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It Isn't Right - Lars/Rhen friendship

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Title: It Isn’t Right

Author: KikoAyumi

Rating: All

Pairing: Rhen/Lars, though more friendship type

Disclaimer: I, obviously, do not own Aveyond. X3


NOTE: This takes place right after Rhen buys the mansion in Sedona! And she happens to buy it later in the game in this setting, because Galahad and Te’ijal are already wed X3 .. You’ll understand.


ANOTHER THING: For those of you who know of it, the Lars/Rhen/Danny story is currently being worked on, despite any little one-shots I may post until then!




It isn’t right.


Lars sat at the dining room table, irritation rattling every bone in his body.


“I am a VAMPIRE! How could this have happened?!”


“You shall get used to it, my succulent husband!”


The dissonance, courtesy of none other than Galahad and Te’ijal participating in a game of tag around the dinner table, was most definitely nerve-racking.


But it was merely serving as the cherry on top.


Lars’s eyes were locked on a certain young woman currently standing in the hallway talking with Elini and Dameon.


That ‘certain young woman’ being Rhen.


That ‘certain young woman’ being Rhen in a ball gown, high heels, (though they were low high heels; she’d complained for hours) light make-up, and flowers graciously pinned in her light violet strands.


It isn’t right.


Lars huffed, looking away.


... And found himself staring again.


He was very near ripping his own hair out, and didn’t understand why.


Rhen had gotten all dressed up. Of course. She wanted to buy this house, and therefore had to attend a noble’s ball. She couldn’t very well waltz in with a sword strapped to her back and a dirty Sword Singer outfit adorning her body.


But now they were here. The mansion was bought, the ball was over.


Why was she not changing back?!


Granted it had only been about ten minutes since they had walked through the front doors, but...


He thought, for sure, she would immediately complain and rip off the ‘offending’ dress.


But she didn’t.


She stood around talking.


And why was he so irked about it?!


She had faired well at the ball. She spoke politely, she walked straight, she looked a little awkward at times, but always pulled through in the end.


For a moment, she truly reminded him of a noble.


And while he should have found that gratifying... because really, who wanted to be around people dressed in rags and talked in nothing but slang?... it had the exact opposite effect.


It scared the crap out of him.


It isn’t right.


He couldn’t even fathom the idea of Rhen becoming one of high class, dressing in regal gowns and inviting friends over for a sip of tea out in the garden; being reserved and lady-like.


But she had just demonstrated that she could.


And after all this was over... after Ahriman was defeated... she would be claimed a hero. She would be given the chance to live that sort of lifestyle.


He didn’t want her to!


Losing the Rhen he knew was...


She is just a peasant!


... unforgivable.


She is not ‘just a peasant’ any longer.


In one swift movement, Lars was up out of the chair and beside Rhen. Dameon, who had been talking, let his sentence fade away, glaring at the newcomer.


“Lar- !?” Rhen managed before she was being drug down the hallway. Dameon said something, but since when did Lars listen to him anyway?


“Change already,” Lars demanded, knowing all too well how bizarre the sudden command sounded, but in the end, not at all caring. He let go of her shoulder once they were in the main bedroom.


Rhen looked furious at being made a living rag doll, and took two steps back almost as if she found him repulsive.


“What?!” Rhen postulated, bewildered. Lars crossed his arms and made it a point to stick his nose higher in the air.


“It looks horrible on you,” he commented before turning on his heel and walking away. He heard the frustrated yell soon after he left, and smiled to himself.


Lars ignored the stares and walked out the front door, taking in the sounds of Sedona.


It isn’t right.


And it wasn’t. Rhen and nobility didn’t mix.


And Lars, dare he say it, liked it that way.


...but how she had managed to inadvertently manipulate him into thinking this way...


That isn’t right either!


Lars banged his head on the side of the house, concluding then and now that against that damn confusing woman, he would never be able to win.


No matter how absolutely degrading the thought was.


— --


Another really short and simple one. I don’t know, I just like challenging myself with the quick internal thoughts of the characters during their journey XD


Also, just in case it struck anyone that I used 'Lars/Rhen' when I used 'Rhen/Lars' in 'Bonds', it's because I like to put the name of whoever's POV the story is in first ^^

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Poor, poor Lars... He just can't get his thoughts straight, can he? I wonder if Rhen listened to him...

You're very good at this, by the way.

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@Basset: Yes, poor Lars is confuzzled X3 And thanks!


@ljspence: o_o Oh wow.. that's certainly food for thought! :D


@amaranth: Oh my gosh, thanks so much! :awww:

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You really are Amazing at this!

All your stories are so... Capturing!

I love being able to read stories where I can feel like I'm actually experiencing the emotions WITH the character!

...does that make sense...?

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Muahahaha, very funny, I like to read when Lars getting sick when he see the noble Rhen hehehe. Wonder how would he feel when he knew that Rhen were actualy princess

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He said "I saw a dress that would fit you perfectly" or something along those lines, lemme see if I screencapped it- yup, I did:


"We passed a seamstress in the eastern district of the city earlier. I saw a gown that would fit you perfectly."



My friend and I, back before we discovered the fandom, were a little R/L fandom all to ourselves and we found this hilarious.

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