moments surveying my wounds, finally said, “This is broken,” indicating my right arm.

“Yes, well spotted, Hajetus,” I replied sardonically.

He narrowed his eyes, folded his arms, and answered in kind, “Funny, I suddenly don’t think I can fix it.”

“Aroused the ire of the dragons again, Agas?” said Tawrich wearily with a roll of his eyes.

“You could say that,” I chuckled. “Plague them, did you?”

“Virus. And as I can see you are about to ask, the unusual amount of smoke rising from the Highlands is what drew me here. I summoned Hajetus...just in case. I don’t suppose you can keep yourself out of trouble for any reasonable amount of time, can you?”

“Even I know him better than that, Tawrich,” said Hajetus.

Tawrich and I both laughed. But I could see that Tawrich knew that there was more to this than some angry rogue dragons, and so now, if ever, was the time to come clean.

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I love this story! I've got my sister onto it, but she thinks that the card game should be part of the real story (so do I)! So Aravis, Zirna & Islime are all friends, eh? This should be interesting...

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