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Ean's Transfigures

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Just to be sure I understand what you meant by "there's not much more to them":

After you defeat the Cyclops, there's a conversation in which Rye asks if perhaps someone is planting the Transfigurines on purpose, and Ean suggests that maybe someone in a village/city might know more about them. Yet, even though I've played this game a number of times, I don't think I've ever come across anyone who even brings it up--I think Gulliver might make a random comment during the quest to restore the original Beast back into a human, but it doesn't have any substance to speak of.

Is that all that was ever put in, or did I miss something somewhere? It would be really interesting. The only one I've found who talks about it is the Woodsman when you get the first Transfigurine, and it has always seemed to me to be a bit of a loose end, story-wise; there's simply next to no explanation or discussion, especially considering Rye and Ean keep mentioning it (if I remember correctly) when finding the other Transfigurines as well--some of them at least.

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@alekto.luxeris My interpretation on the transfigurines was that it was the Oracle was planting them, if not her it would have to be some other powerful party in my opinion. Whoever planted them though must have had some vested interest in Iya and Ean succeeding. 

I don't believe there even is an event in the game that ties or explains it, rather it's just left to players to make assumptions. This could be on purpose as I got the impression that the ability (to fully control it) was rather rare, with the only other figure who knew about it and possibly had the ability to use the transfigurines is the Woodsman. I kinda just figured "It's rare so not a lot of people even are aware of it" was the line of thought. 

However, I have to agree it would have been great to see more events at least questioning the ability - Ean can walk around town as a monster and no one reacts is always funny, but at the same time some of those creatures would have citizens running for their lives. I would especially love to see this with the large chicken, I can't remember the exact name, transformation at Grimm's farm - the workers in the orchid had a handful of the chicken it would have been funny having them panic that another chicken came to the farm. My personal pet peeve about it is it's never addressed in the game endings:



In the ending where Ean returns home with Iya it would have been nice to see Ean "showing off" his ability to defend his capability of surviving in the Land of Man. 

In the ending where Ean joins Rye/Emma and returns to the castle it would have been nice to see someone making a comment at least "well at least the guy who can turn into monsters is on our side" type of thing. 


Can't remember the other ending/s at the moment - I always pick returning with Iya personally when I replay so I've only seen the other endings on youtube 😛 


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