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The Dark Prince I - Draft Part One

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Main thread here.

Read for storyline, characters, screenshots.


Main Site here.

More informations and screenshots!


Download link here.

(80 Mo, RTPs are included.)


The Dark Prince I's Chapter 1 is FINALLY out! This version is a 2-hour open-beta game, meaning that YOU can contribute to it! If you find any bug that deserves to be posted, please post it clearly here with the name of the map. (It appears when you enter it)


There shouldn't be any blocking bug, though.


Please rate and comment!

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The ladder was firstly leading to a test room, this is why it is not accessible. ;) A Developers' Room , you know :D


You do not need this place, of course, to complete the quest. After going to the castle, go to the Docks and speak with the druid (Tiniponi, for those who knew her), before going to and near the tavern and finishing the 4 subquests.

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