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How Long? Rhen/Lars! (Part 2 Added 07/24)

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*head explodes due to sheer awesomeness* Not kidding, it was awesome! I really felt the feelings of the characters.


On a side-note, how is Te'ijal pregnant? I mean, with Galahad continuously avoiding her, it's unlikely he would be willing to...uhh, y'know...do "that".

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@TrueShadow: That looks like a case of "some questions are better left unanswered" :laughing: I personally think she forced him into it, but hey... Let's not go there :P I think you should have asked "Could vampires actually get pregnant in the first place?"

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First of all, thanks so much to the people still reading and rereading this story, and all my other stories ^_^


I'm kind of in a rut with Rush right now, and with some of the comments left on this story lately, I saw such an open ending and thought "Why not? I'll write a little more on it."


Part 2


Lars felt awkward.


The fire was still going, and though only small embers remained, it created enough light for Lars to make out Rhen's sleeping figure within the darkness.


Lars had no idea quite how long they had sat there at the foot of the door. The left side of his cloak was still damp from the tears that had leaked from her eyes until she had finally worn herself out enough to nod off. She was now tucked into bed, blissfully unaware of the last moments.


True to his word, Lars refused to leave.


However, his mind was in a mess trying to figure out what to say to her when she awoke.


Never in his life would he have thought he would witness anything like that. The girl who had saved the world from destruction had been trembling in his arms, clinging to him like a frightened child.


Lars was angry at everyone.


To let a young girl decide to come out here, out in the middle of nowhere, secluding herself from everyone? What kind of decision was that? What kind of friends were they?


Humans weren't meant to be alone.


And it was sad. It was sad that Rhen felt the need to choose this path after wanting to run away from the pressures of destiny.


So what would she do now?


What should he even suggest to her?


Lars rubbed the back of his neck, his expression the epitome of being lost. He was never the best at consoling anyone. In fact, he couldn't remember a time where he had done such a thing. Growing up in a high class society, you quickly learned to take care of yourself and take pride in having things others didn't. There was no consoling, just competition.


Even as he had held Rhen in his arms earlier, he was near silent. Only weak attempts at getting her to stop crying had escaped his lips, nothing meaningful or reassuring.


Lars took a moment to glance around at the cabin. It was small and fairly empty. He was only able to skim over everything once before the flames finally died out and he was left sitting in darkness.


A troubled sigh settling over his lips, he moved forward onto the bed carefully. With Rhen still sleeping soundly on the opposite side, Lars laid down, looking unseeingly at where she was lying.


“If you freak out when you wake up in the morning, too bad. I am not sleeping on a hardwood floor,” Lars whispered into the darkness, shifting to find a comfortable position before lowering his eyelids.




Rhen knew she was awake, but even so, she refused to open her eyes quite yet.


With the grogginess slowly leaving her consciousness, scenes began playing before her. Seeing Lars standing in the rain, talking with him in her cabin, clinging to him and crying her eyes out... she was tempted to think it was a dream.


Opening her eyes to see another dull day was scaring her.


It was inevitable, though, and with the last of her nerve, she opened her eyes. She was lying on her back, so the first thing she saw was the all-to-familiar ceiling hanging over her head. With a slowly sinking heart, she turned her head.


As foolish as it was, Rhen's body jumped at the sight of the man next to her. Seconds ticked by, and she finally took a breath, realizing that no, that wasn't a dream.


Heat spread throughout her face. It was embarrassing to think she had actually broken down like that in front of Lars, of all people.


But he had stayed.


Rhen felt ridiculous for feeling ridiculously happy at that thought.


She sat up, rubbing at her eyes while briefly wondering what time it was. Should she wake him up or let him sleep?


Determining she had caused him enough trouble, Rhen slipped out of bed and tiptoed out of the cabin. The sun shown bright in the sky, making her wince. The ground was soft from the rain, and puddles had formed in the low parts of the lawn.


Dodging those puddles, she made her way to the edge of the forest to a group of apple trees. The harsh winds from the previous night had knocked down quite a few apples, some near half-way deep in the mud.


After taking a few, she made her way back in the cabin, still mindful of her sleeping guest. She washed the apples in a small bucket, setting them on a dry towel. Making the towel into a makeshift bag, she took the apples over to the bed and sat down.


Silently observing Lars, she bit into one of the apples.


It was odd. Even though they had established a friendship by the time their journey had ended, seeing Lars here was a hard pill to swallow. If anyone ever chased after her, she was sure it'd be Dameon at her doorstep.


Thinking back to Lars's words, she frowned. Dameon was still thinking she would come back. That probably meant he thought she would change her mind about taking the position as queen.


Is that what Lars thought, too?


Rhen didn't want that.


But she also couldn't stand the thought of being alone anymore.


A place of belonging plagued her mind.


She wasn't able to dwell on the thought for long, though, when she felt the bed shift. Lars lazily blinked up at her, taking in the situation.


“Apple?” Rhen offered, watching his eyes clear and widen.


“Uh...” Lars said not-so-intelligently, sitting up.


Rhen picked one up and placed it on his side of the bed, taking another bite of her own. Lars stared at it for a moment before taking it, rolling it around in his hands.


“How... are you... feeling?” Lars asked slowly.


Rhen chewed and swallowed.


“Strangely light,” Rhen replied, then smiled sheepishly, “Sorry for the waterworks yesterday.”


Lars was pleasantly surprised at her attitude.


“I thought I would wake up to you screaming your head off because I slept in the bed,” Lars said in all honesty.


“The great Lars sleeping on the floor? Blasphemy!”


“I'm glad you understand.”


They both shared a laugh.


A comfortable silence settled within the room as they munched on the apples. Lars was still thinking hard, wondering he should say. A decision had to be made here, but it was near heartbreaking to bring anything up now when things seemed so volatile.


“How long will you be here?”


Well, she beat him to it.


“As long as you want me to,” Lars replied, though the words rang false. He had less than a week before his students' break would be over, and they needed their teacher back in the classroom, “Do you know what you're going to do?”


“What I'm going to do?” Rhen asked, clueless.


“You can't be serious,” Lars muttered, shaking his head, “I can't stay here forever, Rhen. And after last night, I can't just leave you here either.”


Rhen straightened before replying, “Look, I'm happy you stayed and I'm sorry about last night, but you don't feel that you have to take responsibility for me.”


“Too bad. I already feel that way.”


“Well don't!”


“Now you're acting childish.”


“And you're acting like my father!”


“I'm acting like someone worried about his friend,” Lars responded, apple forgotten as he stared her down, “And I'll be damned if I see you break down like that again.”


His words warmed her. That happy feeling from earlier coursed back through her veins.


Despite everything she had been through with this man, Lars was a great guy.


“Because, you know, the dampness on my cloak felt awkward and my butt hurt from sitting on that floor for so long and then I had to carry your heavy self to the bed...”


… ok, he was still an asshole.


She shoved a pillow in his face. The sudden force caused Lars to drop his apple.


“Ah! I still had a couple bites left out of that!” Lars exclaimed.


“Starve,” Rhen proclaimed, turning to get out of bed. She was halfway off when a weight settled over her shoulders, making her lose balance and fall back on the bed, “Wha-!?”


“This time, you don't go, and just listen to me,” Lars spoke, tightening his arms around her shoulders and resting his head on the right side of her own, “You can live with your Ma and Pa in Clearwater again. You can live in Sedona, we've been keeping up with that house you know. You could even come to Veldarah. The headmaster would welcome you in the academy with open arms. You have so many other choices that don't involve being a queen, Rhen.”


“But everyone will be disappointed in me,” Rhen mumbled, relaxing in his hold and even lying one of her hands on his arm, “I'll be mocked for not taking responsibility. I couldn't stand all those people looking at me in dissatisfaction.”


“And anyone who thinks that isn't even worth fretting over. It's your life, and there is no reason to let it all slip away out here,” Lars reasoned.


“You make it sound so simple.”


“It is simple. I'll even hire bodyguards for you! Anyone who gives you a disapproving look will get beat up!”


Rhen laughed joyfully at the crazy suggestion.


“You damn rich kid,” Rhen said between giggles. Lars grinned.


“So what'll it be?”


Rhen tapped her fingers against his arm, contemplating.


“... you have to go back to the academy, right?” Rhen asked, feeling Lars nod his head, “I guess I'll just follow you and see what happens from there.”


The brilliant smile on his face was the last bit of reassurance Rhen needed.




Aw, the fluff!


@daeva_agas - I have no idea, but for the sake of this story, I will pretend vampires can get pregnant >_>

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Durrhurr, fluff!!!! :D :D :D Too bad I'm practically incapable of fangirl-squeeing. You write well. I can NOT write serious business without having an underlying crack OR that the whole thing is crack that is treated like serious business *coughOUDcough*

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But I am capable of fangirl-squealing :D *Major fangirl squeal* YAY for the fluffiness! <3 Why are they so awesome together? <3 Any who awesomeness is what this is! Great job Kiko! :D I think this is the most perfect story depicting Lars/Rhen! <3


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