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Amaranth Senshi RP

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--hey guys, i'm kinda stuck when and what to type. :P so just go on. if you have suggestion, pm me. i really can't think of any thing to put. and i would love to control the bad guys. lol :D--

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Gotcha ...^_^


~~~~~~~~ Back to RP ~~~~~~~~~~

Please have a seat and do not feel defensive of use.


This here is Masao Ishida, and I am Princess Aleria, the Senshi of the dark moon.


My specialty as you've seen is the dark arts and fighting with my hands. Holds up her hands and says "these are the deadliest weapons one can have."

"We senshis' all have been given the same mission to save this world and these people." she spoke boldly.

I know you have met other sensi's; I too have had to save one.

"You are the first one that I have met formally", she told Hikashi.

Now that I have told you who I am, is there anything else you need clarified?

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-Well Raven I think we need plan to find Yousuke hmmm..maybe some suggestions?-she asked

Oh i know first let's Eat ITADAKIMSASU! :D

Girls Lokked on ceres very schoked because she eats very naughty and fastly ^^

-YUMMY!!!! -O_O why you looking on me that strange?Did I do something werong?-Ceres asked.

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LEt's eat together.Don't you think that my dinner is sooo Delicious Raven? I think I'm very good in cooking :D But by the way we need this plan.I think that when u will be in home or in trip Ask about him I will give you his photo,but don't fall in love with him I'm first :P..I'm only jokking.

I really Worry about him..where did he gone....

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Raven giggled. "No worries. I'm not leavin my prince. Oh yeah! You've never met Aaron, have you?" Raven asked out loud. "Oh well, that's for later."


Suddenly, Raven remembered seeing something in her house. "Hey Ceres. Did you...get a note? I got one this morning, talking about meeting them, and some weird "no running away" part." Raven asked.

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I didnt meet Aaron yet..but I hope i will meet him.Your prince sound soo nice.


hmmm..i dididnt get a note but maybe i got but i don't remember i don't know but Raven what's going on with this?-Ceres Asked

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A flash back came to Hikashi's mind.


*flash bac starts*

"Come,my child, let me introduce you to someone." the queen beckoned her daughter, the young princess to follow her.


"Aleria dear, sorry to keep you waiting." A young girl with tan skin turned as she heard the queen's voice and made a curtsy, "Your Highness." The queen extend her hand towards the girl, "Starry, this child here is Princess Aleria from the darker region of the universe, Dark Moon Kingdom. She is here to visit us for a few days."


"Greetings." the girl made another curtsy, this time for the princess. "You must be Princess Starry. I've heard so much about you from Queen Stellar when she paid a visit to our kingdom." Seeing the other princess's smile, Starry smiled back.


*End of flashback*


Hikashi gave a smile as she recalled the memory of this very lady seated in front of her. "If you are still the kind, gentle and wise, Aleria from the past. Then I welcome you on behalf of the other senshis. Together we shall triumph over evil and restore balance once again to earth."

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We should have a tag for each senshi at the front of the RP to Make is easier for people to reference names and such:


Earth Name:

Sailor Name:

Princess Name:


Senshi Of:

Name of Prince:



Mine would be …

Earth Name: Aleria(was Alexia before discovering her past and changing her name)

Sailor Name: Sailor SkyMistress

Princess Name: Princess Aleria

Kingdom: Dark Moon Kingdom

Senshi Of: Senshi of the dark moon

Name of Prince:Masao Ishida


~~~~~~~ BACK TO RP ~~~~~~~~~


Ah yes Her Highness Queen Stellar, She was quite the person wasn't she.


Hearing Hikashi say those words, brought back some of her own memories of the two kingdoms...


"It feels like it was just yesterday; running in the castle, casting spells and just creating havoc for the castle servants.


Oh those times that the queen would visit and scold me for it. Queen Nyx; Mother would sit there and laugh.>_< she wasn't much of the scolding type you know.


Giggles to herself and says to Neith (her nickname for Masao) do you remember the time when we snuck off to the planet of shadows and almost got killed. Those were the days."


"I remember the day you were shown to all the kingdoms" Said Aleria.


~~~Flashback to the Presentation of Princess Starry~~~

It was the just 3 months after you born. The queen and king have planned a grand ball to show their kingdom and their allies the future of the Stellar Kingdom.


I remember mother making a fuss over what dress to wear to the occasion. I was Just child , more concerned with playing games and causing trouble , than getting all dolled up for some party.


I do remember asking mother why we had to go. She said to me "the stellar kingdom is out ally and close friend, this child is also a princess like you. When you were presented the young queen and king of the stellar kingdom came and blessed you. So is our turn to bless this new princess."


We left for the stellar kingdom that night and arrived the following morning. The ball was that night. We spend rest of the day getting ready for the grand ball.


The ball was amazing; I was in awe of the ballroom. And there in the front of the room sat the queen and the king. Beside them in the cradle was this beautiful little baby.

When it was out turn to go and give out blessings, Mother and father blessed you to be strong and never give up. Then mother turned to me and said" it's your turn to bless the little princess." I was so scared; I remember thinking what if I do something wrong. I blessed you with happiness and always have that heartwarming smile that you gave me when I first saw you."

~~~End flashback~~~


"It doesn't feel like so long ago when you remember" said Aleria softly.


"I would love to meet the other senshis" said Aleria to Hikashi. She took out a notepad and wrote down the address of the motel that she and Masao were staying at. "Here is the address of the motel that I am currently residing at, the number is 465-505-5648 and ask for room 1666. If you need anything just call.

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"Hm..that, I'm not sure of." Raven murmured, her face red from embarrassment. Suddenly, she tried to change the subject from something that didn't make her look idiotic.


"Hey, have you ever gotten flashbacks of your past life?" Raven asked Ceres. Lily wasn't likely to remember much, as she had just awakened as a senshi.


"I remember little things, I remember when I met Aaron for the first time." Raven frowned. "I wish I could remember meeting the others, but I can't. No matter how hard and deep I dig, I get nothing." She sighed. "Oh well. What can't be done, can't be done."

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Yes, that's a good idea. Since we kind of got a lot of things messed up xD


Earth Name:Fujiko Hikashi

Sailor Name:Sailor Starry

Princess Name:Stefiona Starry Stellar


Senshi Of:Senshi of the Starry Night Sky

Name of Prince: Prince Altair (earth name???) & Prince Regulus(Earth name???)


If you had followed my flashbacks while Hikashi was "lost" in the mall area, Princess Stefiona (Starry)did not appear to have a designated prince...I wonder who these two are :roll: you'll have to wait and find out that's why their names are now "???" for the moment =P ))


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back to the RP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Hikashi received the note from Aleria and put it carefully into her pocket. "I can arrange for a meeting with the other senshis if you would like to meet them. Once I'm done with my shift, we could meet up somewhere with the rest." Hikashi looked around, "Speaking of work...Aleria, I think you'll need to unfreeze these people and let time resume...I don't want anyone to get into trouble because we needed to freeze time here for ourselves."

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Earth Name:Ceres Ikuko

Sailor Name:Sailor WhiteRose

Princess Name:Princess Lily

Kingdom:Cere Roses Kingdom

Senshi Of:Beauty

Name of Prince: Prince Viento

Name on Earth: Yousuke Sonozaki


I remember only when I became a senshi...I had veyr much Trouble with monsters and Kiddnaped...I wish I wanna meet other senshi and I don't know about that Where did I live and Was I a princess or no..I hope i will know this soon...and Do you know something about our new enemy? I don't know who are them.maybe you know.?And I'm really worry about Yousuke...*she starts to cry*

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"right you are", said Aleria. She whispered "unwind the words of time and let it be color again". when she opened her eyes the cafe was bustling again with the sounds of people.


"I look forward to meeting with the other senshi's", Aleria said to Hikashi.


Your "Friend" is looking this way, she said. she waved at the to boys sitting at the table who were looking their way.


Thank you for the pie and i do believe Masao is getting a tad bit inpatient for his food.i shall let you get back to your job.

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Earth Name: Raven Kumiko


Senshi Name: Sailor ShadowLove


Princess Name: Midnight Eien Darkness


Kingdom: Black Hearts Kingdom


Senshi of: Darkness and Love


Prince: Prince Konan (Earth Name: Aaron Haishi




Raven put her hand on Ceres' shoulder, in an attempt to comfort the fellow Senshi. "Don't worry. We'll find him, for sure." She murmured.

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(Ooooh...forms! o3o Let's just say I like filling out forms as much as Nee-chan likes collecting shiny things...*looks at Nee-chan* Okay, maybe that's a bit of an overstatement...0_0))


Earth Name: Lily Kazumai


Senshi Name: Sailor Bumblebee


Princess Name: Ivy Firefly Shizen


Kingdom: Firefly Kingdom


Senshi of: Flowers


Prince: Prince Mikan (Earth Name: Joshua Cartal)




Lily looked at Ceres. She wanted to comfort her like Raven, but she was too shy. Instead, her mind wandered off, and a vision came to her...




The queen beckoned the shy princess to come closer. The girl slowly walked closer, but stayed close to her mom. "Ivy, it's alright. These people are our allies, from the Black Hearts Kingdom." She pointed to the adults, but Ivy didn't look. Instead, she had her eyes locked on their daughter, who was maybe slightly older than her. She definitely looked like it. She was tanned, with deep garnet eyes. Her long black hair was pulled into a ponytail. Ivy considered herself shabby compared to the girl. Suddenly, she spoke up. "I thought the Black Hearts Kingdom had little sunlight. How are you so tan?" Her mother looked at her, her eyes soft and gentle.


((I know the whole kingdom name isn't good, but it's all I got. XD Also, Joshua doesn't have a Japanese name because he's a transfer student from America.))


((Edit: Wow. I forgot to end the italics code. XD))

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Lily looked at her shoes. "We could track him...if he's your prince, his aura would stand out from others, making it easier to find him..." She looks up slightly, then looks back down. "Plus, I could use my plants to help with finding him..." As she mumbled that, a tree outside started to bend and twist, it's branches forming a flower pattern.


((Lily's shy, but she's got some cool powers! :lol: ))

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--it's great the story is moving.


yet i still have no idea when to enter. just remember that Omi's somewhere where he can see you all :P anyway, i'll just do my profile then.


Earth Name: Rei Sabere

Sailor Name: Sailor Chibinic

Princess Name: Goddess of Music (nobody knew her real name then but her family and prince, everybody else called her to this name)

Kingdom: Melody Kingdom

Senshi Of: Senshi of Music

Name of Prince: Omi Nakamura

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Just as Aleria restored the flow of time, the cafe came back to life with the people's chattering. Both Masanobu and Terrence came back to life and noticed that the girl whom Hikashi was with was waving at them. Masanobu gave a sheepish smile and waved back as he say in a low voice, "Opps...I guess we've been caught off guard." Terrence gave a nod to acknowledge Aleria's presence but quickly turn away when his eyes and Hikashi accidentally met. "Now don't be shy now." grinned Masanobu as Terrence muttered something to himself.


On the other side of the cafe, Hikashi whose eyes also met Terrence's quickly divert her eyes towards her notebook, "Oh, right! Masao's order...Milk and rare steak. Got it! Please wait while we prepare your meal." Before she left, she turned to Aleria, "Looks like I've got work to do now. It was a pleasure meeting you again."

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well Lily I don't think that is my prince If he will be my princee OMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO!!! HE can't be my prince he is too mean....And by the way aura of Yousuke maybe os able to find but if enemy kidnepped him we don't know where...Raven what do you think?




P.S. to LILY

Lily ceres dosen't know yet that Yousuke is her prince she will know later : D

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Plants hmmm...she thought

We need make fast plan and working because maybe he is in trouble or something.Ok.I think that we must work together and Do our best -she stood up and yell "we are the best" Sailor Soldiers! -she laughed

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