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The Agas Saga

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It was about time that Isilme and Rhen talked! :D You got me curious at that last line! I wonder what's gonna happen next? Great job, Kaz! ^__^

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*looks around* I don't seem to have been doom-cursed yet.


Moving on.


Well, that's a not-confusing prophecy. I mean. The simple solution is have the people and the daevas ally. The only problem is that they are unwilling to do so. And now everything is on the kids' hands? Tee hee hee. Is Rhen just so hateful towards Agas only? Because of the thing in Clearwater? I mean, okay, she probably sort of tolerates Zirna because Te'ijal is her friend, buuuut... I don't see reason for her to be especially hateful towards Agas.


Or maybe that's my crackship-addled brain fogging up my perception.


I sometimes really can't take this story seriously. Too many aspects rings similar to my own story and it's just so weird that I sometimes wish I don't have daevas :S Seriously, it's VERY funny when the whole thing with Aravis and Isilme sounds like the mess with Agas and Rhen in my story. Irony! :P

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once again, life gets in the way. if anyone cares (hehehe), here is a new chapter. enjoy at your leisure. :)



The Agas Saga - Part III



Chapter 1 - The Powers of a Sun Priest



I heard a voice calling someone’s name, though from very far away. All was darkness around me. I felt nothing. I remembered nothing. I knew nothing.

“Agas,” the voice said again, and it was growing nearer. Memories slowly found their way back to me...Of course...Agas was my name...

“Agas?” The owner of the voice was beside me now, though I could not see him. It was familiar, too, but I could not place it right away. Consciousness crept over me like a slow-acting poison, and finally I recalled exactly what had happened. And it didn’t seem remotely possible.

I opened my eyes. I was in the throne room of the palace of Sedona, lying on my back on the floor. There was a dull throbbing pain in my chest, and my eyes could not find focus in anything at first. I shook my head, which also throbbed when I did so. The ceiling slowly stopped revolving and became clearer. I glanced to my right, and saw a familiar young man kneeling beside me, his brow furrowed, a rather tense expression on his face.

“Hajetus,” I croaked. I was surprised at the sound of my own voice; it sounded as though I hadn’t used it for years.

He released a breath that he seemed to have been holding for quite some time. “The outcome I was hoping for,” he said, mostly to himself. Then he asked me, “How do you feel?”

“Are you joking?” I replied. He chuckled, and I asked, “Where is—”

“Saurva is—being detained,” he said at once.

“Ah. Well, that is good news. But I meant Aravis.”

“Oh. He’s outside...”

“He’s all right?”

Hajetus looked at me curiously. “Of course. He is the one who came to get me, actually. Did something—”

“Later,” I interjected. I tried to sit up, but it gave me a great deal of discomfort, and Hajetus pushed me back down.

“Do not try to get up yet,” he said. “You are still healing.”

“Healing...” The word stirred something of a question, something that did not make sense. “Wait a minute. I’m not dead.”

“You’ve only just discovered that?” he said, raising his eyebrows.

“That mouth of yours is going to get you into trouble one day, boy,” I returned, pushing myself painfully up on one elbow.

He grinned. “You were dead. Not anymore. Though, if I had come any later...”

I shook my head slowly. “How?”

“I am still possessed of the powers of a sun priest, fortunately,” he explained.

“And one of those powers is to raise the dead?” I said cynically.

“As a matter of fact...Of course, it must be done shortly after the subject dies. With demons or other immortal beings, the spell must be performed within the hour. For regular humans, it is only minutes. And...it does not always work. If the wounds are serious enough, they may prevent the spell from having any effect.”

I looked down, and saw that there was no wound of which to speak: no evidence of what Saurva had done. I looked back at Hajetus.

“It took my most powerful healing spell,” he told me. “Three times, actually.”

“And your ‘raise the dead’ spell?”

“Five,” he said. “I—I probably would have given up after that.”

He fell silent. Finally I said, “Well, Hajetus, I guess I am glad we decided not to kill you after all.”

“You’re welcome,” he laughed. “But you really should be lying down.”

“What’s happening out there?” I asked, nodding toward the doors and dismissing his advice.

He sighed. “I don’t know, actually. Aravis came and told me Saurva had killed you. I came immediately, and Tawrich sent me right in here. I did not have a chance to speak to anyone else. Though I must say...Saurva...was not looking well...”

I rolled my eyes. “I need answers, Hajetus, not more questions. I need to speak to someone who knows what’s going on. Preferably someone rational.”

“I shall see who I can find,” he said knowingly. “Do not try to get up again.”

He went to the door and stepped outside, shutting it behind him. I lifted myself to a sitting position, my back to the door. I was extremely sore, but the terrific pain seemed to be slowly ebbing away. I sat still and waited until I heard the door open and then close again.

“You had me worried, Hajetus,” said Nanghaithya’s voice as two sets of footsteps approached me.

I turned my head slightly and said, “Hajetus, I asked for someone rational.”

“And I asked you not to get up,” he retorted.

“Same old Agas,” said Nanghaithya with a sigh. “I suppose he must have thought you said, ‘highly intelligent’ or ‘remarkably talented’.”

I smirked. “And yet he still brought you. Are the others here as well?”

“Aesma and Zarich are not,” he told me. “I assume they have not yet been informed. Indra says you told her Saurva—”

“Snuck up on me,” I finished. “Yes. No need to lecture me. She warned me, I didn’t listen. I deserved it. Do you know what happened after I—well...died?”

“Indra and Aravis found you, of course,” he began, “though how they knew to come, I have not learned. Apparently Aravis used his Torment on Saurva, and then stopped Indra unleashing her Fury, immediately before she sent him off to get Hajetus. He came to me next, and when we returned, Hajetus was here tending to you, and Saurva was in a heap on the floor a few yards away. Aravis and I removed him to the corridor, incidentally. Tawrich arrived shortly after that. They are all still out there, waiting for news of your condition.”

“Which was ‘dead’ when you came in here, correct?” He nodded, and I said, “Before anyone receives any ‘news’, there are far more important things we need to discuss.”

I repeated to Nanghaithya and Hajetus everything that Saurva had told me. When I was finished, Hajetus was shaking his head in disbelief, and Nanghaithya had his fists clenched tightly, looking more furious than I had, in the four thousand years I had known him, ever seen him.

“All this over a prophecy,” he muttered, his voice quivering slightly. “I suppose it was Zirna to whom he was referring.”

“He didn’t speak her name expressly, but I have to assume so. He did say ‘the girl’ would have to go. It wouldn’t make sense for him not to do it, based on the plans he made clear to me.”

“After all that he’s done...all that has happened...I cannot believe anyone would still wish to follow Ahriman,” Hajetus said, still shaking his head.

“Saurva does not like to think for himself,” I said. “He would prefer someone more powerful to tell him what to do, and then be rewarded for his obedience.”

Nanghaithya made for the door. I asked him where he was going, and he replied, without looking back and as though it were all too obvious, “I am going to kill Saurva.”

Hajetus raced over to stop Nanghaithya leaving, and I said, “While that would be the preferred course of action, it would not be the wisest right now. Saurva says Ahriman is still out there somewhere. We all know how dangerous Ahriman can be. We have to stop him. And in order to do that—”

“We need Saurva to tell us where he is,” Hajetus finished.

Nanghaithya sighed. “You are right, of course. I lost my head. Saurva is not the problem, Ahriman is. We shall have to have a council.”

I stood up very slowly, and grimaced slightly. Hajetus was giving me one of those, “What did I just say to you?” looks.

“Yes, doctor, I know: I shouldn’t be standing,” I said dismissively. “But by all rights, I shouldn’t be living either, so let’s call this a step on the road to recovery.”

He rolled his eyes again, and Nanghaithya, now composed once more, said, “I suppose we should go and break the bad news to the others.”

“About Ahriman?” asked Hajetus.

“No,” Nanghaithya said solemnly. “That Agas actually survived.”

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Agas is alive! I knew you love him too much to let him stay dead :evil: I was about to bring up how your death system was very much like mine, but then this happened too many times already that I don't think I'd bother.


I didn't expect Dameon to be able to do that, though. I guess the good thing about not knowing anything beyond Aveyond 1 gives you more liberties on doing all sort of things. Since, you know, 200 years post-AV1 the druids vanished into thin air and the Oracle is suddenly revealed to be the all-powerful Creator Mother-of-all goddess. I had to ret-con my AV fandom universe a bajillion times to make 'em fit canon.


Oh look, Saurva is alive too. I thought he'd be dead by now. But him being alive is fun too. I want to know what's REALLY up with him and Eithera AND Ahriman. Because if Saurva's dead the daevas would have to catch Eithera to interrogate her. Well, I suppose you could write in the third POV coloured text stuff, but still. I wonder if Saurva will ever fess up to anything. He seems to be the kind of guy who likes to gloat. Maybe this time Agas would personally murder him. And that would be funny. Because after thousands of years threatening to kill each other and NOT actually making a move, they finally do.


Agas can be efficient at times, but I hope he'll be his trouble-maker self and challenge Saurva to a one-on-one match or something. I want to see that happen so bad :D :D :D :D :D :D


Saurva-Agas issue aside, I'm surprised Nanghaithya counts as one of the "irrational bunch". I thought your Nanghaithya is supposed to be one of the sane people (according to your character list anyway), and mine is the only Nanghaithya in the entire fandom to be completely bonkers

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You know, rereading the latest chapter, I have the idea that "the girl" would somehow end up being Isilme and not Zirna, and Isilme being targeted would force Rhen and the daevas to ally against Ahriman.


If that is true, then I'm going to laugh at it so hard.


Oh, and I apologize for the mahoosive waste-of-space fancomic I'm posting here.




I'm sorry to invade your space, kaz, but I really have no idea how to make sure this fanart gets to you.


Moving on.

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I turned my head slightly and said, “Hajetus, I asked for someone rational.”

“And I asked you not to get up,” he retorted.

“Same old Agas,” said Nanghaithya with a sigh. “I suppose he must have thought you said, ‘highly intelligent’ or ‘remarkably talented’.”

oh, god, i missed your writing! XD


“I suppose we should go and break the bad news to the others.”

“About Ahriman?” asked Hajetus.

“No,” Nanghaithya said solemnly. “That Agas actually survived.”

...and i forgot exactly how much i love your Nanghaithya. And it has clearly been to long, because I just had to type that twice.


(...or did i see this before and never had a chance to comment? and when did the site backgorund change? good grief, apparently i've been gone for ages O.o)

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@Tei: You didn't miss too much. The site background just changed yesterday.


Off topic message aside... I seem to be under the impression that Nanghaithya didn't used to be THIS snarky. Have I forgotten that much of this story? :o


And I seriously hope to see Saurva next chapter. I haven't seen a decent Saurva in... forever. What little that I got these days are really weird stuff. Done by fangirls. I don't even know why he has fangirls. Even my own stuff turned really weird around last year.

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Bloody monkeys in hell.


*copies entire story into document, formats for printing, prepares to take to Kinkos for printing and binding so she can read it like the book that it is*

You're well aware that I love you and wouldn't be doing this otherwise, right? *walks away, cursing, and calls over her shoulder* Be back when I'm done reading through all--dear lord I just broke Google Docs. O_O I'll get back to you on how many pages there are... GD doesn't want to tell me.


EDIT: 267 pages. T_T This is going to kill my wallet.

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i still have readers? seriously?...sweet!

i realize what an epic fail it’s been for me not to have updated in...however long it’s been. but, well...you know. busy. un-creative. et cetera.

however, it occurs to me that i do happen to have a chapter or two lying around. (shame on me for not posting them.) in any case, here’s one now. :oops:

thanks for sticking around, friends! you’re the best! :)





Chapter 2 - The Faithful Servant


When we exited the throne room, the other daevas, all of whom were now present, looked up in utter shock. Tawrich was standing to one side with Zarich and Aesma. Aravis was seated on a low bench with his mother in his arms. There was a charred, ruined mess on the floor beside Tawrich, which might have vaguely resembled a demon form if it wasn’t so oddly contorted; though there did seem to be some shallow breathing coming from it. No one spoke. Finally I said, “What’s wrong with you all?”

“Agas!” shrieked Indra, and she flew at me like lightning, tears in her eyes. She threw her arms around me and kissed me very hard. When she finally released me, I said, “What, no ‘I told you so’?”

She looked up at me, and tears began to slide down her cheeks. I couldn’t begin to fathom what she was thinking at that moment, and she did not seem to be able to tell me. “I—-I thought—-” she began weakly, but did not finish.

“You’re supposed to be dead!” Aesma said loudly and incredulously.

“So sorry to disappoint you, old friend,” I replied.

He grinned. “Well, next time someone tells me you’re dead, you had better damn well be so.”

I nodded, and then looked over at Aravis. He was still seated on the bench, and there was a strange expression on his face. He looked up at me, and I wondered, “No ‘I told you so’ from you, either?”

He shook his head vigorously and looked away again. Something seemed wrong, but I could not tell what it was. I was further not permitted to find out just then, because the Saurva-shaped figure on the floor convulsed audibly. We all turned in its direction for a moment, then looked at one another. Aesma, naturally, was first to speak.

“Do we even bother killing him? It looks as though he’s done a fair job of it for us.”

Hajetus caught my eye, and I nodded. “Actually, Aesma, we are not through with him yet. Once Hajetus is done with him, I believe a council is in order.”

Aesma, Zarich, and Indra all stared at me with the same astonished expression as Hajetus went to examine Saurva. For some time no one spoke.

“But—-but he—-How—-” Aesma finally sputtered.

“You want him to—-to live?” agreed Zarich. “What’s wrong with you?”

I laughed. “All in good time, my friend.”


Hajetus did what he could to repair the damage Aravis had done to Saurva, and the self-proclaimed “faithful servant” was gifted a slave bracelet (which we all tried to keep on hand) and placed in the castle dungeon by Aesma and Tawrich. In the meantime, Nanghaithya used a simple rain spell to quench most of the fires in the throne room, and we gathered there for a hurried council. I asked Aravis to wait outside, and to my surprise he did so willingly.

Once assembled, I repeated my encounter with Saurva to the other daevas. Each expressed the appropriate amount of outrage, and of the four who had not yet heard the tale, three of them had to be restrained from going to the dungeon and killing Saurva outright. Only Tawrich recognized the situation for what it truly was.

“Let us not be hasty,” he told the others. “While I understand the desire for vengeance, there is something far more important that must be done. We know now for certain that Ahriman still lives, and intends to destroy at the very least Agas, but more likely all of us. Saurva knows where he is, and perhaps far more than he spoke. We must convince him to give us this information.”

“He would never,” Zarich interjected hotly. “After all this? I would be surprised if he ever spoke another word again.”

“His mouth is what gets him into trouble, more often than not,” I answered. “There is a way to make him talk.”

Aesma snorted. “Oh, I can make him talk, concern yourselves not about that.”

“Force is not the answer,” said Hajetus, shaking his head. “If you recall, he still bears the scars of Ahriman’s brutal attack fifteen years ago, and he has only mentioned him at this point because his listener was dying.”

I nodded. “Indeed. But there is another way.”

Indra, who was in the throne and the only one seated, rose slowly with a smolder in her eye and a dangerous tone in her voice. “No.”

“You are the only one to whom he will speak,” I told her.


“Agas is right, Indra,” Aesma put in. “Filthy traitor though he may be—-”

“Under no circumstances.” She folded her arms, and her eyes turned red.

Zarich joined the argument with, “Be reasonable, Indra—-” but was silenced by the glare she gave him.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly and rather sarcastically, “but it sounds to me as though you all actually think that I would go and speak rationally to the demon who until this moment was planning to kill my son.”

I sighed, realizing now what it was going to take to convince her. I approached her and took her hands in mine. “He is my son as well. And the only thing that prevented me from killing Saurva outright when he told me was the fact that I was bleeding to death. But a silent Saurva in a castle dungeon does not guarantee Aravis’s safety. I understand your misgiving, but as of now, Saurva is the only one who knows where Ahriman is, and you are the only one who can make him talk.”

She looked at me hard for a long time. Finally she relented with a long sigh. “Very well. But know this: there may come a point where I am unable to control my temper.”

“Do call us before that happens,” sneered Aesma from behind me. “I should very much like to see what becomes of him then.”

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Well, I've started reading this and this story is too long to ditch now. I have to know the ending first.


'sides, I draw you lots of fanarts. That not enough sign of loyalty? :P

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I'll have it known that I only missed this update by two days, not six months XD


“You’re supposed to be dead!” Aesma said loudly and incredulously.

“So sorry to disappoint you, old friend,” I replied.

He grinned. “Well, next time someone tells me you’re dead, you had better damn well be so.”


I cannot begin to tell you how this is tempting me to shove aside all of my exam stuff and get back to work on my own disaster of a story. Cannot begin to tell you. I'd forgotten how priceless these interactions can be.

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@Tei: At least you know how to put words into, you know, actual words on screen. I can't figure out how to put the pictures in my head into proper text.


Daevas: they are lovely.


If we are not being trolled, I'm pretty sure Indra will end up ripping Saurva apart. By next chapter or so.


Or, if we are being trolled, Saurva pulls a Snape and promptly dies. Then I'm going to laugh at it. Because I've been having Harry Potter flashbacks in the recent chapters *shrug*

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