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Spoiler: yea.. when nicholas looks at the mirror, and ava saves him, he thanks him when they get outside the house. :D


i like that part very much.


though there aren't attraction points for nicholas and ava... it would be nice if you both have nicholas and gavin that you could both have attraction points for them and there'll be some sort of love triangle.


i don't know. i just like the thought of it. :D that's why i wrote my story at hungry boar tavern --his moment. you guys should read it. :D



aislingyngaio: Edited to hide spoiler-ish parts

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yes i think he is


Edit: only 1 thing i don't know is, is the fourth soul part suposed te be grey?



aislingyngaio: Merged posts. Please edit your previous post if you need to add something more but others have not replied to the topic after you yet.

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