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The Collegium

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Chapter 19


I trudged through the woods, unsure of the reason why. I had done this often

enough when I was thirteen, but that was a

little over a year ago. I was fourteen

now and Devin was fifteen.

Stopping, I heard footsteps behind me.

Panic erupted through my soul, and I began

to run. My instinct told me to hold

my breath, but I knew that at a certain

point my breath would burst out, and

that would make much more noise

than simply breathing softly.


The footsteps were getting closer

every minute. Taking cover in a

strangely hollow bush, I waited.

What came through the trees was the

person I least expected.


My boots were beginning to become

heavy with mud. I slid hopefully

unnoticed through the corridor of trees,

and heard a thump ahead of me.

Concentrating harder, I heard two sets

of feet. At least two people were

in this forest with me.

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Chapter 20


A female scream rang through the woods!

I raced toward the noise, not giving it a

second thought.


I closed my mouth promptly. How could I have screamed?!The culprit froze, turning in

my direction to search for the source. I ducked lower, hoping I wouldn't be seen. I heard

someone else approaching, obviously

having heard me scream. I prayed that

it was one of Thias's knights.


The persons identity flowed through my mind,

and I staggered.Or rather, staggered the

best possible in my position. I had

seen this person, in the Collegium fighting

Devin.It was the wanted thief who

went by the name of:



I slid to a stop. Barely regaining my

balance, I crept toward the figure in the

shadow. I couldn't recognize him, but I

doubted I knew him anyway.

My worst fear was confirmed as I saw a

lock of red hair peeking from a bush.

Talia had the voice belonging to the


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...I guess that means we do get an update. :party: :D

What?! Devin can't recognize him?!! Devin, you need to pay more attention in class! How else are you supposed to defeat that evil earth relic guardian?!!

(Great update. :D)

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It's a shadow! It has to look somewhat like a person, yes?! And don't they teach you how to recognize a foe in the collegium of War and Magick? If they don't, Devin deserves a refund...

Anyhow, where's the next update?

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@Mu11: Ohhhhh I just got your point right now, about a month later XD ;)


Chapter 20


"Where is it??" I asked myself. I had lost track of the shadow. Or was the faint silhouette concealed behind the trees a match? I doubted it. This shadow (if you could call it that) was much taller and broader.

It finally struck me, I staggered, almost unable to comprehend the information. Now I had to figure out who BOTH figures were, and who knew if they would give me the time.




Chapter 21

It was all I could do not to scream. I saw both shadows now, and they didn't look happy. though I couldn't see their faces anyway.

I heard a sword clash with a much smaller weapon. A dagger? A cutlass? I heard another clash, steel to steel.I closed my eyes, afraid to see more. I heard leaves crunch, and the wind beat just a little harder.



I had won. I didn't know who I beat, but I had won.We both knew that. I turned to the bush with the lock of hair. Or the bush were Ithoughtit had been. Panic sank through. I wondered if, amidst all the fighting, she had snuck away.

"Talia?" I called softly.

"Uh eh..." said a faint mumble.

I followed it and pulled her out from a bush.

She only started slightly.

The sun was rising. I gazed deeply into her green eyes, and noticed that they were turning brown. I ordered myself to tear away, but to no avail. I leaned closer in, and caught myself from kissing her. What would she think?

An equally, if not more eerie thought was "What would her Grandmother think?"


I held my breath, lowered my lids, and waited. Was he about to kiss me? I hadn't considered the possibility back in Elden, but since we began our training I had watched his muscles form into a rigid, yet rippling structure, and he became much more ravishing in my mind.

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Chapter 21


Pushing aside all else, I stroked her hair back...

Just then, the cock crew.Perfect timing. We wordlessly walked out of the forest and into Thais to continue our training.

I glanced at Talia.

Was there dissapointment, or relief in her eyes? Maybe both?

Would I ever know?Up until that moment,

I had guessed all her feelings supported

going back to Elden to her grandmother.

The same one I had made myself wary of

before we came on this journey.

Now I felt a new sense about her,

or was it just me? She hadn't protested

my kiss, and I didn't consider the

possibility that she was ignorant of

my attempt.

Pushing these thoughts aside, I

walked silently to my classroom.

I hoped we wouldn't learn anything

new and complex today, because I wouldn't

be a very good learner.

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