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what is my next destination?

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The Glassen Key (Merit Quests and Demerit Quests):*

You need 5 merit points in order to qualify to get the Glassen Key from its pedestal. To tell how many points you have, see the messages below.


0 points: One so selfish as be you shall never touch this key so true

1 point: Though unselfish you are, this key is still far

2 points: Though unselfish you are, this key is not far

3 points: Your merit is good, yet for thy key it not stood

4 points: Saintly you are; pure of heart is not far

5 points: Your heart is pure; take this key and endure


To acquire 5 merit points, you must help various NPCs throughout the game. Not all quests award you with a merit point; the following list includes all those which do.


*Delivering Georgia's letter

*Turning Jack in to the authorities

*Rescuing Frederick's brother

*Talking to Lyla after getting rid of the bees

*Proving the maid's innocence

*Returning Grisilda's broom

*Taking the skeleton home

*Killing the hunter in Animalville

*Reuniting the lost lovers (the lonely old man)

*Helping the beggar in Venwood

*Completing the werewolf quest

*Saving the fairy children


The following actions will make you lose merit points:

*Killing Jack -1 point

*Recruiting Jack into the party -1

*Killing the mayor of Animalville -1 point

*Cutting Gavril's hair -1 point

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as aisling said, use the strategy guide. it did wonders for me too.


everything is there.


that way you don't have to post much questions and double post.


just edit. don't double post.

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