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Amaranth Senshi RP

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Here's the Amaranth Senshi RP!!!! Dadadadaaaaaa!!!


And here we have the list of all the senshi in the RP!!!


Am Name:LaraCroft21

Earth Name: Aleria(was Alexia before discovering her past and changing her name)

Sailor Name: Sailor SkyMistress

Princess Name: Princess Aleria

Kingdom: Dark Moon Kingdom

Senshi Of: Senshi of the dark moon

Name of Prince:Masao Ishida


Am Name:Elie-3173

Earth Name: Fujiko Hikashi

Sailor Name: Sailor Starry

Princess Name: Stefiona Starry Stellar

Kingdom: Stellar

Senshi Of: Senshi of the Starry Night Sky

Name of Prince: Prince Altair (earth name???) & Prince Regulus(Earth name???)


Am Name: Asiunia1008

Earth Name: Ceres Ikuko

Sailor Name: Sailor WhiteRose

Princess Name: Princess Lily

Kingdom: Cere Roses Kingdom

Senshi Of: Beauty

Name of Prince: Prince Viento

Name on Earth: Yousuke Sonozaki


Am Name: Pokegal

Earth Name: Raven Kumiko

Senshi Name: Sailor ShadowLove

Princess Name: Midnight Eien Darkness

Kingdom: Black Hearts Kingdom

Senshi of: Darkness and Love

Prince: Prince Konan (Earth Name: Aaron Haishi


Am Name: MischeviousAngels

Earth Name: Lily Kazumai

Senshi Name: Sailor Bumblebee

Princess Name: Ivy Firefly Shizen

Kingdom: Firefly Kingdom

Senshi of: Flowers

Prince: Prince Mikan (Earth Name: Joshua Cartal)


Am Name: nic_c12

Earth Name: Rei Sabere

Sailor Name: Sailor Chibinic

Princess Name: Goddess of Music (nobody knew her real name then but her family and prince, everybody else called her to this name)

Kingdom: Melody Kingdom

Senshi Of: Senshi of Music

Name of Prince: Omi Nakamura



Am Name: Speedy

Earth Name: Kalanie (will look up the last name >< )

Senshi Name: Sailor Time

Princess Name: Kalanie Time Mazumakie

Kingdom: Time Warp Kingdom

Senshi of: Time

Prince: Unknown.






Sailor ShadowLove looked at the clock. She remembered that her and the other Senshis were supposed to have a meeting, but no one was here. She sighed. Do I really have to do everything myself, as she sat up, planning on going to their houses to remind them about the meeting that they missed...

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Sailor ShadowLove looked at the clock. She remembered that her and the other Senshis were supposed to have a meeting, but no one was here. She sighed. Do I really have to do everything myself, as she sat up, planning on going to their houses to remind them about the meeting that they missed...

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Sailor Chibinic came as soon as ShadowLove was about to leave. She forgot about the time, as she was too engulfed in practicing her piano and doing some reports that was due in school.


However, now that she had time and was there already, she told ShadowLove that the others were coming. They should wait for a while. Chibinic just waited on the couch by the door, cheerfully singing a broadway tune. How she loved broadway songs.


Yes, it was weird. But that was her. The senshi of music. :D

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Raven, bored out of her wits, conjured a small Shadow Heart, and practiced transforming it into a Shuriken. Shadow Heart Shuriken was her strongest move, and she planned on mastering it, no matter what.

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actually, for me, it's okay if other people join. as long as they don't use our names or the taken senshis :D and of course as long as the plot goes about sailor moon. though, i'm not one to decide. :P


that should be the decision of the whole club.


anyway, on with the story!


~~Chibinic who later on became bored as well just went to the piano at the living room and tried to practice to play her latest piece. It had nothing to do with her attacks, or neither could it be like the sleeping melody.


No, she was bored and decided to make her time productive~~


edit: we haven't registered our story yet. and the others haven't registered their characters yet. let's talk more about this at the clubhouse or hq.

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@Pokegal & NiCc

Sorry for the delay...I take a while to do stuff as I like to sit and think and draft things throughly :P Now that I'm here, let's get the RP story going on. (I'm still new to RP-ing, haven't done much of it :P)



Like what NiCc had mentioned, you are welcome to join us. I personally think that an RP should be the more the merrier, the more the messier the plot gets and the messier the plot gets, the more interesting twist we'll have :D haha...You can choose to be a protagonist like a senshi, a villain or someone neutral who would have choose to their stand on good and evil as the story goes...What do you think? Wanna join us for a round of RP?


~~~~~~~~~~~Back to the RP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


It's almost noon at Juuban's Starhill apartment...The sound of a melodious tone rang in the air as a shifting shape fidget under the layer of blanket and bed sheet covers....As the fidgeting shape stretched its hand out to grab the ringing phone, it grumbles and mumbles in coherently in a muffled voice, "Aww...Give me a break...I finally got some peaceful sleep after last night's ruckus...". A faint voice from the phone's speaker said "Hey Starry! Where had you been? ShadowLove nad I had ben waiting for you and the others for ages.." Starry stifles a yawn and explained how she was out all night helping her friend, Akiko to find three very expensive pure-bred Persian cats that she had accidentally let loose while pet-sitting them for her boss who was away in a business trip. Starry could still remember Akiko's hysterical cry over the phone begging her to help her search for the missing cats. "...You got to help me find them! *sobs* My boss is going to *swallows* skin me alive or fired me if he konws that I had *sobs* lost all three of his cats! *sobs* I don't know which punishment seems to be harshest...*sobs* But please come and HELP ME~!"

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(Well, Addicted_Emma, you can be one of the bad guys, but you don't have to actually be bad. Ex: Good version of Sailor Iron Mouse)


Once Chibinic hung up, ShadowLove said, "Hey, ChibiNic, the reason I made this meeting is so that we can know more about each other. The first thing that everyone should know about each other are our real names. After all, we don't want to blurt out our Senshi names, right? I'll start, then we'll tell the others once they come. My real name is Raven Kumiko. And yours?"

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*Juuban Mall*


Oh what a lovely dress, I should try it....Oh and these shoes are so cool, and this watch...


Don`t know what I`m really doing here, I don`t have enough money for buying all of these things. Hmmm... What should I choose?!


"Miss have you decided yet?"


Oh, my...what should I do?! Hmm..this is really tough..hmmm...




"I won`t buy anything, sorry for taking your time"


So where should I go now? I have little money... I know I should buy some chocolates and milkshake too. And maybe I can buy a new manga.


Oh, a music store, how nice, Chibinic would love to see this one...OMG! Chibinic and the others..Damn I totally forgot that I have to meet them... I guess I`ll buy only the sweets now and I leave the manga for later.

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lol, how many times was my name mentioned? :P sorry for not showing up. i did as soon as i can.


anyway, Addicted_Emma is also a SM fan, could she be our Sailor Neptune? not really sure. who could give her a message!


now, back to the story!!!


~~~with Chibinic and ShadowLove


ShadowLove had asked Chibinic her name. She didn't know what to say. She didn't want her identity to be discovered for she was the little girl who was spotted torturing innocent people in streets at around 5 pm. As if she was possessed. She really didn't know. Maybe she was possesed.


ShadowLove put a big smile. "Don't worry, I won't bite. I'll be your friend. I'm not that sociable, but I believe we could be good friends."


This made Chibinic smile. She doesn't have that much friends, and she was happy to have ShadowLove as one.


She sighed in relief and took a deep breath. "my name's Rei Sabere..."


ShadowLove made a big gasp.

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... I`m late, I`m late..get out of my way... Grrr, the girls are going to be mean with me, I hope that everyone will be late so they will forgive me...


... What a cute guy, too bad that he`s with...


*bump into a little child*


"Whaaaaaa mommy, mommy, whaaa..."


"Don`t cry little one, I`ll give you my sweets"


"Yeah sweets! I love sweets!"


"I love them too kid, bye now."


Jeez what a day. First I don`t have enough money, then I`m late and last I stay without my sweets. Wonder what`ll happen next. I better hurry if I don`t want to be killed by the girls because I`m late...

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Shiny looked at her mobile phone.

"Jeez! I'm late!"

She looked around. The subway station was crowded. It was rush hour. And then Shiny sensed very strong negative aura nearby.

"Great! Now, what shall I do?" she thought. "I can't transform here!"

But she looked around once again, just to check whose aura she sensed. And then she saw HIM. The guy in the navy blue jacket.

"Is it him? It's like 10th time in two weeks that I encounter him!"

The guy caught Shiny's gaze, smiled enigmatically and vanished in the crowd. Shiny felt the dark aura fading away.

"I have to tell the girls... Or am I overreacting. Perhaps it's nothing..."

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lol, i just realized what i did in the story is the complete opposite in what happened in SM. hotaru didn't know what was happening to herself, and that she was sailor saturn :P and chibiusa was her friend that supported her :)


anyway, i don't really care. it's an rp so we don't have to be plot wise :)


~~back to the role play!!! with ShadowLove and Chibinic


Chibinic made a big frown with tears slowly sliding from her eyes. She ran as fast as she could to the door and ran home.


Then, ShadowLove realized that feeling she had when she saw Chibinic. She was one of the senshi, and knew she was a real friend. There just must have been something wrong. She knew she had to help her. ShadowLove immediately ran as fast as she could to catch Chibinic, but unfortunately she was too fast.


~change scene


Chibinic kept on running and crying, as if trying to escape from the hardships of the world.


She suddenly bumped into someone. It was Moonie.


~~end here


uhmm, yeah, i was choosing who to bump into :P either shiny or moonie. anyway, why haven't the other members of the club come here yet? yet, it isn't a requirement, but it would be sooo fun if we're complete :D

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It was past noon as I opened my eyes and looked around in this strange room. I turned my head to the bed, and there he was, lying next to me. So it wasn't a dream after all. He did come back. I placed a kiss on his forehead. He grunted and turned.


"Oh no, I'm late!", the thought suddenly stuck me. I was very new to this whole Sailor Senshi thing, and was supposed to meet the other soldiers (me, a soldier?) in a cafe downtown. No, it wasn't a cafe, it was near one. "Oh, why can't I remember things better?" I thought to myself as I got up from bed and started to dress myself.


I ran out from the flat without leaving a note. I would be seeing him later. I realised I was quite near the place we were supposed to meet. I was near the cafe, at least. I decided to go to the cafe, and see if I would remember the way from there.


I did. It wasn't very far. I looked around to make sure that no one was watching and transformed into Sailor Sweety, the Senshi of emotions. What a joke! I wouldn't recognize an emotion if it bit me in the bottom end, but who am I to argue with the inner workings of the universe. Senshi of emotions it is... I enter to see ShadowLove (that's what she had called herself) waiting, but no one else. "Am I not the only one late then", I said with a trace of a foreign accent that seemed to diminish whenever I became a Senshi.

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We are appearing one after another since we are all late for the meeting for various reasons XD


~ Back to the RP ~


As she walks towards the meeting place, she sighed and thought to herself, "Sigh...Not only am I late for the meeting that I totally forgot about, I dozed off in the bus and had to taking another 10 minutes to get back...I must be the most unreliable senshi ever!" She lets out another sigh, "Sigh...I wonder how long can I keep up this new found senshi business...Ever since I started, I had to balance time between study and work and now the senshi business...That practically leaves almost no time for play, not to mention rest...*frowns* I'm just hope I don't have to run out in the middle of work with the excuse of taking out the trash so that I can transform and fight...Running off to take out the trash for about 15 minutes while in the middle of serving a customer. If I do that again, Mr. Manager will have my head or take away my job...I don't know which is worst." An imaginery scene popped up in her head, her manager in demon head mode telling her she's fired while the voice of her screaming "Iya...!!(NO...!!)" echoes in the background...


When she recovers from her terrifying day dream, she steps in to room where she found ShadowLove and Sweety engaging in what seemed to be a serious conversation.

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(in myself)"Bumping? Again? What a day!"

(to the person that bumped into her)" Hey! Watch i... Chibinic?! What are you doing here? Aren`t you supposed to be on a senshi meeting?!


Chibinic was lucky to see a face that she knew. She hugged Moony strong.Moony was confused. She noticed the red Chibinics eyes.


"Chibinic, are you alright? Why are you crying, whats wrong?"


Chibinic told Moony everything that happened to her.


"Don`t worry, let`s go on the meeting together. I`m sure ShadowLove will understand why did you run away if you explain her everything. She`s our friend, a senshi"


Chibinic agreed. 15 minutes later they were in the same room with Starry, Sweety and ShadowLove.

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Chibinic saw ShadowLove as Moony and her entered the room. She crept behind Moony, just like a little kid. Of course, she wasn't. She was already 16 after all, and had a part-time job as a musician and a teacher. Anyway, going back to the subject, her red teary eyes may be gone, but she felt really awkward in seeing ShadowLove.


Fortunately, ShadowLove went near her with a smile. She gave a bow. "I'm sorry for the way I acted. What I heard about you were only rumors. I know you're a good person. People must have just mistaken."


Chibinic looked down on the floor. "No, it's true. What people are saying is true. I have no control of myself or my powers. That's why I came here. I thought you guys could help me. Besides... I sometimes tend to... hurt people. Usually at five in the afternoon. I think it has something to do with this locket of mine," she said then showed everyoned the locket.


"I know it has great powers, but I don't know how to use or control it. It triggers whenever it's 5 pm, and I don't know why. All I know it has great unthinkable powers. At least, that's what the people who raised me and gave me this said."


Moony agreed. "Yes, I remember my dear Chibinic. You were an orphan when you were little, and unfortunately your guardians died in a car accident a few years ago."


Chibinic tried to smile, though she was obviously saddened of remembering her past. "It's true. Luckily, I have Moony who I live with. She takes good care of me, even now that I'm 16 and am independent already."

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Suddenly, the door flew open and in a flash of red light, Shiny appeared.

"Sorry for being late, guys!" - she said. - "It's just...I saw that guy and got confused..."

"Oh, my..." sighed Moony "I never knew you are that crazy about guys"

"I'm not! That guy has an incredibly strong evil aura... He may be our enemy." said Shiny "We'll have to be cautious!"

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Chibinic became aware from Shiny's story. She too felt an evil aura when she came to the meeting place.


"Shiny... what did he look like? What did the guy with the evil aura look like?" she dare ask.

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"Well...He had a navy blue jacket..." Shiny said "And a very strong evil aura. But it's strange...I can't remember his face. My memory is playing tricks. Or did he use some kind of magic to disguise himself?"

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Everyone stopped for a while to think.


Chibinic finally thought of an idea. "Why don't we investigate this 'guy'? He may be one of our opponents. Besides, who knows, he may know something about my locket. I need answers, and I'll do whatever I can to find them."


"What about the others that haven't arrived?" Starry asked.


Chibinic raised her voice. "We can't wait for them anymore! We may actually be on to something. Anyway, we can contact them and they could follow us anyway."


Everybody nodded their heads.


They then got ready for searching the 'guy' with the evil aura. Their very first mission.

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Shiny didn't feel like looking for the mysterious guy - she was sure that she'll meet him again.

"Next time I see him, I'll send him mental picture of ChibiNics locket.If he's evil and knows something about it, he'll react!" she told the others.

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Chibinic stopped for awhile. Shiny's explanation made sense. "I guess that's a wise decision. Plus, I'm a bit tired myself," she said then lied on the couch, stretching her arms out wide. "I'm sorry for being too pushy. I just really want to know more about my locket and control its powers. I want to end this utter 'thing' that's going inside of me. I don't want to hurt anybody again."


Everybody looked serious and made no sound. Poor Chibinic


Chibinic just then smiled after that. She was used to hiding her emotions. She did it ever since she was little. "Anyway, what's this meeting about anyway?"

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