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The Agas Saga

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sorry it's been so long, all. crazy month. now where am i?...


bryan: thanks! :)



His lineage is, after all, very -ah- unique
indeed it is. i just hope he doesn't end up like his grandfather. XD


rena: it's over 200 pages in my copy...


ares: i was wondering what happened to you. glad you're back! and thanks!


rena again: :o you read it in ONE DAY? what are you on, and where can i get some? XD

thank you - i do love to write battle scenes. (have you read 'from the beginning'? there's some pretty good battles in there, too, if i do say so myself...) but don't go changing your daevas on my account. XD they can be as nice to each other as they like. anyway, i like your daevas. :)


and finally, to all: forgive me. i've actually almost completed a 'hero' chapter...but quite frankly, i hate it. so i don't think i'm even going to bother posting it. so i'll need you to be patient a bit longer...

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kaz: you still haven't responded to my message >.< (only 14 days of school left!! yay!!)


rena: one day? are you out of your mind? yes, the sunshine and fairies quote...one of my favorites XD


regarding nightmares: i think it's creepy that she put them in just as i had a plan involving them and a certian someone in my story...(you did know that, right kaz?)

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Hey, I'm still behind in other stories. Don't worry about delays for me. XD


What am I on? Um, it's a little thing called "insanity," and I'm pretty sure you know where to find some of that. XD


Am I out of my mind? Partially. Just remember that no one sane ever comes up with a great idea. ^.^ (I was pretty determined to finish, too.)


I'll be reading From the Beginning after I finish... Um... The Changeling and Separate Lives, I believe. (Sheesh. Must the writers here be so productive?)


What else? Oh yeah, my daevas. Well, I'm having fun playing up one of my favorite parts of Saurva's personality. He's my best for starting up catastrophe. ^.^

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and you tell me my thread is dusty, kaz?


i AM working on that Wyr'run x Nanghaithya thing, i promise...so does thatmean that we'll have a new chapter here soon? please?


*dusts off thread*

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geez, i almost forgot what this was called... :roll:


i know, it's been an EXTREMELY long time. sorry. i have had a long, hard couple of months, including some minor surgery myself. anyway, i hope this 'hero-ish' chapter helps a little bit. (i'm not quite sure where i'm going with it yet, though. it just sort of came to me.)


and apart from that, i have a new main-story chapter nearly done. so that's good news. XD



“Wake up.”

The voice was brisk, sharp, and unfamiliar. Rhen’s eyes snapped open, and she found herself lying beneath the shade of a tree in a cool dark forest. She rubbed her eyes, sitting up and looking around for the source of the voice; and it was not long before she found it: a beautiful young woman with fair skin and long, wavy hair of silver blonde, adorned in finery and wearing a small golden crown, poised regally upon a fallen tree a few yards away. The woman looked familiar, but it was some time before Rhen was able to recall where she had seen her before: in a portrait that had hung in the throne room of the castle in Thais. Rhen blinked in disbelief.

“Queen Ali—-um...Mo-Mother?” she said timidly, her hand automatically going to the ring on her finger.

The queen sighed heavily, and shook her head, though not in contradiction. “There was a time I would have given anything for moments such as this,” she said, almost wistfully; but her tone quickly became curt and businesslike once more. “But now is not that time.”

“Have you come to scold me?” Rhen interjected sourly.

Alicia was visibly taken aback by her daughter’s abruptness, but retained her regal manner. “And for what do you think I would scold you?”

What Rhen said next came very rapidly and at the expense of silent tears. “For not going to Thais; for not standing up to the daevas, and letting them take the world; for hiding like a coward in Ylisfar for five years, and then bringing my own child back to this dangerous place anyway; for—-For ruining everything.” She dropped her head into her hands and began to weep.

A heavy silence followed, punctured only by Rhen’s muffled sobs. Finally Alicia stood up, walked quickly and gracefully to where Rhen sat in the grass, and pulled her to her feet. “Pull yourself together, child. Now is not the time for this, either. Walk with me.”

Rhen did as she was told, and the two walked in silence through the wood for a few minutes. Then Alicia said, with an almost imperceptible sigh, “My time with you here is short, but there are things you must know.

“The Realm of the Dead has become...crowded, as it were, with souls, like mine, whose time was not come. I have heard many things, regarding these daevas of whom you spoke, and of the general state of Arishta, and most importantly of Ahriman. When your father and I—-” She stopped momentarily, as though the next word gave her a fair amount of difficulty to speak. “—-failed to defeat the demon, the task, unfortunately, fell to you, as you well know.”

“And I failed,” said Rhen miserably. “Because I did exactly what the daevas told me to do. I should have known better—-”

Alicia stopped walking and gripped Rhen’s shoulders firmly. “Rhen, stop. Listen to me. The only way to rid the world of Ahriman then was to entrap him within the Sword of Shadows. It was the only thing you could have done. But this is what you need to understand: the daevas are not in league with Ahriman, at least, no longer. They did not account for his release into the world when they plotted to break the Sword. And here is the key difference. The daevas wish only to rule the world. Ahriman desires to destroy it.”

“So what am I supposed to do?” said Rhen, throwing her hands up in defeat. “Kill Ahriman and all the daevas? I—-”

”No,” Alicia stopped her forcefully. “You are not listening. It may, regrettably, be too late for the human race to regain their rule. However, both humankind and demonkind have a common enemy in Ahriman. You, my dear, are ill-equipped at the moment to find him, let alone eliminate him, and thus must find another means.”

Rhen watched her mother’s bright blue eyes—-so very like her own—-and then she understood, and her own eyes grew wide. “You want me to—-to—-ally myself with—-with the daevas?” How could Alicia expect that? After all that had happened—-

“Some have spoken of a prophecy,” Alicia went on hurriedly as she and Rhen began walking again.

“I know of the prophecy.”

“You do not know enough,” snapped Alicia. “Learn the prophecy in its entirety. From there you will know what is right.” Her tone had taken on a desperate edge. “For the sake of humanity—-for the sake of your child, Rhen—-you must come out of hiding.”


”We are here.” They had stopped at a large oak tree, which housed something like a long, oval-shaped mirror. A scene—-that of Rhen sleeping in her own bed, in her home in Veldarah, with Lars beside her—-rippled in and out of view. “This is where we must part, my dear,” Alicia sighed sadly. “Remember what I have said.”


Alicia smiled, put her finger to Rhen’s lips, and then caressed her cheek. “I am so proud of you,” she said softly. “Now go.” She gestured at the mirror. Then she added, “One last thing. If you find it at all possible, try to go and see your father. He is very worried.”


“Rhen, wake up.”

Rhen opened her eyes, and found herself within the scene she had viewed in the mirror of her dream. She turned to Lars, who was sitting up on his elbow, a grimace of concern on his face. “It was a dream,” she murmured sleepily.

“Are you all right?” Lars asked her. “You kept saying, ‘I can’t do this.’ What were you dreaming about?”

Rhen sat bolt upright. “Mother.” She looked at him. “I saw my mother—-Queen Alicia. She said—-she said—-I need to hear the prophecy. The entire prophecy.”

“Right,” he said, a bit dubious. “And which of the daevas are you most inclined to ask at this point?”

Rhen had no answer. After a moment or two of silence, there was a light knock at the door, followed by the entrance of their tousle-haired daughter, rubbing her eyes and clutching a small rag doll. “Mommy? Daddy? I can’t sleep.”

“Neither can we,” Lars told her as Rhen waved the girl forward. Isilme clambered up onto her parents’ bed and said, “Can I sleep with you?”

“Certainly,” said Rhen. As Isilme settled herself between them, Rhen looked at Lars again. “I have to go on a journey.”

“You most certainly do not,” said Lars at once. “Rhen—-”

Rhen put up her hand to silence him. “I know where I can learn the prophecy. It is far, and not safe for a little girl.”


Please, Lars. I promise, I won’t go alone.”

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*gasp!* indeed Kaz!!!


"including some minor surgery myself" !?!? geez, about that bringing hell here comment...what now!?


oh my goddess, allying with the daevas!?


i sense she's going to nanghaithya, because of tei'jal...and...um...he doesn't...bite? i caught that play on words a little too late XD never mind me.

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Good to see you again kaz. You had a surgery??!? :wow:


Allying with the daevas now? I've given it a thought for so long... And that proves the weirdo old man IS Ahriman!!!!


I agree with Tei. Nanghaithya is the best to go as of now. Unless Rhen would risk trying to find Indra :D

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Whee! An update! You have NO idea how long I've waiting for one! *tee-hee**sniff**sniff* :cry:


But surgery?? o.0 Are you okay now? Hope you're feeling better. :amaranth:


Anyhoo, I don't trust that Alicia dream. Haven't the nightmares taken over the Dreamworld?? It funny that the realm of the dead is overcrowded, though; sounds like public schools. lol jk


I still don't trust her "mother"-sounds too fishy, but who knows? Maybe Rhen will finally get to Hajetus (aka Balaak (aka Dameon)) and get him on her side. However, I can see it going really bad, too. :evil:


Great, great, kaz!

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Rhen chapter! Sorry, I'm going to be more excited about that than Daevas. Did I respond to your last chapter? I know I read it and liked it, I'm just not sure if I actually posted... My memory's gotten horrible lately...

I like Isilme. Not that she had much of a part, but I still like her.

Surgery? Hope you're feeling better... Sounds like you've had a hard couple of months.

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aww...thank you all for your concern. you're so sweet! :amaranth: it was nothing too serious.

and to reward you all for your patience and loyalty ;) here's another new chapter! woo hoo!



Chapter 21 - Some Things Never Change


After several months of visiting the other daevas (or most of the others, at any rate) with Aravis, I decided it was high time to question Saurva again. His journeys into the “unknown” were becoming not only more frequent, but increasingly longer as well. The trouble, however, was that Saurva’s palace was the very last place I wanted my son anywhere near; and to make matters worse, Indra refused to take Aravis on the grounds that she would not be a party to anything that might erupt between Saurva and me.

I could think of only one other option. And I was fairly certain I was going to regret it at some point.

“Nanghaithya is not here,” said Tei’jal once Aravis and I had arrived at the palace in Veldarah. “He had business in the south to which to attend.”

“What sort of business?”

She sighed heavily. “We have had more than one complaint from the inhabitants of New Witchwood of strange creatures terrorizing them and their children.”

“Huh. I did not think it possible to terrorize witches.”

“And yet here we are,” she said with a smirk. “And before you ask, I do not know what sort of creatures they are, but feel free to join him.”

“That I may.” Now, I thought, how to word my actual request... “But as a matter of fact, I had...another purpose for coming here.”

She narrowed her eyes, and looked slowly back and forth between me and Aravis. Then she raised an eyebrow, and said in an accusatory tone, “You need a babysitter.”

“Well, that’s...debatable,” I replied after a second’s thought. “At the moment, however, it is my son who needs...er, ‘sitting’.”

“Mm hmm.” She folded her arms. “And...why would I do this, exactly?”

“Well, it is either that, or he comes with me to Veldt.”

She rolled her eyes. “And I assume his mother is...”

“Impossible, as usual,” I replied.

Aravis tugged at my sleeve. When I looked down at him, he asked, “Why can’t I go to Veldt?”

Tei’jal quickly held out her hand and beckoned him toward her. “Because your father is an idiot. Come, Zirna is in the courtyard with her grandfather. And you—-” she hissed rapidly at me, quietly enough for Aravis not to hear, “The only reason I am doing this is because I expect that, when you go to see Saurva this time, at least one of you dies.”

I grinned and nodded. “I shall see what I can do.”


As Saurva had made it all but impossible to get to his palace by any route save via the Southern Desert, I prepared for another melee with his oversized bodyguards. As I ventured through the desert, sword at the ready, I soon found myself in wonder at how eerily still it was. There were no dragons, no hyenas, no creatures of any sort; and apart from that, the silence itself was almost oppressive. It was all rather unsettling...which, of course, may have been the point.

Veldt seemed to be relatively quiet, as well, as though on the verge of a terrible storm. There were no visible humans in the streets; neither was I stopped at the palace gates by Saurva’s ever-present dragon guards, who were conspicuously absent their post. When I entered the throne room, however, I found Saurva seated in his throne, casting me an unpleasant look, as usual.

“What are you doing here?” he asked sourly.

“In other words, how did I manage to survive the desert, you wonder,” I returned. “It seems your security has become rather lax since last I visited.”

He shifted uncomfortably, and muttered, “Yes, well...the dragons have proven themselves...unreliable of late.”


He looked up at me with narrowed eyes, clearly at the disbelief in my tone. “And what is that supposed to mean?” he snapped.

“Where are you going, Saurva?” I demanded.

“I am not going anywhere,” he said with a smirk.

“You know very well what I meant, and you are sorely trying my patience, at that. You may believe that you have the others fooled, but I think I can guarantee that you know exactly where you are and with whom during your ‘mysterious’ absences.”

“Care to place a wager on that?” he said in a bored sort of way, lazily raising an eyebrow.

I conjured a fireball, not with intent to use it, but merely to incense him. A swift look of dread crossed his face, but it passed almost instantly. “Think I haven’t got it in me, do you?” I wondered. I shot the fireball at him, then cast Motion Freeze and stopped it an inch or so from his face. He flinched and turned away.

“A fire demon afraid of fire? Never thought I’d see the day.”

He vanished the fireball and stood up, still aided by his ebony cane. “Is this why you are here? To start a fight?”

“If need be,” I said with a shrug; I knew he was more likely to confess when he was angry or frustrated, and at the moment he appeared to be both in equal measure.

Scorch!” he shouted furiously. Half the throne room filled with blazing fire—-the half that I occupied, naturally—-and I was soon engulfed in flame. Of course, I had had more than my share of burns, and so it was not terribly troubling. I cast Time Reverse, and the fire receded and disappeared, leaving me only slightly charred and Saurva even more enraged. He hollered, “Implode!” and I said, “Gate Extura!” The two spells cancelled each other out.

“Wouldn’t things be easier if you would just cooperate,” I asked as I Froze a large fireball he had hurled at me and sent it back his way, “instead of attacking me every time I come within twenty feet of you?” He fell to one knee to avoid the fireball and attempted to Shock me, evidently having run out of spells to cast. I did not trouble myself even to dodge it; neither his nor, admittedly, my Shock spell was terribly effective—-as neither of us had spent as much time developing it as other demons usually did—-and so it gave me little more than a mild headache. “Where honestly is this getting either of us?”

“You are by far the most meddlesome—-” he began irritably as he stood up, though I could tell immediately that he regretted the term.

“’Meddlesome’?” I repeated, mildly surprised. “Interesting choice. But I am left to wonder: in what, exactly, am I meddling?”

He glared at me hatefully and in silence. Then he lifted his cane and pointed it at me; a narrow beam of bright red light shot from it and struck me squarely in the chest before I had time to move. It was like a crushing weight upon my lungs. I fell to my knees, gasping for breath, my head swimming. I looked up briefly to see him gloating, and used my remaining breath to mutter, “Reality Shift.” It was mere moments before I regained my composure and lifted the spell, but it was enough: the next time I looked at Saurva, he was lying on the floor on his back, grimacing and breathing quickly.

“I did wonder what the cane was truly for,” I said hoarsely as I stood up, “as I’d noticed that you had switched legs several months ago.”

He sat up—-painfully, by the look of it—-and grumbled, “Leave it to you to notice.”

“Was that a confession?”

He looked up at me with narrowed eyes, and continued to do so as he slowly stood up again. “I have nothing to which to confess. And even if I did, what would that mean, exactly? Will you destroy me, or will you tell the others first? And then, what precisely would you tell them, that you suspect me of treachery? I believe they have heard that tune before. And I can tell you now exactly how they will respond. Aesma, I am sure, will take your side, as he always does. Zarich will wait for someone else to do the thinking for him. Nanghaithya will remain cautiously impartial. Tawrich will do nothing. Indra will—-” He stopped, and a shadow of doubt passed over his face.

“Indra will what? Defend you?” I paused, and he shifted his gaze away slightly. “Mark my words, Saurva: if you are in league with Ahriman—-and I have no doubt now that you are—-the very last person from whom you may seek defense will be Indra.”

He was noticeably stricken, but chose not to reply. Instead he said, “Bomb,” and I leapt back just in time for the explosion to leave a large hole in the floor but me unscathed. I shook my head.

“Consider this your final warning, my friend: if you are with him, you are against us.”

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"the only reason i'm agreeing to this..."


brilliant XD


now what were zirna and rashnu doing!? xD (only me, right?)


ooh, someone's in trouble now... (*cough* sauvra)

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Sorry to hear about the surgery. Surgery's no fun whether minor or major. I hope you're on the mend now.


Great updates, kaz! I love the hero chapter. Alicia! :o I can't believe that she's telling Rhen to ally with the daevas. But I'm with Dis on this one: Hajetus. It's got to be Hajetus.


And as for Sauvra and Agas. Whew! Things are getting intense. I like the cane weapon. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Gosh, Saurva sure gave himself away pretty easily. :o I forgot he had a thing for Indra. Poor Saurva, in that respect. I have to admit since I'm for the humans, I might be rooting for him and Ahriman, that is, if their all allies. ;)


Oh, my favorite line was this:


And I can tell you now exactly how they will respond. Aesma, I am sure, will take your side, as he always does. Zarich will wait for someone else to do the thinking for him. Nanghaithya will remain cautiously impartial. Tawrich will do nothing. Indra will—-” He stopped, and a shadow of doubt passed over his face.


It would be funny if Agas tells on Sauva and that's exactly how they react. :lol:

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this is really good! i read it all in three days wich is a reasonable time for me to read this, if i could be online all day i would finish it in a day though.

this is the best!

i'm hoping for a new chapter soon though, couse in the three days that i have read it, nobody has posted.

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just so you all know i haven't dropped off the face of the earth...XD



now what were zirna and rashnu doing!?
playing cards, what else? of course, then aesma showed up...and you know what happens to cards when aesma's around...


cherry: thanks! and i can't believe alicia told rhen to ally with the daevas either. and now i can't get a hold of her, so i have no idea why she even said that. :lol:


bryan: welcome back! and thanks!!


dis: i like how you keep saying 'poor saurva'...hehehehe....anyway, you do realize that if saurva IS on ahriman's side (which i'm not saying he is), and ahriman 'wins', it's the end of the human race too, right?


LoVeAvEyOnD62: thanks! i'm so glad you like it. always happy to have new readers. i shall do my best to update soon. :)


and to all: i have a vague idea of what comes next, but i'm having a tough time tying it all together. in the meantime - for those of you reading it - do enjoy 'from the beginning', which i've just updated. (not much, but hey, it's something. XD)

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omg, card games XD XD XD i'd completely forgotten.


Agas: yeah, he eats them. i wish we'd saved the original of it...but we didn't, the purple site kind of died...although it might be on that time machine thing, you never know. yeah, inside joke from the old site (purple one)


kaz: just call the one with too many capital letters (xD) Dameon.

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in re the card game...this is what happened. way back when i first posted "the daevas' stories" (you know, the chapters that told what happened to each individual daeva when they fought the heroes and such), tei (or was it dis?...) asked what the daevas did in the demon realm while they were sitting around waiting for something to happen. the card game thing just spiraled out of control from there.


and tei, as a matter of fact, i DID save something...some of you 'oldsters' might remember this. ;)


this, by the way, is NOT an actual part of the story, just an amusing sidebar. (and a diversion from the fact that i don't have a new chapter yet. XD)



nanghaithya has just been sent back to the demon realm by the 'heroes'.

nanghaithya: fantastic. what am i supposed to do now?...oh, i know.

takes a deck of cards out of his pocket, shuffles, and begins playing solitaire. after a while, zarich is sent back as well.

zarich: ah, no way! not this place again! wait, nanghaithya? is that you?

nanghaithya: well if it isn’t, then i probably shouldn’t be wearing his clothes.

zarich: what are you doing?

nanghaithya raises his eyebrows.

nanghaithya: i'm building a temple to the god of playing cards.

zarich: ha, ha. wanna play war?

nanghaithya: i guess. it'll pass the time.

nanghaithya and zarich play war for a while. zarich wins every time.

zarich: man, are you terrible at this game.

nanghaithya: what makes you think i'm not letting you win?

tawrich returns next, before an argument starts.

zarich: tawrich? not you too!

tawrich: yes, it would appear that way. cards, is it?

nanghaithya (shrugging): what else is there to do?

zarich (sarcastically): hey, nanghaithya, wanna build that temple now?

nanghaithya, zarich, and tawrich build a house of cards, knock it down, and build another one. indra shows up shortly afterward.

indra: what are you fools doing? do you realize what's happening?!

nanghaithya: obviously. now you're here, we've got a fourth for spades.

indra fumes for a minute, then calms down.

indra: right. deal me in. but i'm partners with tawrich.

nanghaithya: why?

indra: excellent poker face.

zarich: no fair!

the four of them play spades until saurva arrives.

saurva: tell me you aren't playing cards.

zarich and nanghaithya (together): we aren't playing cards.

indra: i guess spades is done. anyone for five-card draw?

saurva (sighing impatiently): i suppose.

zarich: stud. draw's too easy.

nanghaithya: stud, then.

nanghaithya deals a few hands of five-card stud. saurva loses every hand.

saurva: this is ridiculous! zarich keeps cheating!

zarich: do not!

saurva: tawrich keeps bluffing.

tawrich: this is poker, saurva.

saurva: well...well...i don't want to play anymore!

they stop playing cards for a while. saurva is still sulking, and the others are taking turns making fun of him when he isn't looking. finally agas gets there.

agas: are you kidding me? you're all here?

saurva (smugly): you're here, too.

agas: only because i couldn’t stand another moment away from you, saurva.

the others laugh. saurva flips him off.

agas: so what are you all doing?

indra: well, we were playing cards, but...

indra waves her hand at saurva, who gives her a nasty look.

agas (in disbelief): cards.

zarich: five-card stud, last time around.

agas sits down with the others.

agas: well, when in rome...who's up for a little hold 'em?

nanghaithya: texas or omaha?

agas and zarich (together): texas.

all six of them, even saurva, play texas hold 'em for quite some time, even through all of saurva's whining. eventually aesma is sent back to the demon realm, too. he looks angry, verging on criminally insane.

zarich: uh, oh. aesma's here.

nanghaithya: he doesn't look very happy, does he?


agas: easy, there, old buddy. we're all stuck here. we get it.

aesma (calming down to only mildly insane): and what exactly are you all doing, sitting around here? any plans to get back out?

the others all have guilty looks on their faces.

zarich: um, well...not-not exactly...

indra: we were, um...actually...

saurva: they were--i didn't want to--

aesma comes over and sees the cards. he gives them all an oppressive, angry-parent-type stare.

aesma: i see. playing games, are we? nice. hey, i have an idea.

aesma snatches up all the cards and swallows them whole. the others stare at him, shocked.

agas: seriously?!

zarich: dude, that was so not cool.

aesma (thoughtfully): hmm. tastes like chicken.



sorry about that. won't happen again. :D next time, back to the real story.

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