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Blood of a Necromancer

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kaz: which part?! they're all the good part to you!!


ares: well, i'm in the middle of exams! i shouldn't be here anyways!


but i am...




“So what were you and Indra talking about last night?” Daun’tei asked the next morning. “She was really quite upset.”


“Thanks for stating the obvious,” Nanghaithya said darkly. “She made another prediction.”


“Prediction about what?”


We were all listening attentively. Nanghaithya sighed. “About our battle with this Paladin character. Shival or whatever his name is.”


“Did she say we were to be successful?”


“Does it really matter? Even if she had, prophecies can be wrong. And don’t ask me how I know.”


“So what did she say?”


“Put simply, at least one Daeva will die in this battle.” Nanghaithya looked around at us. “And most of us are Daevas. Daun’tei, Rashnu, me, Derez, Tei’jal, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lars was as well. Even Ludmilla is probably Daeva status, being a Vampire.” Honestly I’d almost forgotten Ludmilla was there. She’s spend most of her time since our visions being quiet, crying slightly or curled up with Lars while he tried to convince her that everything was going to be all right.


“Well, let’s eliminate the eliminate-able first,” Daun’tei said. “Derez, Tei’jal, Ludmilla and I are already dead. If we figure who isn’t in danger, we can better protect those who are.”


“That would be everyone except you four.”


“Not everyone. Not all of us are Daeva status. So really mostly you, Rashnu and possibly Lars are in danger. So that’s four protectors for three possible victims.”


“There’s always the chance that Shival is a Daeva,” Derez said. “So the Daeva in question might be him. If you want to look at the bright side of things. Which I usually don’t, but it’s a fact.”


“Paladins are not Daevas!” Galahad exclaimed, obviously offended. I’d forgotten he was there too.


“Daeva is merely a class of power,” Nanghaithya said. “Demon, however, is not. Notice that Elini is a Demon summoner, not a Daeva summoner…and Indra also mentioned a Demon dying. And that means me, without a doubt.”




“Then personally, I want to focus on protecting you,” Daun’tei said. “You fulfill the requirements of both Demon and Daeva. So it would seem that you are in immediate danger.” Galahad was looking away from us. Daun’tei grabbed him by the shoulder to drag him back into the conversation. “Blackguard--”


“I am not a Blackguard, creature of the night!”


“You’re a Blackguard, get used to it and suck it up,” he said evenly, still grasping Galahad’s shoulder tightly in his clawed hand. “It’s time to learn how to face that fact. We need to work together, or I will stake you and destroy you with my own hands. Pointless arguing will just rip us apart at the seams. There is every chance that this so-called Paladin we’re fighting is more than that. For all we know, he could be a fallen Blackguard. And that could make him a Demon.”


“Don’t be stupid! Blackguard is fallen!”


“No, a fallen Blackguard would be a Paladin who turned to the darkness and became a Blackguard, then turned back to the light to be a Paladin again, which would almost make you a fallen Blackguard. And trust me, I heard all this from a Blackguard.”


“Demon spa--”


Silence,” Rashnu said coolly. Galahad had no choice but to shut up. “Now that we won’t be interrupted again with any completely uncalled-for comments, we should figure out what we plan to do.”


“Well, we need to be gentle with you. Like it or not, you’re still hurt,” Daun’tei said. Rashnu opened his mouth to argue that he was fine, but Daun’tei held up a hand to stop him. “I said, like it or not. No one has called you apprentice in centuries, but all the same: Apprentice, shut up and get used to it. So no hard, hand-to-hand combat for now, all right?”


“Fine, if you insist…my spells do more damage anyways…you realize I only obey you because you taught me almost everything I know?”


“I know you do. As for you, Nanghaithya…that prophecy worries me.”


Nanghaithya rolled his eyes. “Prophecies can be wrong, you know. Indra’s prophecy about Rhen’s defeat was wrong.”


“What prophecy?” Rhen asked immediately. “Have you been making prophecies without me knowing?”


Nanghaithya laughed. “Did you honestly forget that for a while I was a servant of Ahriman? Indra made a prediction that said we, the Demons, would be destroyed unless you were turned to our ways--no matter if it was you who destroyed us or us who destroyed you. I see Dameon, thankfully, as made no move to turn you as Ahriman ordered him to do, hence the prophecy is wrong thus far. And Dameon, we’ll argue about your alignment later,” he added. Rhen was speechless.


“So we’re going to use mostly spells?” Lars asked.


“No, Nanghaithya and Rashnu are going to use mostly spells. The rest of us can do whatever it is we need to. Dameon, you’re probably going to be healing and/or, hopefully not, forcing cassia leaves down our throats if it comes to that. Lars, you’ll probably be focused on weakening our enemies. Derez told me your Plague and Poison spells are incredibly powerful for your age. You could probably even make Blight and Weevil hit hard. Tei’jal, Ludmilla and John, you know the drill: melee. Rhen, you and I will use sword magic. Everybody got it?” Daun’tei asked.


“Elini, will you do me a favor?” Nanghaithya asked softly.


“Er…depends what it is.”


“Summon the others. All of them.”


“Right now?” she exclaimed.


“No, not necessarily, but if you remember the spell I used with Indra, multiply it’s power by three and a half and you have what I’ll try to do. Yes, Derez, you finally get to see the full spell.”


“Speaking of full spells,” Derez said. “Are we going to risk--”


“Oh, Goddess, I’d be so badly fatigued,” Nanghaithya said.


“But it might be necessary,” Daun’tei said slowly. “It would definitely be risky, especially if Nanghaithya has to focus energy on something else too…”


“What are we talking about?” I asked.


“It’s a spell called Daeva Necromancia. It’s sort of like Nanghaithya’s Fury of Hell demonstration, only with Daeva-status Necromancers casting instead of Demons. It would take all five of us.”


“Five?” Ludmilla asked.


“Daun’tei, Rashnu, Nanghaithya, me, Lars.”


“Me?” Lars asked.


“Yes, you! You’re the only Lars I know! I think you’re strong enough. I know you’re strong enough. You’re scarred with my mark, right?” Derez asked, severely with a hint of kindness in his voice.


“So he is your Chosen One,” Daun’tei half-asked.


“I thought you knew that.”


“I had a clue, but I wasn’t sure. So he is definitely Daeva status then?”




“I’m a Daeva?” Lars asked.


“Yes. High Necromancers and their apprentices are always Daevas. Technically Rashnu is a Daeva, even though Daeva and Druid aren’t usually applied to the same person,” Nanghaithya said. “He was Daun’tei’s other Chosen One.”


“Um…not to interrupt, but is it me, or are we at a dead end?” Rashnu asked suddenly. I looked around, but saw nothing other than a crack in the wall.


“Paladin said we’d need something to blow up the crack in the wall,” I said evenly. “Derez, you said you knew a spell?”


“Yeah…I highly recommend standing back,” he said. He laid one hand against the small fissure. “Noé tehel pare terra geo ro Daeva Necromancia Maiandra.” The fissure started to widen. Small pebbles began to fly at us, but seemed to bounce off thin air. Derez stepped calmly back as the rock wall parted, revealing a brightly lit passage. Lars stepped toward it, but was sent flying backwards into Derez when he got close. Derez recoiled from the impact of his apprentice into him. Galahad stepped boldly to the invisible barrier and whispered something, then passed through it. Lars approached it slowly, Ludmilla clinging to his hand. They also passed through it, followed by the rest of us. I didn’t like how the situation was looking--for all I knew, Galahad was going to lead us off a cliff or something. But he didn’t. In fact, he lead us through a winding maze of passages, seeming to know exactly where he was going. Suddenly we stopped.


“What’s wrong?” I asked.


Galahad turned around. “We’re lost.”


“What? You must be kidding.”


“No. We’re lost. I have no idea where we are.”


“Oh. My. Freakin’. Goddess…” Derez muttered, rolling his eyes and holding his staff in front of him with both hands. “Lokatian dicrenos, Paladin Shival!” the Blood Orb glowed brilliantly, then a red beam pointed back the way we had come. “Come on.”


“How do you know where you’re going?” Galahad asked incredulously.


“Discern Location never lies,” he replied simply, taking me by the hand as we started to follow the beam through the passages. I found it amusing that Derez was leading, and had never been in those caves before, while Galahad followed in the back, and he had apparently been there multiple times before.


After however long of walking--it was over quite a distance, as Daun’tei was limping worse than usual--we stopped again to rest. Derez taught Lars the spell he had recently learned, Daun’tei rested his leg and worried about Rashnu’s wound. Although Rashnu continually told him not to worry, whether he liked to admit it or not, he was in pain. We repeated this process several times, walk for a while, let the Humans rest and the rest of us take it easy.



Then, finally, we made it to an intricately carved oak door, that was stained with what looked like blood. The Orb on Derez’s staff glowed brightly, the beam all but vanishing into an aura.


“We’re here,” he said grimly. He touched a chain around his neck. “Vengeance is sweet,” I heard him whisper.


Rashnu took a deep breath. “It is as Luna said,” he murmured. “He hides behind a crimson door…but this can’t be the Crimson Door…blood isn’t crimson once it dries…”


“You’re muttering again, Rashnu,” Daun’tei said. “Say that again?”


“Luna was telling me more about the prophecy that Tei’jal was supposed to fulfill…she’s supposed to kill him,” he waved vaguely at the door, “And Luna said something about one of the only things that’s known about him is that he “hides behind a crimson door”. But I don’t think this is the Crimson Door.”


“What’s the Crimson Door?” I asked.

“It’s obviously a door, but supposedly…oh, it’s all legend. Really of no consequence right now I suppose. I’ve just been reading too much.”


“Let’s hear it, Rashnu,” Nanghaithya said. “Goddess only knows what’s through there.”


“Legend says that behind the Crimson Door is a staircase that leads to Heaven or Hell,” Ludmilla said. Rashnu jumped slightly, not expecting someone to start retelling the legend before him. “If you go up the staircase, you’ll end up in Hell. If you go down, you’ll end up in Heaven. It’s confusing. So I don’t think this could be the Crimson Door unless the Paladin lives in Heaven or Hell.”


“Which I really hope he doesn’t,” I said.


“Only one way to find out,” Derez said bitterly. “I just hope we all come out of this alive. Existing, rather.”


“What do you have against this Paladin?”


“He killed my father.”




“How do you know that?” Rashnu asked. “I know for a fact that happened before you were born…”


“That spell doesn’t only show memories. While you were seeing your worst memories, I was watching my father die.”


“Now I want to kill him even more than before,” Nanghaithya said. “I loved your father…Wyr’run…he almost took your position.”


Derez pulled a thin chain from under his robes. There was a pendant of the High Necromancer’s crest dangling from it. “This and my dagger are the only things I know of my father. He wore this, and that dagger served him well until he died.”


“I remember that pendant,” Nanghaithya said. “He never took it off. Ever. Trust me. And I have a sneaking suspicion that this Shival character will recognize it too. Keep that hidden, Derez…he’ll destroy you if you don’t.”


“I’m not afraid. I’m not hiding it. I want him to know that you can’t do something to one Maiandra and not expect another to kill you for it.”


“You’re getting a bit cocky, Derez,” Daun’tei said. “I know, you want him to know he’s pulling the wrong chain but--”


“That’s not--forget it,” Derez said, waving his hand and tucking the pendent back into his robes. “Just forget it. This conversation never happened.” He wouldn’t look anyone in the eyes.


“Derez? Are you feeling all right?” I put my hand under his chin and forced him to look at me.

He cooperated. I couldn’t stop myself from gasping. His beautiful amber-red eyes were streaked with yellow. The same yellow as when Lars had been possessed. And Luna.


“Tei’jal…run…” he whispered, obviously fighting against the Paladin trying to break into his mind.


“I’m not leaving you. He’s not making you into a slave,” I said.


He cried out, falling to his knees. “Run, Tei’jal!”


I threw myself into him. The momentum kept me rolling and ended up with us clinging to each other on the cave floor. His long nails dug into my arms. I held tightly, willing myself not to let go even if he tried to stake me--which he wouldn’t be able to, since both his arms were pinned to the ground by me. He tried to throw me off, but I continued to cling. I put my fangs against his throat.


“I’ll do it, Derez,” I said softly. “I’ll bite you again if it’s the only way.” With a sudden burst of strength on his part, I was suddenly on my back on the floor. Nanghaithya caught both Derez’s arms behind his back.


“I vowed I would never strike an apprentice, Derez,” he whispered. “You know that. But I suppose you aren’t an apprentice anymore…nor am I still a teacher. Forgive me, young one.” Nanghaithya held Derez’s thin wrists in one powerful hand, and the other, struck the side of Derez’s head. Hard. He moaned and crumpled to the ground unconscious.




will that keep you busy for a little while at least?

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which part?? fury of hell! you remember, from last time, all the daevas--er, demon daevas were there...good times. gooood times.

(and in case you missed it, that was living proof that i watch too many cartoons. XD)

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Ares: yeesh! XD


Kaz: oh yeah...that part... (and yes, i did miss that)


Anna: is it really? oh, no pressure to keep posting XD XD XD


all right, happy birthday, since no one is home to interrupt me *wicked smirk*


STORY CONTINUES HERE (where did i leave off? XD)


I couldn’t hide a small yelp of surprise that Nanghaithya would raise a hand to Derez. I hit my knees beside him. “Derez? Derez, are you all right?” I rubbed his wrists vigorously.


“Mmm…” his eyes fluttered slightly and his fingertips automatically moved to his temple, where Nanghaithya had hit him. “What…was that…?”


“Forgive me, apprentice,” Nanghaithya said softly.


“For what?” Derez crawled to his knees. “What just happened? I think I’m going to be sick…”


“You were possessed,” I said, kneeling next to him and hugging him tightly. “Oh thank Goddess you’re okay…”


“You didn’t run like I told you to,” he said, dragging himself to his feet and using me to brace himself.


“I…drink this,” Nanghaithya said, holding out his wineskin to Derez. “Put some color in those pale cheeks. And it’ll settle your stomach a little.”


“I don’t drink, Nanghaithya. I’ll get sick. Besides, I’m feeling a little better already. But what happened?”


“The only way I could think of to get you back was knocking you unconscious. Shival obviously didn’t have much of a grip on you if you were telling Tei’jal to run, so I didn’t have to even think about that spell that you used to save Lars.”


“Oh…in that case I can forgive you…”


“I didn’t break that vow I took about laying a hand to my apprentice though,” he said. “In my own defense, I’m not a teacher anymore. And you aren’t an apprentice.”


“I forgive you, but did you really have to hit so hard?” Derez asked, sticking his tongue out slightly at Nanghaithya. Nanghaithya rolled his eyes.


“I had to knock you unconscious, so yes.”


"You couldn't have just hit a pressure point?"


“Okay, okay, okay,” Rhen said. “Can we just go now?”


“Patience is a virtue,” Derez said gently. “But yeah. Let’s go.”


I put my hand on the handle of the door and took a deep breath. “Okay. Everybody say a prayer. Or, everyone who isn't Undead or a Demon, say a prayer.”


“My brothers and sister, Elini?” Nanghaithya asked. Elini sighed but did as he asked. The “hallway” was suddenly crowded with Demons. Nanghaithya held up his hand to silence them.


“It’s about time someone got us out of there,” Daeva Sauvra complained. "Sauvra" and "complain" are often found in the same sentence, as I would soon learn. “We were getting so bored, while Nanghaithya was on the surface with--”


“Sauvra, shut up,” Nanghaithya said. “Trust me, I rather would have been playing cards in the Demon Realm a few times.”


“Why did you need all of us?” Agas asked. “Surely it must have been tiring?” Elini was unable to answer, due to a mouthful of Aquifolium Extora. “I don’t even see a fight about to take place.”


“Through that door is the Paladin Shival,” Rashnu said, nodding politely at but still taking a small step away from Daeva Zarich who had once stolen his soul. Indra shrieked slightly.


“No! Nanghaithya, I told you not to do this! And now there’s all of us--”


“Calm down, Indra,” Agas said. “I’m sure Nanghaithya knows what he’s doing. He’s always right, remember?” Sauvra opened his mouth to argue, but Agas flashed him a glare and he shut up. “So, clarify why we’re here?”


“I can’t cast Fury of Hell alone,” Nanghaithya said.


“But you only really need--” Zarich began.


“I know it only takes two of us. But it’s more powerful with more of us. Do you remember Wyr’run Maiandra? My apprentice? I think you met him, Agas.”


“Wyr’run? The young one? Black hair? About six feet tall? Maroon eyes? Yes, I remember him. What does he have to do with any of this?”


“This is his son, Derez Maiandra,” Nanghaithya said, waving his hand vaguely at Derez. “Shival murdered Wyr’run. You know I loved that boy. And I love his son like my own.”


“So basically, revenge?”


“Something like that. He also…Rashnu, what were your reasons?”


“Um…enslaved my friend, possessed Goddess Luna, possessed my friend to possess my friend to try to kill me…it’s a long list. In short, he possessed Luna and Tei’jal ended up born because of it.”


“And there’s a prophecy,” Ludmilla said. “Tei’jal’s supposed to kill him I think.”


“You think?” Agas asked. “We don’t know?


“Well…what prophecy? I probably know it,” Indra said.




“Of the Blade of Darkness--”


“Yes, we know that part,” Rashnu said, drumming his fingers against the door. “Blade of Darkness and Chalice of Moonlight. Yes, Tei’jal is my daughter. What’s she supposed to do with it?”


“Killing Shival sounds right,” Indra said.


“Then let’s do this thing,” I said.


Galahad looked nervous. “Maybe we shouldn’t.”


Rashnu turned to him, red eyes flashing and narrowed. “Do tell, Galahad.”


“Well, it really wouldn’t be sporting, to just sneak up on him like this--”


“You’re a Blackguard--start acting the part,” Daun’tei said coldly.


“You’re all the same,” Nanghaithya said. “Sportsmanship. Fair play. Love. My Goddess, it’ll be the downfall of the Human world. You have to learn that not everyone believes in that sort of thing. It would be nice, but get your head out of the clouds.”


“Not like he didn’t sneak up on us and steal my soul,” Rashnu added casually. “No, he’s a very fair person. Absolutely, we should announce ourselves spectacularly, just so he knows that we’re here to be fair.”


“Okay! Okay! Point taken!” Galahad backed off a little.


“I don’t trust him…I don’t trust him at all,” Derez whispered to me.


“Does it matter?”


“If he turns us over to Shival--”


“Then he dies,” I said evenly. “I don’t think he could do much damage even if he did turn on us. So,” I said, louder. “Are we ready?”


“Do we have much of a choice?” Rashnu took a deep breath.


“Remember what we decided,” Daun’tei said. “Rashnu will use spells, for the sake of the wound on his back. Daevas will use Fury of Hell. Is that what you decided, Nanghaithya?”


“Yeah. Sounds right.”


“And Necromancers will use our special thing. All right. Someone open the door.”


As if in response, the heavy door creaked open. I took a deep breath. Before I drew my rapier, Derez pulled me into him tightly. “You realize that I’m willing to die to avenge my father,” he said softly. “I will if I have to.”


“I’m not going to let you. Besides, you’re already dead. Vampire, remember? Everyone’s going to survive this. Prophecies or not.” He ran his fingers through my hair. “We’re all going to get through this. Yelvai semai, Derez,” I whispered.


Yelvai semai, Tei’jal,” he whispered back. “I don’t want this to end like it did with my parents.”


“Well, it can’t. I’m not pregnant.”


Derez smiled slightly. “I don’t want one of us to lose the other. For both our sakes.”


“We’ll never know how it ends if we just keep wasting time here,” I said. He kissed me lightly.


“You’re right. All right then. Let’s do this.” I drew my rapier as he said it. We entered the room.


The first thing we heard was a laugh. “Ah, company! Such a rare occurrence these days.” Rashnu put one hand dramatically on his forehead and pretended to faint from the shock.


“You laugh like a girl,” Derez said, tensing his hand around his staff. “Which ticks me off. And ticking me off usually results in death.”


“And who are you?” Shival raised his eyebrows. He was all-too-comfortably situated on a large chair that resembled a throne.


“I should look familiar.”


“Most of us should,” Nanghaithya said.


“Daeva Nanghaithya,” he said. “So you lived.”


“Of course I did. If someone like the likes of you could kill me, my name isn’t Nanghaithya Kaj’dan.”


“And who is the charming young man with the Blood Orb Staff?”


“Lars Tenbor,” Derez said. “My apprentice.”


“You don’t look like a Tenbor to me.”


“Oh, you were calling me a “charming young man”? I’m not that young. Lars is the young one.”


“So who are you?”


“You killed my father. I’ve come to return the favor.”


“I’ve killed lots of people. Which one was your father?”


“The young warlock by the name of Wyr’run Maiandra.”


“So the child did survive.”


“Both of us,” he said.




“When you murdered my father, my mother was with two children. My brother Gavin and I. Gavin became twisted and evil. And I killed him. Because of you.”


“Because of me?” he asked with mock surprise.


“You possessed him. And he died because of it.”


“At your hands,” the Paladin prompted.


“Because of your twisted sense of humor. I’m not proud that I killed him.”


“Either way, you killed him. Which makes you evil, doesn’t it?”


“The fact that I’m not proud, and that I wish it hadn’t happened that way helps the situation. But enough chatting. We’re here to repay the deed of murdering my father.”


“And possessing a Goddess,” Rashnu added.


“And destroying my town,” Daun’tei said, leaning casually against the cave wall. Shival looked surprised.


“The Blackguard saved you?”


“No, it was the fairies! Yes the Blackguard saved me. Who the hell else would it have been?”


“I see you survived a sword through your heart.”


“It has to be a wooden stake, buddy,” he said coldly, drawing his sword. Shival couldn’t hide a slight gasp. “What, recognize it?”


“You--you wield a sword that almost killed you?”


“I was already dead. But yes.”


“Enough! Let’s get this over with,” I said. “We didn’t come this far to talk. We came this far to fight.”


“True enough,” Shival said. “Galahad?”


I heard a shriek. Daun’tei was on his hands and knees, still holding his sword, with a stake in his back. It must have narrowly missed his heart. Ludmilla whimpered and clung to Lars. The stake obviously brought back painful memories of Von. Shival laughed. Rashnu swore and grabbed for a stake to attack Galahad with.


“Oh, is the Vampress scared? Running to the Human boy?” he taunted. Lars glared at him, holding Ludmilla with one arm, raising his staff with the other.


“I’m not Human,” he said. “I’m a Tenbor. There’s Elven blood in my veins. Death!


Shival laughed again, barely moving to step around the spell. “You’ll have to do better than that, boy. Whisper.


Lars bit his lip hard. I vaguely wondered what was going on. The spell didn’t seem to be hurting him like I thought it would. “Whisper causes despair. Despair is a Human emotion. Did you already forget that I’m part Elf? Riptide.


Shival gasped as Lars’s spell hit him. He opened his mouth to respond, but Rashnu interrupted him.




While this was going on, the Demons had arranged themselves with Indra and Nanghaithya in the center of what looked a little like a circle. Agas was at the top, behind Nanghaithya. To his left was Tawrich. To his left was Sauvra. To his left was Aesma. To his left was Zarich. To his left was Agas.


“Water. Ice.”


“Fire. Earth.”


“Air. Lightning,” Agas said. They went around clockwise from him.


“Earth. Darkness.”


“Fire. Air.”


“Earth. Water.”


“Air. Darkness.”


Indra and Nanghaithya joined opposite hands again. Lightning appeared between the hands of the other Daevas. They started spinning again, but as the column of fire appeared between them, it was multiple time stronger. And bigger. I guessed that was due to the fact that there were two fire Demons involved. The ice column was also much more powerful, due to the fact that there were two water Demons involved. Nanghaithya suddenly stepped back. His place was taken by Agas. There was a large bolt of lightening where the ice had been. Indra switched places with Nanghaithya. A rock column materialized in place of the lightening bolt. As Indra took her place with Nanghaithya again, it wasn’t a column of ice and fire that formed. It was a dome, surrounding all the Daevas. I heard Nanghaithya cry, “Charm!” as Shival stood and raised his hand for a spell. He stopped immediately, tripping around as if he was drunk. The form in which the spell was ended was almost like the last time, only instead of just Nanghaithya on his knees, the other male Daevas were as well. And the bolt struck only one: Shival.


But he didn’t fall. He stayed standing, though still acting drunk. All the Daevas except Nanghaithya stepped back and let the Necromancers take center stage. Derez stood at the top of the circle. To his right was Rashnu, Daun’tei, Lars and Nanghaithya.


Semai kunor won to bey e Coethec Dae,” Derez said.


Semai kunor wo ae tolae ku yai,” Rashnu said, obviously knowing what he was doing.


Swa hei tria yua,” Daun’tei said.


Sali tae lor Majick,” Lars whispered. I was surprised. I know he’d never done anything like this before. How did he know exactly what to say?


Ti semai reyo seh samaie rukan de nye,” Nanghaithya said. A glowing pentacle appeared. So they weren’t standing in a circle. They were marking the five points of the pentacle. I guess that’s what the Daevas had done also.


Daeva Necromancia,” they said, with strength in their voices I’d never heard. Even Lars’s voice was strong this time. They raised their hands to the sky, red eyes--Lars’s too--burning with resentment. Blood ran down their hands. It was apparently Shival’s blood, as a pentacle-shaped wound had appeared on his chest.


But Nanghaithya’s Charm spell had worn off. Shival raised his hand to Nanghaithya’s chest, but suddenly lowered it. “Do you remember me, Daeva Nanghaithya?”


“I remember you as the man who killed my wife. I remember you as the man who killed my apprentice. So yes, I’d say I remember you.”


“Do you remember me as your father?”


“Remember you as my what?”


“Your father. You know, your mother’s lover?”


“You’ll pay in blood for that,” Nanghaithya hissed. “My mother never would have married a creature like you.”


“What if I told you we never were married?”

“I’d kill you. Scorch.


Shival easily dodged the blow. “Charm.” Nanghaithya fell to his knees, biting his lips and burying his head in his hands. “Kill them.”


“N…no…” he whispered. “I won’t do it.”


“Yes, you will. Kill them. Kill Derez Maiandra. Draw your needle knives, Nanghaithya.” Nanghaithya’s eyes were glassed over. Derez involuntarily tensed. The needle knives were slipped from their sheathes.


“Think, Nanghaithya,” Daun’tei whispered from the ground where he was kneeling. Someone had taken the stake out of his back and shoved it between Galahad’s ribs--I’m only guessing it was Rashnu who did that. Just based on his morbid sense of humor and his love of irony.


“Kill him, Nanghaithya,” Shival repeated, eyes gleaming evilly.


“No.” Nanghaithya said. He crossed his arms, knives barely touching his robes. “I’ll die myself and join his father forever before taking him.” And with that, he uncrossed his arms, dragging the razor-sharp blades across his body. Derez cried out slightly as Nanghaithya collapsed to the cave floor in a pool of blood. His knives skittered across the floor.


I couldn’t help remembering Indra’s prophecy.


Demon and Daeva.


Nanghaithya was both.




oh, that's where i left off. the good part XD XD XD


(no really, i DO like this part. I like the "you're a blackguard--start acting the part" line. God, my own story is making me laugh. this is not good. this is why i shouldn't be trying to do stuff in the morning XD)

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yay, daevas! well, demon daevas. you know what i mean. XP i'd forgotten Daeva Necromancia, though; good stuff.


“Tei’jal’s supposed to kill him I think.”

“You think?” Agas asked. “We don’t know?”

nothing like being prepared. XD XD


“You’re all the same,” Nanghaithya said. “Sportsmanship. Fair play. Love. My Goddess, it’ll be the downfall of the Human world.
yeah...that sounds about right...


“We didn’t come this far to talk. We came this far to fight.”
yeah, really.


I couldn’t help remembering Indra’s prophecy.

Demon and Daeva.

Nanghaithya was both.

awesome way to end a chapter.


wow, lot of quote-worthy stuff in that one. :)

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all right, in order:


omg, new agas saga chapter XD


Yes, "we think." Rashnu actually thinks quite a lot...but we'll get to the part about being prepared right around the time we meet kevice--everything but the kitchen sink XD


yeah, i stole that line from you XD


yeah, really, everyone talks a lot. who said that, rashnu?


yeah, we both liked that the last time.




so, i know you're all going to yell "NO! get back to work on this" but i was considering writing another story because kevice is being highly uncooperative and not telling me what happens next--not that i don't have a long ways to go before i get there anyways XD it's another vampire thing, but it's all my own people (i mean, borrowed NOTHING. it's technically a fanfic for a game i'm working on, if the author can write a fanfic about her own game...) what say everyone? anyone interested?


i'm still working on the wyr'run x nanghaithya thing though, i promise...



sunburn is not fun >.< that's the downside to having a summer job as the gatekeeper at the beach.

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I dunno, is it? (i'm turning into another KTC... O.o it's the characters Kamae and Heiro...let's just say they're as...um...interesting as wyr'run and nanghaithya. sometimes worse. )




((oh, this is mean, this cliffhanger is almost as bad as the last one...))




Derez ran to him, momentarily forgetting Shival was there. The wounds dug deep into Nanghaithya’s sides, although I could have sworn that he barely touched the knives to his flesh. Shival laughed and drew a sword even larger than the one Daun’tei held--and mind you, his sword is huge. While Derez tried unsuccessfully to revive his unconscious teacher, Shival raised the sword to kill him. I touched my rapier to his throat.


“If you lay a weapon to Derez, I have no reservations about ripping your heart out with my bare hands,” I said. He smiled cruelly and turned to me.


“You want to face me one-on-one, girl?”


“Before you stands the Prophesied One,” Rashnu said loudly. Shival turned to him, pretending not to be interested although I could tell he was anxious.


“Prophesied One? Nonsense. What prophecy?”


…And of the Blade of Darkness and Chalice of Moonlight shall the Chosen One be,” recited Dameon. “Before you stands Tei’jal Maiandra, child of Goddess Luna and Druid Rashnu.”


Shival laughed again. “Nonsense. Everyone knows Druids don’t have children.”


“Then why am I here? Both my parents were Druids.”


“At least not with Goddesses…”


“May I remind you it is you who forced the Prophecy to be fulfilled?” Rashnu cut in. “I seem to recall Luna being possessed by a man fitting your description.”


“Possessed to do what?”


“Don’t ask stupid questions. You know full well what I’m talking about.”


“If you are implying that I am the reason for your…er, relationship with Luna--”


“I’m not implying it, I’m stating it as a fact.”


Shival was obviously getting irritated with Rashnu’s flippant answers. “Say anything, Druid, anything at all…one more word…”


Rashnu smiled and said sarcastically, “Anything, Druid, anything at all…one more word…”


Shival leveled his sword at Rashnu’s chest. “Blade Waltz!” Rashnu sidestepped easily.






Rashnu, although lithe, wasn’t quick enough to dodge that time. Deep, bleeding whip marks appeared all over his skin and clothes. His staff fell to the floor and he hit his knees swearing softly amid gasps of pain. Shival turned away, satisfied that he had sufficiently weakened Rashnu and could pay attention to the rest of us. Unfortunately, he miscalculated. Rashnu had always had a talent for fighting hard even when in pain, and even harder if he was in pain and, in Nanghaithya’s words, “severely pissed off”. “Poison.


I’d known Rashnu was a powerful Sorcerer--obviously, he was a Druid--but I’d never seen anyone cast such a powerful Poison spell--not even Daeva Tawrich (but that’s another story…). Shival was almost immediately gasping for breath, his pale skin even paler. Rashnu tossed a shot of elixir. The wounds healed. “That was for Luna.”


Shival coughed hard, blood splattering his white armor. “Healing.” He was reenergized, but it did nothing for the poison.


Gate Exura. And that was for Nanghaithya.”


Shival swung his sword at Rashnu, who danced easily out of the way. Rashnu grabbed his staff from the floor and swung it around into Shival’s side. A bolt of lightening suddenly struck him. Shival obviously had a Lightening Scroll tucked away somewhere. It must have hurt the healing wound on Rashnu’s back, as blood started flowing and he collapsed to the ground. Derez rose from Nanghaithya’s side, his hands stained with blood and eyes flashing.


“You’ve done enough damage. It’s high time that someone put you in your place. Death!” A blood-colored light struck the Paladin in the shoulder. Second only to Shade magic, I couldn’t help thinking.


“You’ll die the same as your father did,” Shival said, narrowly dodging the beam. “Silence!


Death!” Derez rolled nimbly under Shival’s spell. Something about the whole scene seemed eerily familiar. Shival laughed.


“Like father, like son, I see,” he said. He turned to me. “Then I suppose I’ll repeat the process too. If I can’t hit you, I’ll kill her.”


“Good luck. I’m already dead,” I said.


Derez spread his arms. “Fight like a man. Hit me with your worst. But if you dare touch her...”


“An invitation? How kind. Sun Fury.” A blinding flash of light jumped from his hand to Derez’s abdomen.


Derez shrieked in pain, falling to his knees and bleeding badly. Shival laughed, turning. An arrow was suddenly stuck firmly in his forehead. Ludmilla already had her bow drawn, ready for another shot.


“That was for Tei’jal.” She released the string again. This arrow hit him in the shoulder. “That was for Von.”


“Oh, so you figured it out?”


“What, that you were the one who staked him? Yes. A while ago.”


While that was happening, Derez had stopped shrieking and writhing from the pain. He rolled onto his side, violently coughing blood and trying to speak. I knelt beside him. Sweat and tears ran down his face. “…Tei’jal…behind…you…”

I turned to see Shival standing over me with a stake raised. I wrapped my arms tightly around Derez, mostly protecting his head, and tumbled out of the way. Shival swore as I unsheathed my rapier and laid Derez in Rashnu--who had regained consciousness--’s lap.


“You won’t do to Derez what you did to his father,” I said. He laughed.


“It’s too late. He’ll never recover.”


“Oh?” My rapier sung through the air. He brought up his sword to meet it, but I flicked it the other way. A line of blood traced down his arm. He mouthed wordlessly at me. “Chosen One, remember?”


“Die, creature of the night!” he shouted. I rolled my eyes--all these stupid Paladins were too much alike!--and stepped easily out of the way of his attack. He swung again. Missed. Then after several minutes of what I consider amateur fighting on his part, he brought his sword into my side. I shouted several words that Rashnu normally would have gently smacked me for and hit the ground. Shival raised his take above me. I closed my eyes, waiting for it to end, but the end never came.


“Hands…off…her… … …Final…Embrace…!


“Derez?” I asked softly. Derez had somehow gathered enough energy to push off the ground and send himself flying into Shival.


“No…” Shival whispered as Derez’s fangs sunk deep into his throat. “But…”


“That…was…for…Tei’jal…” he whispered, taking the stake from Shival’s hand. “And…this,” he said, placing the stake over Shival’s heart, “Is… for… my… father…” he collapsed against the stake. Even throwing all his weight against it, it wouldn’t pierce the armor. I grabbed it, found a chink in his armor, and forcefully drove it through the Paladin’s heart. He shrieked once, then




“It’s…done…” Derez whispered, rolling off the dead Paladin with my help. I collected him in my arms.


“Oh my Goddess…I thought it was over…oh, I love you, Derez…I love you…” I hugged him tightly. Blood trickled from his lips onto my shoulder.


“It…is…over… … …for…me…”




god, i'm mean


heh, "but that's another story" --literally XD

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NICE. XD you're not that mean.... I mean... you can't miss an ending like that when it comes. It's just not fair to the story. Who cares about us readers?

Can't believe I missed two updates though... >.< ah well. Caught back up.

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that's why they call you 'queen of cliffhangers', isn't it?

and after reading this a second time, it just occurred to me that nanghaithya is still unconscious, at best. is he going to make it or not??? :laughing:

"but that's another story"
indeed. XD

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Yes, this is why they call me "queen of cliffhangers"


Marian: good point...good point...who cares about you readers anyways? XD


Kaz: oh stop asking for spoilers when you already know XD


AND, as if by magic, you get lucky...


STORY CONTINUES HERE (as much as i'd like to torture you a little longer...)


“No it isn’t! Dameon, do something! You’re the Sun Priest!”


Dameon took a deep breath. “I don’t know if it’ll work…”


“Try it anyways.”


He laid his hand over Derez’s heart. “Veres ren suru.” There was a bright flash of light, then a sudden plunge to darkness. Derez’s eyes were closed and he rested comfortably in my arms.


“Derez?” I asked softly. “Derez? Are you still with us?”


Soft breathing was the only answer I got.


“Time to go,” Daun’tei said quietly. He and Agas were dragging an unconscious and bleeding Nanghaithya to his feet. “Hope Luna’s in the mood to play nurse for a while.”


Rashnu laughed softly. “She’s going to kill me…I told her that we’d all be back safely.”


“We’re in the right number of pieces at least,” I said, standing up with Derez still in my arms. “Someone get a Rune.”


When we appeared in Ghed’ahre, Naracmin and Luna were waiting for us. Naracmin gasped. Luna cried slightly, rushing to me. Rashnu was limping, bracing himself on Daun’tei’s shoulder. Daun’tei was--obviously--also limping. If the situation hadn’t been so serious, I almost could have laughed. Nanghaithya was being mostly carried by Indra and Agas. Derez rested in my arms. Ludmilla clung to Lars, who looked half-asleep and was using her to walk straight. The spells had obviously tired him out quite badly. Luna kissed Rashnu on the lips and me on the cheek, then touched Derez’s forehead.


“What happened to him?” she whispered.


“Sun Fury,” I said. I felt a sharp pain in my side. I’d forgotten about the wound. Naracmin took Derez gently from my arms and carried him back home. As he laid him on our bed, his eyes fluttered slightly. After he left and I had taken off Derez’s cloak, shoes and headband and situated him under the blankets, he opened them.


“What…what just…?”


“Shh,” I said softly, holding out a cup of elixir. “We’re back home. Drink.”


He drank about half of it, then touched my side. I still hadn’t changed out of the bloody, torn shirt. “Finish…it…”


“Finish what?”


“The…elixir… … …you’re…hurt…too…”


“There’s plenty more. From how much Luna keeps on hand you’d think that she expected us to collapse every five minutes. And I’m fine for now. Finish it. At least so you can talk without gasping for air.” Derez did as I told him, then rolled onto his side, digging around in the bag he’d brought from Veldarah. Finally he got his hands on another robe. He slipped it over my head and gently unfastened my shirt. His ears were turning red under his hair, and I could feel the color rising in my cheeks, but I let him take it off and force me to wear his robe. He laid his hand on the wound. I flinched--partially from pain, partially from the awkwardness of the whole situation.


Healing Extora,” he said softly. The purple flash of light was dimmed by his hand and the robe, but I knew he had just healed the wound completely. I slipped off my shoes and curled up next to him. It was so nice to be home.


We must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew was Rashnu shaking Derez’s shoulder gently, trying not to wake me up.


“Derez? How are you feeling?”


“Semi-decent,” he said sleepily. “Is the wound on your back healing?”


“Healed. Luna wouldn’t stop fussing…in any mood to get up soon?”


“I’m being used as a pillow currently…why?”




“How bad is it?”


“The wounds…his knives have a powerful curse and a deadly poison on them. I don’t know that even he’ll be able to stand up to it much longer…”


Derez shook me slightly. “Tei’jal?”


“I’m awake,” I said, rolling over so he could get up.


“You don’t have to get up now,” Rashnu said, laying his hand on Derez’s forehead. “Speaking from experience, I can’t imagine you feel so great after getting hit with Sun Fury. But we’ll need some help soon--Nanghaithya’s a mess.”


“How bad is it, again I ask?”


“He…he can barely speak. Fever’s taken hold. He’s crying for your father…thinks I’m him…it breaks my heart to see him like this again, it was like this when he was murdered… It’s all I can do to get water down his throat, let alone medicine. Spells aren’t helping--we’ve tried everything: Healing Extora, Bless, Cleanse, Cure…”


Derez rubbed his eyes. “I’m coming…”


“I just told you, you don’t have to get up right now.”


“I don’t care if you say I don’t have to. I say I have to. I say I have to and that’s that.” He slipped on his shoes and took his headband from the table beside the bed. “Nanghaithya will live if I have anything to do with it.” I got out of bed too, pulled on my shoes and followed them. Rashnu raised his eyebrows, noticing the way I was dressed.


“Interesting, Tei’jal,” he said. “I now know what Derez would look like with red hair.”


“Hush, you,” I said. When we stepped into Rashnu’s shrine, Derez gasped softly.


Nanghaithya was laying in a makeshift bed on the floor, pale even for him. His lips were stained with blood. His torn, bloodstained robes lay forgotten on the floor. A mix of sweat and tears ran down his face. He was shaking violently, even with Daun’tei’s strong hands on his shoulders.


“Dameon got the curse off, but the poison is still hitting hard,” he said. Rashnu sighed softly. Derez knelt at his teacher’s side.


“Goddess, Nanghaithya,” he whispered, laying his hand on Nanghaithya’s forehead. “You didn’t have to do that to protect me.”


“…Ye...yes…” he gasped, rivulets of blood running down his lips. “…I…I…di..did…”


“Shh,” Derez murmured. “Shh…it’s all right.”




“Shival is dead.”




“Shh,” he repeated, pressing a cool, damp cloth to Nanghaithya’s forehead. “It doesn’t matter what he did anymore. We’re all alive.”


“…Wy…Wyr’run…” he moaned, twisting slightly to look at Derez.


“Avenged,” Derez said gently. Nanghaithya struggled to lift his hand to Derez’s face.




“Yes. On me. But I’m all right. Now shush. You’re in bad shape.”


Nanghaithya coughed hard, blood splattering his arm. Derez pulled him up into his arms. His robes were stained by Nanghaithya’s blood. “…Ap…appre…apprentice…” Nanghaithya whispered, involuntarily resting his head on Derez’s shoulder. “…Go… …I…d…don’t…w…want…you…s…sick…”


“I won’t get sick, Nanghaithya. You’ve been poisoned. It’s not something I can catch,” Derez said, trying to comfort him. Nanghaithya moaned in pain. Suddenly he twisted from Derez’s arms, vomiting blood. Rashnu rushed to him and caught him bracingly at the chest.


“Easy, friend, easy,” he said gently. Nanghaithya was shaking uncontrollably, choking on his own blood. Rashnu held him tightly while Derez unsuccessfully tried to get him to eat a marsh tea leaf.


“It’s going to be a long night, isn’t it?” I asked. Derez nodded grimly.


“Very,” he said.




not quite so much of a cliffhanger, but...

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wow.... that's the "sweetest" gory thing I've ever seen... marvelous. XD you somehow managed to make it both touching in a sense and gory. Bravo... I must learn.

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i've said the same thing, marian; i'm amazed at how much her characters care about each other, even when she's raining down carnage and mayhem upon them. XD XD

and technically, tei, even after all that, it still doesn't look like nanghaithya's going to make it. ;)

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marian: they all appriciate knowing that they're sweet when badly injured XD yeah, well... *rolls eyes* this is what happens when you...hmm, why CAN i do that? ...


kaz: oh good lord XD why the sudden concern for nanghaithya? YOU'VE read this before XD aside that, how likely am i to kill any of my favorite characters? yeah, i rest my case XD


i guess that was kinda graphic, wasn't it?

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yeh. It was a bit graphic... but I realized shortly after posting that... that I just wrote a scene for my book in which a guy is shot in the neck... you know how bloody and gory THAT is? hehe.... yeah.... and I've been told it's that sad kind of touching too...

but the question still stands... how exactly is that done? *rolls eyes*

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I almost forgot about this thing! I haven't seen it for a long time.


On the last one, even after I read this before the old site crashed, I still have the thought that Nanghaithya's gonna die :D


PS: I'm working on the Nanghaithya pic. School tests just ended.

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Marian: it's not something i can teach! i don't know why my characters do it, but all of them do it, not just these ones (Min'hira, Kamae, Heiro'tama, Elya, Grymn, Kiliara, Masana...the list goes on and on)


Agas: would i really kill him? ;) (yay, picture!!)

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I LOVE this thing!!! I spent 4 hours straight reading the entire story so far. Please hurry up and post the next installment. And don't let it die this time either... :lol: :roll: ;)


P.S. EEEEEKK!!!!!!! It's an army!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smileattack: :smileattack: :smileattack: :smileattack: :smileattack: :smileattack: :smileattack: :smileattack: :smileattack: :smileattack: :smileattack:

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Yeek! More people! XD good, keep me posting here...


Marian: well that could be part of it. You talk to your muses, i talk to my voices (you know, the ones that i threaten to poke with a q-tip XD) and each of my twenty-odd voices (probably thirty-odd) by now is a different one of my characters


Iyaemma: glad you like it!


Samboni: four hours, that's pretty good. i think i'd posted up to page...91


...or, rather, 94


(smileies!!! XD)




Rashnu was trying to help Nanghaithya’s breathing, mostly unsuccessfully. Nanghaithya was coughing, crying and choking all at once. Rashnu laid back against one of the dragon statues with Nanghaithya somewhat resting in his lap, moaning and thrashing about despite Rashnu’s strong grip on him.


“Wyr’run…Wyr’run…” he cried desperately, trying to pull away from Rashnu.


“Shh, Nanghaithya…Wyr’run is all right. Now rest, like he’d want you to,” Rashnu murmured. He laid his lips against Nanghaithya’s neck. “It’s all right.”


“Who’s Wyr’run?” I whispered.


“My father,” Derez whispered back, pulling back his sleeves. I pretended to ignore him showing off his tattoos. “They loved each other, remember?”


After a little while of rushing around trying to find things or keep Nanghaithya calm, I heard shouting outside the room.


“Let me see him!”


“He’s not in any condition to be seen!”


“I don’t care! Shove over so I can get past!”


“No! He needs to rest!”


“So what? Let me see him! I can help!”


“Indra, for the love of Goddess--”


Apparently Indra won the argument, because the door flew open and she rushed in and fell to her knees beside Nanghaithya, who was still in Rashnu’s lap. “Oh, Nanghaithya!” she whispered, touching his cheek. “How could he have done this?”


“He didn’t,” Derez said, shaking his bangs out of his eyes. “Shival possessed him to try to kill me, then he hit himself with the attack instead to protect me. His needle knives are cursed and poisoned.”


“I knew about the knives, but I didn’t know it could actually hurt him…


“Of course it could!” Naracmin cut in, coming into the room with a box of herbs. Rashnu wriggled out from under Nanghaithya, laying him in Derez’s lap and took it, immediately starting to search through it for something to help Nanghaithya’s fever. “They could probably hurt me if he wanted them to, and I’m a Shade!”


“Wow, I’ve been stupid,” Rashnu said, mostly to himself, still busy with the herb box. “Bleed him.” He took a knife and laid it gently to Nanghaithya’s wrist.


“What are you doing?” Derez asked. Rashnu stopped just before he broke the skin.


“Bleeding him. Bleeding out the poison.”


“That really can’t be good for him,” Daun’tei said. “Hasn’t he coughed up enough blood?”


“It’s kind of hard to explain…the poison is in his blood, and his blood is flowing. If too much poison reaches his heart…”


“But we’ll need to replace his blood,” he said. “Otherwise he’ll just be worse off later.”


“Easy enough,” Derez said. “He’s given me blood before, I don’t see why I can’t return the favor.”


“But you’re a Vampire!” Indra cried. “We’d have to mortally wound you to get you to bleed! Let me do it. Demon blood to Demon veins. It’ll be safer.”


“You’re the opposite elements!”


“So? I don’t think that’s important.”


“If we got Sauvra’s blood or something…he’s a Fire Demon…”


“No time. He’d complain too much. I know I’m being kind of...assuming...but it’s probably true. By the time we talked him into it, Nanghaithya would be in even worse shape. Just do it.” She turned away and held out her wrist to Rashnu. He took a deep breath and flashed the knife over Nanghaithya’s skin. Blood spilled from the wound--poisoned, black blood. I heard Indra whimper softly, but she bit her lip and kept her arm out to him. Rashnu bit his lips also as he cut her wrist, dripping purplish blood into a basin. He then proceeded to grab Nanghaithya’s wrist, temporarily stopping the flow of poisoned blood. He bandaged the wound, then made a small cut into one of Nanghaithya’s veins, pouring Indra’s blood into it. The Daeva tensed slightly, his pale skin turning even paler as Indra’s blood flowed to his heart. He coughed once, then relaxed. I saw Derez bite his lip.



Derez refused to move from Nanghaithya’s side until he regained consciousness. That didn’t happen until nearly two in the “morning” (being Ghed’ahre, “morning” looks exactly the same as “afternoon,” “evening” and “night”). I half-slept on Derez’s lap until I heard a soft moan and Derez speak.


“Nanghaithya? Are you back among the living?”


“Uh-uh…back…among the…undead…” he said with a small smile.


“Okay, you’re back to normal. Making sarcastic, literal plays on words.”


“…Meh…not quite…yet… … …my head…is…killing me…”


“I can only imagine,” Derez said, holding out a cup of elixir to him while trying not to disturb me. “I’m amazed that you actually managed to pull off Fury of Hell and Daeva Necromancia. You must be exhausted.”


“Damn straight,” he said, rolling onto his side and curling up. I rearranged myself on Derez’s lap. “Comfortable, Tei’jal?”


“Quite,” I said.


“Derez, don’t kill me for this…but she’s cute in your clothes.”


“Hush you,” Derez said. “My wife, damn it. Are you cheating on my father?” he added with a smirk.


“Well at least I’m not nearly as sarcastic as Rashnu about it,” he said. “And hell no, I’m not cheating on your father. I’d never cheat on him. …So now what?”


“Any interest in seeing Ahriman again?”


“Um, let me think…” Nanghaithya said sarcastically. “No.


“He raided Thias again.”




“Yes. Again. And besides…wasn’t he involved with raiding Veldt?”


“Yes…but I don’t want to risk him possessing me again…I managed to overpower Shival to some degree but Ahriman has spent much more time on his mind-influencing spells. It would compromise the safety of all of you…”


Derez rolled his eyes playfully. “You worry too much. We saved you, didn’t we? We could have saved me if you had attacked me.”


“You got hit with Sun Fury also…I think he planned all that out. He knew that Sun Fury alone probably wouldn’t kill you, so he wanted me to injure you.”


“Enough talk about that. How soon do you think you’ll be well enough to fight again?”


Nanghaithya laughed. “I could fight now if I wanted to. But I don’t. If we’re fighting Ahriman, we’ll need every ounce of strength we can get. I want to say that Shival is one of Ahriman’s Elite Demons. You know full well that Agas and Aesma are the most powerful of us--meaning the Daevas--but even they aren’t considered Elite Demons. The wyverns and Angels aren’t even Demons to my knowledge. Lesser Demons, maybe.”


“Um-hmm,” I said. “So this would involve?”


“Getting to the Lair, by way of Veldt--”


“Traveling Rune,” Derez said with a nod. “Next?”


“Getting through the Demon Caves in the proper number of pieces--”


“They’re only Imps,” I said. “We can dodge them if we want too.”


“Get into the Lair--”


“Rashnu is good friends with Erithea.”


“No, it’s hard for Demons to enter the Stronghold Temple--or any temple, really, except maybe the Dark Shrine--unless they’re escorted by the resident Druid. But Stronghold especially hurts us, because that's how you get to Ahriman's Lair.”


“We could have Elini return you to the Demon Realm and summon you when we get there,” Derez offered. Nanghaithya shook his head.


“Unless you kill me, she can’t send me back to the Demon Realm, and I’d prefer to remain in alive. Anyways, after we get into the Lair, we have to get to the Castle, which means past the wyverns and Angels.”




“Angels of Death. And then even better, there’s Uzga the Angel of Nightmares somewhere in the Castle in and of itself. Anyways, after we get into the Castle, it’s a maze of corridors filled with Angels and wyverns, Myr-Wyverns, Uzga…”


“We can fight. What then?”


“Once we get past Uzga, there you have Ahriman. And that will be a wonderfully fun time, if we all feel like dying.”


“Some of us are already dead,” Derez said calmly. “We can win.”


“Are you so sure?”




see? i told you all i wouldn't be able to kill him...

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When I said I read for 4 hours straight, I meant this specific thread. I really liked that. It's weird how ur able to make gory scenes touching though...


Yay!!! I posted before Kaz!!!!!!!

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that's because kaz has to go to work sometimes. ;)


i see you added a bit to this chapter, tei...hehehe...

and i was just thinking, i know i got the 'elite demon' thing from you, but i couldn't remember which of your guys was one. so now i know. XD

we have a long way to go, don't we?...

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Hmm. I don't know why I haven't read this before.


I really like it. It's an advantage that the characters are familiar (aren't you glad to have someone like Tei'jal to work with) but somehow this has enough difference/twists to be original.


Glad to hear there is more.

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